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Do you feel there are enough doctors and hospital staff on the show?


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  • Do you feel there are enough doctors and hospital staff on the show?

    Thinking back to the late 70s and 80s, there were a lot of doctors, nurses and even hospital administrators on the cast.

    How do you feel about the current cast? Are there enough doctors, nurses, etc?

    Also, do you like the current hospital set vs. that of the old (circular nurses station)?

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    I started watching in 1973 and the focus was GH and the Dr.'s. Although I love the adventure that followed I'll always love hospital stories best. I think the hospital has enough staff but I would enjoy more focus on GH. I was very excited about the Finn and Elizabeth pairing and I hope it will be picked up when her stalking story is over.


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      There are doctors and hospital staff - Britt, Terri, Portia, Finn, Austin, Epiphany, Liz, Felix, Amy , Deanna

      They just don't write stories about them


      • Pamcho
        Pamcho commented
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        And what about Lucas? Why has he vanished from the show?

      • Kristabell
        Kristabell commented
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        Pamcho I believe he put in for a transfer around the time Austin arrived? He's only mentioned in passing and wasbin town for Bobbie when Luke died!

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      They have but as pointed out they are not written for at the same level as some of the others. Some of them are but it’s not a balance.


      • OLTLBoomer
        OLTLBoomer commented
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        Excellent observation - there is no balance. Much of the action occurs outside the hospital to people that visit the hospital, versus people who actually work there.
        Finn/ LIz/ Britt are all supporting storylines currently, while Carly/ NIna / Sonny/ Michael/ Curtis/ the Cassadines+Ryan are getting the main push. I am hopeful that Liz's stalker moves to the front and becomes a front burner.

      • Emerald Greens
        Emerald Greens commented
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        Yes I am really interested in Liz’s sl . Characters at the hospital such as Liz , Britt , Finn and Portia and Drew are on a fair amount but out of balance with other characters . JT and the other hospital staff has even less screen time.

        They could even have more focus on the hospital and medical emergencies, flu epidemic ect to feature them more .

    • #5
      They are my favorite part of the show so I like when they had to the staff, but It’s not like they write for them anyway. ?


      • #6
        As stated above, there's plenty of hospital staff there's just no stories written for them. It's a shame on a show called General Hospital.


        • Laura Luke
          Laura Luke commented
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          It's sad that as Quinoa posted we see the hospital as much as they do on DOOL which isn't a show about a hospital

      • #7
        I'd like to see more of the nurses and doctors we have. Give Amy a story. Give Terry a story. She had a blind date with Chuck on Valentine's and disappeared afterwards. Not even a scene with her talking to Elizabeth about what happened.

        I'd like to see an umbrella story centered around the hospital, one that used Britt, Terry, Austin, Portia and Finn, and of the nurses Elizabeth, Felix, Amy, Ephiphany (better than her singing with Marshall ) and Deanna. And bring Lucas out of retirement. Also, Monica and Bobbie could be involved.


        • #8
          There's a lot on there, they just refuse to write for any of them. Britt and Terry as co-chiefs of staff, Epiphany, Elizabeth, Amy, Felix, Deanna, Bobbie and Willow as a student nurse. Monica, chief cardiologist, Portia, Austin, Finn and now TJ as doctors (Lucas? i don't even know anymore...), Kevin as a therapist. Laura's on the board as well.

          That's 17 characters, and 90% of the time we either don't see them in the hospital, or don't see them at all. It would be nice to see some hospital based stories that don't get dropped 2 weeks into the story (Alexis and her bone disease, Bobbie and her diabetic status, Donna and spina bifida etc.).

          All we ever see the staff at the hospital do these days is go on break or talk about how much they work. We don't see them in operating rooms. We don't see them discussing patients. They'd parade them out for the Nurses Ball, but even that tradition has seemed to disappear again.


          • #9
            To me, it seems that the hospital is only used for other characters to happen to drop by, for whatever reason. I've been inside those big hospitals. Too much walking, waiting on elevators, parking far away. Lost time, out of one's day, just navigating the place. I'd never go there just to pick up a prescription. I'd see a doctor who has their private practice, at their office, somewhere else in town. Mostly with front door parking, like CVS has. In and out...


            • #10
              It doesn’t really seem hospital focused anymore, but that’s fine for me. They show the hospital enough, I guess. Days of our Lives shows their hospital about the same amount it seems.


              • #11
                They need more stories about the goings on at the hospital .


                • #12
                  They should write more for the hospital characters that they have now. They bring them in for seconds and we never see them for ages after. Many can have good storylines so yes I can get along fine if they bring more focus around GH in general.


                  • #13
                    It seems the only time the show is hospital focused is every few years when the hospital is in financial crisis for whatever reason. Then someone runs in to save the day with an infusion of cash ( Dr Hardy ( revealed after he died), Corinthos, Cassadines a few times, the Quartermaines, and for us old timers, I forget the guy’s name but Dan Rooney worked for him before he worked at the hospital and the guy’s widow ended up married to a Doctor named


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