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Live Thread 2/14


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  • Live Thread 2/14

    Valentine Day Part 2

    Molly and TJ tlaking to Jordan

    Brad and Britt at the Savoy

    Esme surprises Spencer at Spring Ridge

    Laura and Kevin at home.

    Terry and Chet at Charlies.

    Ava and Nik at home.

    Felix and Carly at MC he says he is taking her out. we are going to the Savoy..

    Nina with Sonny at Charlies she asks if Phyllis is here He says she is doing well. Moma asks how he is. he can do better.. Anything she can do.. he says you have done enough she says I can go is that what you want.

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    Esem sneaks up on Spencer after hours; he jumps and tells her not to do that - she gives him a photo of her. "happy Valentine's day to me"

    New photos and music in the intro.

    and this site is very slow.


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      Esme give Spence a pic of her , He sent her
      flowers.. French Peonies.. He couldn;t let his girl
      think he didn;t care.

      Laura calls Trina to come by her house.

      TJ says Mom may be coming home sooner than we thought.

      Brad is all happy he is embracing his freedom.. He is not worried about Aunt..The do shots..

      Terry shakes Chet hand glad she finally met him he is a bit confused. she wondered is he would show.. He says you are looking for guy in Teal shirt. Chet starts to say something. Terry is like
      meeting you made me a beliver Tanner.. Chet is like I am not tanner.. As Tanner comes over says our table is ready.

      Nina wants to know is it causing him pain to run into him. Nina says Carly is upset and hurt.. Carly is divorcing me.


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        Trina looks worried at Laura's request to come to her home.

        Terry chatting up the wrong guy in the teal shirt...LOL.

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      Sonny says she is meeting with a divorce lawyer
      he says what are you thinking. She is like my point of view immaterial. I can;t be objective.

      Trina arrives at laura thinking something happened to Spencer.. No he asked Laura
      to mail her a gift.. He give it to her.

      Esme brought Spence some face cream he likes and sweater etc.. She mentions his fairweather
      friends.. Spence is like have you heard from them ..no..

      Ava says this is our chance to get Avery to come live with us.. He says this is not just about Avery you are happy this marriage is in trouble. Nik eats a strawberry.. She is so happy there is karmic justice.

      Brad and Britt with lots of empty glasses.. they take more shots. as Carly and Felix show up.
      Felix notices Britt and Brad says he won;t be chases out of here. Carly won;t either..


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        Trina is shocked at the present (beautifully wrapped).

        Ava is so giddy (spouse is laughing)

        Carly at the Savoy (wow) - sandals, short dress; Flexis is not shabby either.

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      Carly and Felix go over to Brad and Britt table.
      Britt is like I am hanging out with my bestie.. Brad is like may I have a word. (Brad and Britt were minding thier own business)

      Chet goes over and talks to Sonny..Sonny introduces Chet and Nina. Chet runs The gym for me. Sonny wants another drink..Nina is like no Sonny is like this is so unreal when I got back things were so good how did thing get to this point. Nina doesn;t regret sleeping together.. does he.

      Terry with Tanner who is talking whatever Chet over hears.. Tanner talks the Capitalist grind he vibrates at different level.. She is like that sounds like excuse to avoid work..

      Spencer wanted you to have this before he left but forgot. Trina asks how Spence is doing..

      Spencer says of course it matters if my friends are ghosting me. Esme says at least we have each other. he doesn;t say anything she is like maybe I shouldn;t have come and she talks to the guard..wants to see Ryan.as she leaves..he tells her her access has been restricted.. by whom... Kevin says me..


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        Britt has a silver heart sticker on her forehead. She is feeling no pain.
        Carly took off her rings......
        Spencer apparently is not giving Esme the attention she wants, so she flounces out, stopping to speak with Spencer's guard....
        and the look Esme shots Kevin is wow.......
        Terry is not happy with her date - she looks irked........
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      KEvin wonders how Esme got in she pulled a few strings he says why are you trying to see my brother when I told you not to.. Esme says have you lost objectivity.. Spencer comes over. Kevin says why is it so important to visit Ryan Spencer says why would you want to see that psycho.

