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Live Thread 2/8


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  • Live Thread 2/8

    Ned thinks Maxie is delusional the Bailey is hers.

    Mac out of surgery Deanna is evasive about how he is.

    Peter talking to Victor..

    Carly follows the flower petals to the door.. opens it and finds sonny and Nina in bed Nina is shocked Sonny rubs his face.

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    Peter wants safe passage.

    Sam at the hospital - Drew arrives.


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      Felicia goes in MAc room Robert looks thru the window Laura shows up and hugs him Felicia
      holds Mac hand..She says Robert is here Robin trying to get flight out..

      Ned says you can;t go around saying Bailey is her daughter. Brook says Bailey is Louise. Ned is like no.. Maxie explains the plan

      Victor says meet me at pier 55 I Will get you out of town. Goon guy says should I get the boat.

      PEter says to Louise can we trust Victor. He has proven to be treacheous. lets not give him one.

      Carly says I knew it. you are a liar. Sonny says Krissy told me you were not coming Carly tells him about Dante and Mac and leaves. Nina si sorry so is he as Carly walk out on the boat deck notices the rings Sonny Nina get dressed.
      Nina says nothing to say Sonny says I gotta see this thru (Carly and he walks out. ) Carly takes the rings flashback to the island.. Sonny walks out on the deck. Carly has the rings.


      • OLTLBoomer
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        Felicia to Mac - you made an honest woman out of me - I'm not lying any more (not verbetim). she is holding it together. Mac is onthe vent, and all the usual ICU stuff.

        Maxie spells it out - she looks shocky (she is really pale compared to everyone else)

        victor tells Johann that Peter is a waste of carbon.

        Nina as Carly walks out "I did not mean for that to happen." Sonny - neither did I.

        sonny looks more gray today (seriously).

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      Kevin talks to Charlotte Kevin has to go. She says she is old enough to stay herslef and Esme will be here soon she will wait for her father.

      Laura tell Robert Peter took Bailey.. Robert says Bailey is Peter and Maxid daughter Louise.

      Maxie is sorry she decieved them all. Dante says Peter got in thru breezeway.. Brook is like I am so sorry. Maxie is like not your fault. Anna says faster way to find him is you.

      Sonny tells Carly she waited for him.. Krissy said you couldn;t come. Sonny says leave Nina out of it.. Why you didn;t how many time did you want this to happen... Sonny says maybe as many time as you wanted it to happen with Jason.


      • OLTLBoomer
        OLTLBoomer commented
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        Dante has taken over the PCPD according to Laura....

        Carly is in shock. Sonny is fixated on what he knows - Krissy send you weren't coming. Carly - YOur son is fine by the way.
        Sonny is very defensive.....and that last comment (wow)....

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      Carly says nice way to hold on to it.. Sonny says maybe there is truth to that. Carly is like Jason is dead.. and you still love him and you want him back cuz you want him.. Sonny says all i did was show you how much. I wanted to you. Sonny says you will wallow in you misery and pine for Jason ghost. Carly says we are over this on you.

      Real Sam back with Drew.. he says do you have a min to talk. she wanted to talk to him let go somewhere private. Drew says it is about us.

      Maxie says I try to remember all mine times with Peter. Anna is like start at beginning.. Who knew beside Bobbie and Brook. Maxie says Britt she knew the plan but not the Bailey was Louise.. and Brooks says Nina.. they take Maxie back to GH. Brook give maxie Bailey toy

      'Dante says PEter found out recently.. Anna syas someone else knew find them.

      Victor asks goon guy if it is done.. tell the men no mistakes I get my way or Peter dies no wait I get my way and peter dies.

      Charlotte talks with Nina that Papa is missing does she know where. Knock on the door it is Peter as we see the pizza delivery boy laying on the hallway floor.


      • OLTLBoomer
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        Sonny is balming Carly for everything. seriously.

        Victor appears to be on the docks.... the goons have the exits guarded. Victor wants Peter dead.

        Chalotte has enough sense to be scared and tries to shut the door on Peter, who forces his way in.
        Valenin has been officially missing two days accroding to Charlotte.

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      Felicia says you will keep me hanging as Flashbck to Mac and Felicia (wow how young)
      when he said he would marry her.. She lays her head on his chest.

      Kevin comes to Laura asks about Mac.

      Peter arrives at Pier.. Victor has made arrangements. Victor says you first hold up your end of the bargin. Terms set by party in control. Peter says I will take my chances else where as Good guy stops him from leaving then the red light appears on Peter chest.

