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Strange that there was no mention of Audrey by Liz today


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  • Strange that there was no mention of Audrey by Liz today

    One of the things that stood out for me in the confrontation between Liz and Jake was that there was no mention of Audrey.

    This is the grandparent - ok, great-grandparent - who practically raised the boys - and allegedly is still in town, off-screen somewhere.

    Liz was quick to mention to Jake that he could spend time with Scotty but no Audrey?

    Liz's disdain for her own bio parents was actually shocking. She does nothing to hide it from her kids, apparently. Will we have to wait another 30 years to find out why?

    I really hope this isn't leading to a DID story for Elizabeth. It just makes no sense to me that of all the tragedies she has suffered, that this would cause her personalities to fracture.

    I have no idea why Finn had to stay in that room and insert himself into that conversation between mother and son about family relatives. But so much of this show baffles me.

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    I was fine with Finn in the room. lol no standing in the hall or lurking around the corner eavesdropping here. Not looking forward to having her parents show up, in person or otherwise. Just want to know what is up with all the happenings and get Liz and Finn back on rack to being a couple.


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