      Spencer got Trina a book on Molyneux. She can;t beleive he remembers.

      Nik and Ava.. she says Sonny has changes with Nina he is almost human.. he says finding your true mate can do that. She says thank you.she is glad she can be herself with someone.. She feels safe with him.. they kiss.. ILY's She says and they say we would never last. Nik is like it doesn;t matter what they think. Ava thinks when they renew thier vows is just the two of them.. they kiss

      Brad says he hates he hurt so many others. Felix is like you can;t keep beating yourself up you have a opportunity now that you out..Brad is like my future not entirely in my control.

      Carly and Britt woes is me about what they lost. Britt talks Jason.. He helped me pass our valentines at the hospital last year. We can have a good cry or order more shots.. Carly says shots.

      Sonny regrets his life has come to this and that his wife wants to end thier marriage so quickly.

      Terry says never been called shill for pharmacutical companies.. She asks if Tanner
      is anti science. He talks Myusticism.. date not going well.. Chet comes over. says cant let you do this anymore. Tanner is like who the Hell are you.. (Terry must be very enlightened cuz I have no idea what the heck Tanner is talking about..)


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        Terri reaction to Chet - Lol.

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      Esme says she wants to observe Ryan for class.
      She says I came to see you as top priority says I dont seem to be yours.

      Chet comes over says I can;t do this baby.. tanner says he is leaving. Terry introduces herself to Chet who buys her a drink..

      sonny sasy Carly and I have lots of water under the bridge. Britt and Carly have a shots and they argue about Brad then Nina.. Britt is like arent; you tired of fighting.. Carly says are you.. Britt is like we should just keep drinking.

      Felix is like who else would be in charge in your life. Felix is like you were good lab tech if you can;t go back to that. You can find something.

      Nik has a gift for Ava.. She opens the box..

      Laura is glad Spencer has good friends. LAura says Esme brought him some stuff. Trina hopes it wasn;t the same stuff.. Esme comes home hears laura says she is so glad Spencer has Trina as a friend.


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        Esme flounces out. spencer to Kevin - what did I say? kevin - Esme can take care of herself, question is - can you (to Spencer)

        and Esme has walked in quietly and shuts the door and Laura talks how happy she is that Specner has a firend like Trina - the forced smile on Esme's face.

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      Esme says Trina everywhere I go there you are. Trina says not anymore and she leaves. Laura gives Esme her nailpolish bottle.. Laura says how is Spencer..ok something we both need..Esme gong to bed. Laura says for your
      Internship.. Esme remember filming Cam and Joss says no something important to do tomorrow.

      Terry thanks Chet.. He says she is cool smart.
      she says he is charming and Gallent.. they toast never saying never.

      Molly and TJ in the bedroom rose petals on the bed.. they get busyt.

      Ava and Nik she ties his hands to the bed they get busy.

      Felix says Lucas hopes you can build new life. Felix notices Britt and Carly having fun.

      Nina says to Sonny whatever happens I want the best for you I wish you nothing but happiness .. Sonny sasy Carly moves forward with this divorce I am not having it it is over done..Nina says I am not leaving with you drinking and talking like tat. Sonny says I am fine go...she does..

      The End.


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        Happy Valentine's day to one and all......

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      -Willow to Harmony…how hard is it to track down your daughter’s birth certificate?…

      -Mac to Felicia…just tell me it’s not anyone I know…

      -Austin…where did u help to take Maxie?…

      -Alexis…why don’t u let me return the favor?…

      -Victor to Liesl…how can I ever repay you?…

      -Carly…Sonny is going to make this divorce very ugly…

      -Britt to Nina…tell me, how did u do it?…


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