      Ned wants to talk to Brook alone. Chase says he will stay . Brook is like it is ok.. Ned says Chase put himself on the line for you. Ned says you open yourself up to major reprecussion. NEd says Peter still out there involved in danger.

      Drew thought he had is all figured out. we were done.. I was fine with that. He made peace knowing she and scout were happy. He says all the kept me going those 2 years in a cell the hope I would see my family again. Drew says to Sam you are my family . he is hers too.. Drew says what kind of family are we.

      Nina arrives at GH.. See Sam asks about Dante and Mac. Sam admits she loved Sante.

      Sonny says you are gonna walk.. Carly is like you walked.. She says there is no reason to talk. Carly says I won;t hang our marriage on the girls.. Sonny misses her.. Carly says you missed Nina.. Sonny says it was a mistake I wished it never happened. Sonny doesn;t want to have these feeling I can;t wish them out of existance it will take time.. Carly says you want me to give you time you won't give me..


      • OLTLBoomer
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        Kevin goes in - he wants to see mac (old friends)

        Lovely little red dot on Peter , lol.

        Drew asks what kind of fmaily are we as Nina interrupts and babbles on about Dante - Sam automatically says she loves Dante and she catches her breath as she realizes Drew is behind her.

        Sonny continues to blame Carly but Carly turns the tables on him when he brings up the girls. He talks about the feelings that will not go away (NF) and he wants time. Carly is really angry.

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      NEd says you used the baby to get the shares she says it wasn;t just about the shares. We didn;t know if Peter was dead or alive it was a nightmare I lost the shares I lost the baby now you. she says sorry I failed you you must hate me.. Ned says he could never hate her. Ned says I feel in love with my granddaughter now I don;t have one I am disappointed and hurt and a few other things but holds her hand but he prouder of her than ever been.

      Nina goes off to get update on Mac. Sam turns to Drew did he want to finish the convo. He says if things between us felt confused that is on me.he is thrilled to be home after all reunions I wanted my old life back found out everyone had moved on.

      Anna Dante and MAxie at GH Dante notices Sam talking to Drew. Who says to Sam he is happy for Sam and Dante. that is what I wanted to say. Sam thanks him and says he still is family.. she can count on that.. He goes off.. Sam see Dante. Drew tells Dante Sam needs you.Dante sees Sam..

      Sonny says we can stop over I got the rings. Carly says those rings don;t change anything.
      sonny says when I came back from NF I wanted you. I want you Carly. Carly says you want us both.. no amount of time will change it you can;t make the choice I am making it I am choosing myself. Goodbye Sonny..

      Maxie asks Laura any update on Mac. Maxie goes in the room. Anna talks to Laura. about Peter she wants Dante into the convo.

      Sonny looking at the ring engraved with till the end. He flashes back to thier last marriage.. where she tells him he is it for her.. Sonny takes both rings and drops them in the water..

      Maxie says to Mac everytime I needed you you were there when we lost Georgie and Nathan and when I needed a hero you brought Frisco back. You are my hero as MAc opens his eyes..


      • OLTLBoomer
        OLTLBoomer commented
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        and now there are four people in the ICU room with Mac, when there is only supposed to be one at a time (lol).

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      Dante asks Sam how things are going with drew. she says things are clear between us. Dante hugs her. Anna shows up with laura.. Anna motions for Dante to come..

      Carly at Michael house Drew is there.

      Nina leave britt a phone message. Sonny shows up

      Brook is like you are proud of me. Ned says yes you risked so much for the baby and Maxie you kept up the charade you protected Bailey. Louise at personal risk to yourself. Brook is like you are not mad at me.. He says No. Ned says she will come home safe.. Brook cries how do you know that.

      Deana tells Them Mac is awake and lucid they go inside to see him Robert says hey little brother how does it feel to have all these people fuss over you.. Kevin says the term is called Drama Queen.. Mac asks for Dante. Robert says he is fine.

      Anna tells Dante there is one person in town who has been willing to help.

      The red light still on Peter as goon guy hits him. Victor says that conclude our buisness. Goon guy holds gun to his head. you kill me your grandaughter dies too.

      The End.


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        -Sam to Dante…my future is with you…

        -Laura…that actually tracks with my theories…

        -Austin to Maxie…it’s all my fault…

        -Liesl with Britt…when this is all over, u will answer to me…

        -Peter to Victor…do we have a deal?…

        -Carly to Drew…it’s a point of no return for me…

        -Nina, with Sonny and Dante…all of these secrets have been for nothing…


        • louisesnell96
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          What is Nina on about is it about Bailey

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