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I am totally confused why Betsy came to see Liz


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  • I am totally confused why Betsy came to see Liz

    Betsy said she wanted to confess to something, but by the time she was corralled by everyone in the room,.I totally lost the reason why Betsy came. Anyone??

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    I'm thinking she was going to confess that she hadn't been to the cemetery yet to see Franco because she was hospitalized? I honestly don't remember. I think her visit was just to rule her out as a suspect.


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      You know, I got distracted with the ruling her out as a suspect thing. I think maybe there is more to her story. She told Liz, "you deserve to know the truth" and then clammed up when she saw Finn.


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        Yeah . . . I think DayRose is right! She was probably going to confess that she was hospitalized and wasn't handling Franco's death well. That makes sense!


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          It would be easy to wrap up Betsy's time on GH now if the writers wanted to. Having brought her back to be a suspect ... just to very quickly rule her out as said suspect. Leaving viewers to wonder who else the culprit could be relatively quickly.

          However I'm hoping there is more to it. She was greatly involved with Heather years ago. I'm hoping Heather is the one responsible for Betsy's current mental anxiety.


          • Soapaholic26
            Soapaholic26 commented
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            Now that would make sense. She came to tell her that Heather is haunting her, but for some reason changed her mind. Maybe seeing Liz with Finn made her think that Heather’s anger at Liz is well founded?

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