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Esme seriously needs to get a life


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  • ScrubsFan#1
    commented on 's reply
    I enjoyed the DYNAMIC villains of old school GH - that were written with TRUE character, depth, and nuance. Like Helena, Faison, Jerry Jax - even Faith and Ric.

    Characters like Peter, Nelle, and Esme - are just straight up psychotic sociopaths - with very little to like about them - and very little humanity. They get off on the power and control of gleefully hurting others with ZERO remorse or regret. And that's really ALL there is to them.

    And I'm getting really tired of these sexual predator storylines that aren't told with ANY respect or dignity to the subject matter.

    It's a sick trend that needs to STOP.

  • Silentfan
    And yet Nelle and Peter are dead, so they did suffer consequences.

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  • Silentfan
    commented on 's reply
    But she will pay. She can't pay until her story with Ryan gets going. Sadly, Peter's story slowed every other story down.

  • Silentfan
    commented on 's reply
    If you don't enjoy villains, then that's understandable. What Esme did is pretty sick and reprehensible, but the actress was killing it in her glee at doing this.

  • ScrubsFan#1
    commented on 's reply
    Ava's car could have very easily blown up - seriously hurting or killing ANYONE that was close to it. And Esme would have been responsible for ALL of those injuries or deaths.

  • TinkerTailor
    I seriously find this character to be skin-crawlingly loathsome and unwatchable.

    Maybe it's the real world we're living in right now but a character that awful is just more than I can stand.

    I don't find this entertaining at ALL.

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  • CarnyQueen
    commented on 's reply
    I'm not sure that Esme knew that Sasha was locked in the storeroom at the gallery -- the disappointed look on her face when Trina showed up to give her speech meant that Esme thought Trina was the one locked in. But I do believe that Esme is the one behind the bear with Ryan's voice. When Sonny berated Spencer for that stunt and dragging Avery into this, Spencer started to say "But I didn't" -- and then he clammed up. It seemed to me that Esme did that on her own initiative, just like she committed arson on her own initiative. And yes, the car fire could have easily spread in the GH garage.

  • OLTL'69
    commented on 's reply
    But there could have been some person just walking through at the wrong time. the fire could have spread to other cars

  • parker joe
    commented on 's reply
    I don't think Spencer's ever said it was Esme behind Ryan's voice in that teddy bear. And I don't think torching Ava's car means Esme's "deadly", after all, she knew Ava wasn't in it.

  • ZanneMarie
    Esme is a sociopath. Here are the signs:
    • Not understanding the difference between right and wrong.
    • Not respecting the feelings and emotions of others.
    • Constant lying or deception.
    • Being callous.
    • Difficulty recognizing emotion.
    • Manipulation.
    • Arrogance.
    • Violating the rights of others through dishonest actions.
    • Impulsiveness.
    • Risk-taking.
    • Difficulty appreciating the negative aspects of their behavior.
    She has them all. She doesn't have a particular target, her target is anyone in the path of what she wants. She wants Ryan, either because she worships him as another sociopath or because that is her father, but she wants him and she gets very angry at anyone who gets in the way of that. (Harmony and Kevin)

    She wants Spencer because he's her meal ticket and she sees him as a foil to herself (another orphan). She doesn't really care about Spencer, nor does she see him as a separate person from herself. Unless he's a foil to her, he has no use and she could turn on him in a second. Right now she clings to him because he's her meal ticket. Although she went to a boarding school, it's clear she has no money of her own.

    She targets anyone who gets between her and Spencer because Spencer is "hers" like an object, not a person. When he displays any attention to Trina, it isn't jealousy that is motivating her, it's possession. Trina is taking away what belongs to Esme, so Esme targets her and does whatever is needed to keep Spencer in her pocket. Joss and Cam are just fallout. Joss is more of a threat because Joss calls her out and Joss has the means to stop her (her stepfather). Esme can't stand the lack of control so she targets Joss. Cam can be manipulated so he's less of a threat. Trina is more soft-hearted so she can be manipulated and Esme sees that.

    As demonstrated by Esme putting Ryan's voice in the bear and torching Ava's car, she is not above committing vicious and potentially deadly attacks on anyone, including a child. She clearly isn't above locking a pregnant woman in a room and walking away. She is deadly and if she feels that Trina or Joss really threaten her relationship with Spencer, she will try to kill them. There is no doubt about that. You don't hero worship a serial killer unless you have the potential to be one yourself.

    The fact that Ryan can "talk" to her is interesting. It makes me think he may be directing her or helping her. It will be interesting to see if they pick up that thread again.

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  • ForeverPluto
    commented on 's reply
    Maybe they will hatch a plan where they pretend to fall out and even accuse Trina to make it look like Esme's plan is working.

  • jpa777
    commented on 's reply
    FLPeaches I remember the episode in one of the later seasons where they were glad to see each other after a long time apart and running to hug and jokingly one of them said, “Wanna fight?” …glad they became friends. Esme? I don’t think she’s got a prayer of hope.

  • Muljudy
    Originally posted by ScrubsFan#1 View Post
    Esme's plan is a big time FAIL.

    Joss will see through it in two seconds flat.

    Trina was NOT this mad or upset at Joss when they were still AT the cabin.

    So she wouldn't have had ANY reason to do this.

    Cam and Spencer will realize this too - and Esme will be busted.

    It's a NO BRAINER.
    Esme has no idea what it is to be a good friend so in her mind she will think Joss could believe that Trina could do this. Esme will be found out quickly to be the quilty party..

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  • sesca
    I am intrigued by her. I find her interesting to watch. I tend to like the gray characters/villains the best. They are more entertaining. Watching her scenes with Spencer makes me want to know more about her past and what her connection to Ryan is.

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  • GH Fan 1991
    commented on 's reply
    Esme is her own worst enemy. Her jealousy/possessiveness is the biggest threat to her relationship with Spencer. NOT Trina/Josslyn/Cameron. Once the truth comes out she may lose him once and for all. It will be all her fault.

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