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LOL-ing at the process of Buying a house in PC


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  • LOL-ing at the process of Buying a house in PC

    I have owned 4 houses in 3 different states. There were various closings procedures in each one. However, none took place in a hotel bar with only one real estate agent!?

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    What can we say? Anything is possible in Port Chuckles. Especially when Lucy is in control. BTW: I can't even imagine how many millions of dollars this 5 bedroom beach house must be costing a doctor and a nightclub owner?? I know doctors do well, but Curtis??


    • Soapaholic26
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      Exactly. Might have to take Ms. Wu up on her offer.

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    Buying a house is a huge commitment, both emotionally and financially. Maybe having the closing in a bar is the very best possible location to alleviate all the stress!

    On the other hand, of course, it's usually best to have your own agent or lawyer there with you at a closing. You might also want to make sure you haven't had so many delicious cocktails that you can't understand the text in the documents you're about to sign.
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      I thought you were going to say something about how quickly it went. lol. Fastest approval I've ever seen, no talk of a down payment or check, no lawyer at the closing. Inspection? Easiest purchase ever. Will be awful when they break up or if one of them died. So many red flags when 2 people not married buy a home together.


      • OLTL'69
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        almost as fast as the latest Sonny Carly divorce

        Of course we also have seen major companies sell as easily. I don't really need to see all that

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      I'm (still) stuck on why Curtis and Portia wanted to BUY a home together!


      • conniefl
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        People tend to do it if they think they are in a committed relationship or have plans to get married. They don't even give a thought to anything else. My ex did this with someone and when she got Leukemia and was dying it was a mess and a half. They eventually did a Quitclaim deed. Any other way would involve either selling the house or one person buying the other out. You can't really walk away from what's considered real property. As long as your name is on the mortgage or deed you're in it. Foreclosures, bankruptcy on one person's part goes on your credit report. Any way you look at it it's a mistake. It's kinda like marriage - cheaper to get into than get out of. I always say "keep your finances separate".

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      Whose name is on the deed?

      No discussion about who gets the house when they break-up.

      Are they each contributing equal down payments and to the monthly mortgage/expenses?

      Portia as a doctor has a steady income. Curtis as a new nightclub owner probably doesn't

      Not a bit of hesitation/concern from either one


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