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Live Thread 3/16


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  • Live Thread 3/16

    Drew not sure he wants to meet with Victor.
    Victor knows how he feels about his family..
    Drew is like is that a threat.

    Finn reassures Jake nothing he did would make his mother mad. Liz comes in yu ran out of your appointment.

    Spencer remembering what Cam said about who could have st things up

    Esme at Spring Ridge. she see Ryan who winks at her. she talks to Spencer he says Cam was here upset about that video Spencer doesn;t think Trina did it.. Esme says who else could have done it....Spencer says you....

    Trina and Portia Portia tells Trina that she and Curtis are buying a house together Joss dad house. Trina says lots on her mind.

    Joss at charlies doing school work.. in comes a student from class Adam who is working with her. Adam couldnt; belive she asked him to study with her.. She wants to quiz each other. He has been thinking about Chemistry since he saw her naked.. ( the actor playing Adam is Joshua Benard...Mo son)

    Cam at GH Carly notices wants to talk to him

    Anna hears someone wiht the gun turns around the gun goes off.

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    Jake looks cornered when Liz busts into the exam room.

    Esme sets her mouth at Spencer's comment.

    Anna has her hand (a hand with a ring - it is hers) on a gun.


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      Victor says I don;t have to remind you my son is
      CEO of ELQ want to talk to you about your shares Pier 54 in an hour. Drew says my terms we meet on footbrindge. Victor agrees. Drew calls victor took the bait.

      Jake says I don;t need to see the doctor and I didn;t put that portrait teter.. I was at the library
      using thier computers you can check.. Liz is like why did you have to use Library computer.. He was talking to Grandma Caroline and Grandpa Jeff.

      Cam tells Carly he had no idea they were being filmed. He asks how Joss is.. we have texted she is avoiding me.. Carly says talk to her. you need each other reight now.

      Joss is like WTH.. Adam saw the video he didn;t think she was the type to post that.. Adam says the guy in the video.. Adam is like I am trying to pay you a compliment. Joss wants him to get the hell out..

      Esme says you really think that of me.. I thought you knew me better Ryan is watching. Spencer is like Cam ..Esme says Trina was jealous of Joss and Cam she has eveyrone snowed. spencer says it is making Joss and Cam life hell.
      She thanks him for defending her.. Ryan watches she talk Nik and Ava they were talking the vow renewal.. your father and Ava want to have the service with family they will wait till your release so you can attend. Spencer is like do you really think Trina made the video.

      Felicia for the save she throw a drink in gun man face Anna pulls a gun on him as well as Felicia


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        Good job to Mo's son!

        Esme is speaking of Nik et al and Spencer asks - do you think Trina could have made the video- Esme explodes - "Unbelieveable!"

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      Adam says public place why do I have to leave
      Joss says cuz I will punch you in the face. Adam leaves. Cam comes in.

      Trina tells Portia about the video of Cam and Joss. she doesn;t know what to say.. Portia says Joss needs her BFF. Trina says Esme accused me of recording it.

      Spencer sorry he brought up Trina. She had an anwful Day. Carly attacks me she was out of control if your father hadn;t been there don;t know what would have happened. Spencer is like my dad intervened.. She shows him the bruise on her wrist.. SPencer says Carly did that.;

      Drew sees Carly who tells him about Joss.

      Liz says how did they contact you.. On my wall when Dad died.. Why did you keep it secret. Finn says he was worried you would be angry. Liz is like what did they want..

      Anna says to the shooter you were the inspector of the cable car that day. Why did you try to shoot me.. he denies. Anna says why was the cable car delayed that day.//Were you instructed to wait for specific individual..


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        Adam replies - you are the one with the sex tape on the net (not verbatim) as he storms out, and Cam enters, Joss fumes.

        Anna - why you do have two phones.....

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      Portia is like how dare Esme. Trina wishes Spencer could see Esme for her she is.. Portia is like Spencer makes his own choices. Trina is like Spencer can be a good guy if he can get away from Esme.. Portia is like walk away.. The further you get away from them the better off you will be.

      Eileen meets Victor on the footbridge. The Mayor thinks Luke Spencer was murdered and you are behind it.

      Drew asks if he can help. Carly is like you haven;t heard of a video.. Carly says someone to manage to video a private moment and sent it out. Spinelli has taken down all the public posts.
      Carly knows who did it no proof.

      Spencer says Joss mom grabbed you so hard she left bruises..WTH.. Joss hates me she sicced her mother on me. I am only here cuz of you everything I did I did for your.. He is so sorry..don;t worry.. I will be out of here soon we can be together.. Ryan watching.

      Anna says you did sabatage the cable car. Is this burner phone how you got your message. The guy says what about the lives the will be lost they are collateral damage I know how I would end up. I am willing to give my life for the cuase as he foams at the mouth


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        Trina does not look happy at the prospect of distancing herself from spencer.

