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Does Phyllis know Sonny and Nina slept together?


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  • Does Phyllis know Sonny and Nina slept together?

    I'm behind about 10 days and taking my time catching up, but I did see from a clip online that Nina was back at Charlie's Pub with Phyllis today, giving her poor me victim performance again where she doesn't fully explain to Phyllis why Michael and Willow don't want her near their child and she's supposedly forced with no other choice than to drag them to court as opposed to proving that she can be trusted after she so spectacularly proved that she can't.

    Phyllis in typical fashion seemed to be enabling Nina as opposed to reminding her that escalating things would only further antagonize everyone and make them more confident in their decision to keep her from Wiley.

    And my question was, does Phyllis still not know the reason Carly demanded the divorce and why Michael and Willow are even more cautious of Nina, or are Nina and Sonny still lying to their good friend as they whine about how everyone is being so mean to them?

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    Nina has not told her and Sonny danced around it as far as I have watched. Phyllis still remains NIna's top enabler (the lovely, sweet Nina that she knows.......)


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      Well sure Nina was sweet during all those years she was in a coma

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    NO. Both Sonny and Nina have been careful to (only) share information with Phyllis that paints them in a good light.


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      I'm sure she knows, and of course, it was all Carly's fault that she landed in bed with Sonny. Just like everything in Nelles life was Carlys fault. Mother and daughter obsessed with the same woman.


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        You would think that everybody in PC knows about it by now, all the arguing and carrying on in public, plus divorce of the dimpled don and his wife surely is news, and that Phyllis would have heard the gossip. But l don't believe she has heard it from Nina or Sonny. However, she acts like she doesn't know, l think, so maybe that shoe will drop, maybe when/lF she is in court testifying to what a marvelous sweet person Nina is


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          I watch every day and so far neither Nina nor Sonny have mentioned to Phyllis that they slept together. That doesn't mean that she didn't find out from someone off screen.


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            No, neither Sonny and Nina are capable of being honest with anyone.. not even Phyllis
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