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Live Thread 3/1


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  • Live Thread 3/1

    Liz at homes finds a portrait of herself above the fireplace

    Sam hugs Drew glad he is home they are at the MC talk Maxie Drew is glad he is dead.

    Carly talks to Olivia at work missed the staff meeting she went to file her divorce papers. She feels like a failure.

    Willow at GH looking for tablet. Michael brings it he says my mom filed the divorce papers wanted me to be aware in case Donna and Avery h ave questions.

    Stella and Curtis at Charlies. Nina is there remembering her convo with Drew. Curtis comes over to Nina they hug

    Chase asks Finn what strange things have been happening ot Liz. Finn explains the fire at the studio, the ring, the dress,

    Liz staring at the pic as someone puts thier hand on her shoulder and she jumps.

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    IT was Cam who startled her he notices the portrait of her the Franco painted. she says when I came in it was here. Cam says you didn;t put it there. It was there when he got home. Liz says no one has been home last 24 hours. I need to check with the boys make sure they are ok ..She tells Cam to call the police.

    Chase sasy what do we do about this. Finn is like Wait till Liz decided what she wants to do.
    Chase won;t be reinstated for months.

    Willow talks Nina she made a point of asking
    if chance there to see Wiley even with not getting along wiht Carly. Willow says she played me.. Michael is like my dad is not innocent. Willow says Nina not type of person she wants in Wiley life.

    Stella goes to the bar to order as Curtis asks Nina about Sonny.

    Olivia offers Carly a drink.. Carly knows she made right decision but it is hitting her hard. Olivia is like talk to me. What are you feeling .
    disappointment. I want to not care. how could my marriage to be over. I know whatever Sonny does and feels not my problem anymore.

    Drew says he wants leadership position at Aurora. Sam is like you still own the company
    and JAx divested you can do whatever.. Sam has to go.. she says he has her full support.

    Sam at the bar says to Olivia we doing this. Olivia planned something to help carly process her emotions. Axe Throwing..


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      Drew meets with Marshall , Marshall knows
      about him being a Q and about his brother Jason.

      Finn tells Chase he is here for him. Finn gets a call from Liz. Liz says someone broke into my house. finn is like are you and the boys ok. She talks about the painting. Cam says the police are here. Finn tells Chase he will come here. Finn is like no you can;t.

      Michael all for keeping Nina from Wiley but we should take time we need to do what is best for Wiley. Willow is angry at Nina but we don;t knjow what the future holds. They talk owing chase and Brook an apology Michael leaves Nina shows up.


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        Dante at Liz house she thinks she knows who did this.

        Drew wants to get into Jazz music with Aurora.
        He needs Marshall experience. Drew is like have you always been a actual musician .But Money was tight so sometime he had to take other jobs. Drew asks now.. Marshall is like Curtis put you up to this.

        Curtis tells Stella Drew is getting answers from Marshall that I can;t. Stella says not a good idea.
        Curtis says he has to consider Portia and Trina.
        he needs answers. Stella is like instead of you and Drew sneaking around just talk to Marshall.
        Curtis is like I have tried.

        Michael shows up at Chase place as he is packing Michael wonders where Brook is.. IN
        Bensonhurst. Chase says you and I are far from friends can it wait.

        Carly sasy this is ridiculous.. Olivia brought Nina pic for inspiration.

        Nina is visiting an employee Willow goes to leave Nina says can we talk. about Wiley Willow is like you went after married man you don;t see how we would have a problem. Nina never intended for that to happen. Willow is like do you keep track of how often you say that..


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          Drew says this is job interview. Marshall is like
          Curtis asked you I am no one charity case. Marshall says this interview is over.

          Michael came to apolgize. I had no right to come down on you so hard about Brooklynn and Bailey. Chase is like fine.. Michael is like you loved Bailey too you took heat from lots of people including me you were doing good thing
          I had no right to judge.. Chase is like you slept wiht my wife then yo laid into me cuz I hurt myu feelings you are here to absolve your own guilt is is selfish and slef rightous..

          Liz thinks it is Betsy Frank. Dante says what evidence do you have. Liz tells of the Card.. Called her she is in town..Dante wants to see the card but wonder what she and Betsy talked about and she knows I am dating Finn she follows me on social media. Betsy not all there on good day and now she is grieving..

          Nina thought they had cordial convo Willow says whenever we make headway I find out you lie. Willow is like this in not first time you made discord ..Nina is not trying to play her. she is appreciative. Willow is not her ally Nina says Wiley is my family my grandson he is my blood. Willow sasy that doesn;t entitile you to have relationship with someone if you are gonna hurt them.


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            Reading the LT- … someone has been paying attention to the board!


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              Curtis wants to trust his father. Stella is like he needs to trust you too. put in the work maybe then if you sneak around there will be chance
              of finding out his info.

              Drew says yes Curtis asked is it so bad your
              son wanted to help. Drew is like if my relationship with you son bothers you you can work. Drew tells Marshall about HR policies he has to do intensive background checks. they send you forms fill them out. Marshall says this job I will have to decline no hard feelings Drew is like none.. Thanks for your time..

              Michael is like you are right we felt guilty. Mihcael is sorry again. Chase is like Willow married me cuz she thought I was dying I get why you were lying.. Michael sasy you win this is second child you saved. Chase is like help me by loading this in my car.

              Dante says did Betsy know of the spare key..No Cam sasy he hasn;t spoken to them. DAnte sasy in case one the kids involved I will keep low profile.

              Carly Olivia and Sam enjoying some beer enjoying the axe throwing Sam is like is this good idea Olivia says Karma will take care of this Carly says that takes too long. Olivia is like
              not healthy to focus on revenge.

              Nina says I would never hurt Wiley. Nina says I think of him all the time I realize I made mistakes I am learning from them I will be more forth coming in the future. Willow understand where Michael is coming from. Nina says don;t keep me from my grandchild.


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                Stella says be patient then you can learn what you need to know to keep all of us safe. Curtis gets a call from Drew. Marshall wouldn;t agree to background check.

                Dante will check on Betsy whereabouts. Finn is like how are you. Liz is like this is creepy has Betsy been following getting into the house she could have hurt the boys. Cam offers to stay home.. Liz says no.. Finn offers and Liz is like ok
                (is it me or is Cam acting strange and making Strange faces) Finn will stay till Liz feels safe.

                Carly throws the axe

                Willow is like not saying you will never see Wiley again don;t think there is pass to see Wiley Saturday. Nina threatens her rights as Grandmother she will fight for her rights.

                The End


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                  -Curtis…why’d u want me?…

                  -Finn…do u really think I’m accusing your sons?…

                  -Anna…the investigation isn’t completely wrapped up…

                  -Marshall…it may not be safe to do that…

                  -Felicia to Mac…u have to answer to me…

                  -Dante to Sam…I think Elizabeth has a stalker…

                  -Austin to Maxie, who’s holding Bailey…is there room in your heart for that?…

                  -Portia to Drew…was it personal or business?…


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