        The soldier goon talks about colateral damage and all the lives that will be lost, I will give my life for the cause, and moves something from his gum and bites on it, and dies a few seconds later as Anna realizes what he is doing and grabs him by the lapel, yelling no. Felicia watches horrified.

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      Jake said they wanted to get to know me is that a surprise.. No. HE didn;t want her to freak out. Finn is like no one freaking out. tell her waht you and your grandparents talk around. About stuff
      about school and my art why can;t I talk to them.
      Jake is like do you hate them so much you want me too.

      Spencer can;t wait to get out of here. He won;t take anymore risks.. He mentions Victor sneaking him out to visit his mom grave. She understand as Ryan watches he almost go caught by police commish.. if Trina hadn;t.. then he stops.. Esme says Trina.

      Joss and Cam holding hands talking he didnt; think she wanted to see him.. She is glad he is here now..Cam is like who was that guy..we were suppose to study for chem he showed up to see the naked girl in the video. Cam goes to leave she is like no.. He seemed like such a nice guy then his attitude shifted. Everyone feel like they are entitled to me now. I am getting messages from guys to hook up.. Joss is like how do I go back to class..knowing what people think of me..maybe I should transfer. He is like Oh no.

      Drew says you and Joss close she is so lucky to have you in her corner. Carly always feels better after talking to him. Carly says she felt alone. Jason is gone and you know sonny.. Signed my divorce papers.. Drew is sorry. she thought it was bond that would never break. Drew gets a call..she says take it.. he says he is there for her if she needs anything. she says same. he gets another text. He says it is need to know business she is like THAT kind of business. She says you are back in Scout life don;t do anything to get taken from her.

      Eileen says she interuppted meeting with Dante. Robert and Sam.. when I pressed her she confided in me they all think Luke was murdered Mayor thinks she knows who did it. He took care of anna and Felicia didn;t think Laura would be involvoed.

      Felicia and Anna are upset that he offed himself. Anna has both phones.. she calls a number on the phone..


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        Finn looks at Liz as she is stunned at Jake's retort (and Finn is too).
        and Fleicia and Anna listen to see who picks up on the other end of the burner phone.

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      Cam says one of Jake friends sending the video.
      A guy walks in and looks at them.. she thinks they are more recognizable when they are together. He says we not bee seen together in public

      Spencer says it was just coincidence trina showed up she was mad. She looks over at Ryan.. Esme says Trina lied for you. Spencer says she lied for you.

      Portia says Spencer makes one bad decision after another. You are adult but can;t see why you would want toxic people like them in your life.

      Liz says lets talk about this later go apologize to the doc for running out on your appointment. Liz doesn;t blame jake but her parents doing end run to go to him.. unacceptable..

      The phone rings Eileen answers Anna speaks and Victor hangs up the phone.. Anna says our trip is no longer secret. Felicia says we can;t tie Victor to Luke death.

      Victor throws the phone in the water. Eileen says what will you do abuot Anna and Felicia he has plan soemone they will never see coming

      Drew tells Carly he will be careful.. He leaves. Carly says that is what Jason used to say.


      • OLTLBoomer
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        Cam was holding Joss's hand - you mean we shouldn't be seen together in public....
        esme gets a look on her face when she realizes that Trina lied to the police comissioner while Spencer was at the cemetery (oh dear).
        Carly gets a sad look on her face - and speaks to herself after Drew leaves.

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      Joss says it that what you want. No then the solution is to stay in more we will get thru this together.. they hold hands.

      Esme needs to get to work she says don;t do anything else to get yourself in trouble. you are all I have with you in here I have no one.. She leaves.

      SPencer remember saying to Cam of course I realize Esme couldn;t have done it. Cam says she didnt have to be there. Trina show up

      Liz says they tried to send me a message I ignored it and they go thru Jake.. Liz is like she is relived if it wasn;t him we are back to square one.. who is doing this to me.

      Anna tells another Agent she will see him back at WSB.. Anna says we know Kurt sabotaged
      Luke Cable car. Felicia wishes they could tie it to Victor soon. We learned the Kurt was willing to die dor a cause. anna says whatever Victor involved with a whole lot bigger than personal vendetta against luke

      Victor on the bridge, Drew shows up whhy did we need to meet in person as Victor has the card in his hand.

      The End


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        Feliicia gets a scared look on her face when Anna says this is more than a vendetta against Luke.

        previews look good!!

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      -Portia to Curtis…and I hope I can protect her before it’s too late…

      -Trina to Spencer…you want to prove you care? Leave your girlfriend…

      -Sam to Dante…we don’t have any time…

      -Drew to Victor and his henchman..if this meeting goes sideways, who’s going to protect him?…

      -Britt to Carly…I’m sorry, I thought you knew…

      -Sonny…you know me…
      -Nina counters with…NO, I KNEW MIKE…


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        It sure was nice to see the railroad bridge in the daytime for once.


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