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Live Thread 2/7


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  • Live Thread 2/7

    Sonny on the deck asks Nina what she is doing here. She didn;t want him to be alone if he is not
    taking his meds.. He has been taking them. Sonny says Obrecht heard thru Krissy.. He says he was making a major play at saving his marriage. Nina will leave. Sonny sasy my marriage is over.

    Carly at the hospital. To check on Dante. nurse asks if she is family.

    Temp Sam holding Dante hand.. they kiss. Doc comes in his test results.

    Maxie and Felicia talking Mac he is in surgery
    Maxie says he will pull thru this. Maxie says h ewill come back to us.

    Anna with Robert at GH.. Robert asks how MAc looked at the scene.. Anna says it was bad lots of blood.. don;t count him out..

    Victor with some goon guy.. where is Peter.

    Chase on the phone putting APB on Bailey.. Brook says this can;t be happening.. Chase syas Peter got her..

    Peter in the car with Bailey. he says don;t worry I won;t let the police get you.

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    The doc tells Dante he should be fine to go home tomorrow..she wants him to stay in observation. Carly walks in you are ok... Dante says yeah. She says Sonny will be relived.

    Nina is like did something else happen. Carly has been distancing herself. Wanted to make her know I am 100 percent in wanted her to show up here tonight. I wanted her to come here if she watned our marriage to move forward. Sonny says no sign of carly she gave me the anser he throws the box of rings .. says I guess we are done. Nina says she is sorry.. All she ever wanted was him safe and happy.. HE says I have been on this boat thinking why Carly didn;t show up.. she always said part of her anger was I was always defdending you.. Maybe I was..

    Robert says we have lost lots of good people Luke, Sean, Anna says not Mac yet.. Robert says it gets harder and harder. She says lets not go there yet.. we have every reason to believe Mac will pull thru.. Robert says everytime I turn around it seems the bad guys win. My faith is getting battered..

    Felicia and Maxie hug as Robert and Anna come sit with them. Felicia says Mac not out of surgery yet. she saw him before he went to surgery He was so still.. Anna says Mac loves his family he will do everyting to come back to you..

    Chase says the have BOLO on Peter. Chase says I have to call Dante you call MAxie..

    Dante says how did you find out. Carly says I was with Drew.. he told me. Carly needs to let Sonny know... she leaves.. Datne gets a call from Chase. he tells him Bailey was kidnapped we think it is Peter. Dante will be there ASAP.
    Sam is like why would Peter want Chase baby.


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      Carly calls Sonny on the phone leaves him message on Dante.

      Nina says you were trying to do what was right.
      sonny says it was difficult when he came home.
      His wife was married to his BFF he wanted to get back the life before the river.. She says I complicated it. HE whispers I didn;t see my instinct to make sure you werent hurt I acted on it my family was angry with it. There was a part of me that cared about you but because of that I have lost the person that I love the most. Nina never intended for this to happen.. She says I would make things alright.

      Carly see Maxie they hug.. Carly is sorry for Mac. Maxie is like we are waiting and hoping Dante is ok.. Maxie thankh her for telling her that. Austin comes along. Maxie says any word.
      no not yet. Carly leaves. Maxie thanks Austin for helping MAc. he says how you holding up. MAxie thanks God Louise is with Brook and CHase. Maxie says if Mac doesn;t make it thru the last thing I did was lie to him.

      Goon guy says he shot Kendall.. Dragged me out of car left us on side of the road. Victor said he is probably congratulating himself for getting away.

      Dante says PEter has hurt to many people can;t sit here Sam goes to get then urse. Dante calls Olivia he is at GH I am fine.. Brook is not.

      Brook is crying looking at the monitor.. She can't call Maxie.. Chase says she has to know. How do I tell her PEter came in and took her. Baiely is gone it is all my fault.. Chase is like you are having a panic attack.. He helps her breath He says this is not your fault. you have protected her for months Call Maxie we will all figure this out. he gives her the phone. you can do this hands her the phone she call. SHe call MAxie tells her Bailey is gone.


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        Maxie says Peter took her.. Brook says how did he figure it out. MAxie says Bailey is in danger. Brook says we are doing everything to find her. Maxie on her way. Austin says how can I help

        Peter talking to Bailey. They are all liars Louise I am not a monster just want to be father you want unlike my worthless father. Now that I found you I want to give you the world.

        Anna says to Dante you can leave.. Dante tells
        Anna about the baby. Anna is like WSB looking for Peter lets join forces. Peter not getting away this time. They tell Carly Peter took Baiely Carly says Jason warned you about this. Anna will stop him for good this time.

        Nina says I only stopped in NF on a whim for Phyllis needed someone who would support me I found a peace and happiness you were a large part of that. I didn;t expect to fall in love with you. I had real feelings for you Sonny says Mike never expected to fall in love with you. Nina says If I could spare you I would let it all go. Sonny says we can;t change the past just live with the consequences. They kiss..


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          Maxie has to go to Brooklynn.. Austin will stay wiht Felicia but tells her to tell her family. Felicia notices something. MAxie says Bailey has been kidnapped we think it is Peter. Austin has an update MAc came thru the worst part of surgery
          still a long road.. Felicia says your mother needs you.. MAxie says the baby Peter took is not Brook she is mine always has been Baiely is Louise.. Felicia says you go to your daughter my grandbaby you be safe. Austin will stay here MAxie leaves.

          Ned comes to see Brook He knew it was mistake for you to move. Ned blames her. Ned yells at him.. Brook says I made the choice. Chase has been wonderful blame me. There is nothing to say that makes me feel worse than I already do. Ned is sorry.. HE is sorry for losin ghis temper.

          Sam asks Carly is she got in touch with Sonny. Carly was torn Drew help me see maybe Sonny needed this as a cry for help. Show him I am willing to try. Carly thinks that Sonny and I can have fresh start.

          Sonny and Nina kissing She says I am sorry he is not and kisses her again.


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            Anna asking Brook why do you think Peter took
            Bailey. Does he want something for you. Chase says this is not revenge on Valentin. Chase says to Brook we can;t lie anymore as Maxie show up. Brook says not my secret to tell MAxie is like mine..

            Felicia is glad her granddaughter has been safe and near bye all this time hate she is with Peter. Felicia says to Robert you spent months.. Fake chloe doesn;t exist. Robert says your daughter is absolutely brilliant..

            PEter says I left to many loose ends this time.. Daddy will have to make a deal with the devil.. Daddy will do anything for you.

            Victor giving someone detials. Victor put a GPS tracking device on the car PEter is in.. Victor gets a call from Peter..

            Sonny and Nina in a stateroom clothes coming off..


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              Ned is like WTH is going on. MAxie says it is time. Maxie is Bailey is Louise she is my daughter. NEd and Dante have the WTH look.

              Felicia thanks Austin..Robert has alerted the team. Much easier to track a guy with a baby..
              than alone. Austin says if anything else can do let me know.

              Peter says I am ready to tell you what you need to know about Drew Cain. HE needed to get to my daughter that I have her just need one thing. Victor says you are of new further use to me goodbye.. Peter mentions he found the GPS tracking device he wants safe passage out of PF.

              Carly on the boat. She follows flower petals.. As Sonny and Nina are in bed.. WE see the ring box.. Carly smiling as she floows the flower petals she opens the door finds them in bed.

              The End


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                -Sam to Drew..because, actually, I was going to say the same thing…

                -Ned to BLQ…there may be real hell to pay…..

                -Maxie…u don’t need confirmation…

                -Robert to Laura…if the manhunt finds him they’ll find the child…

                -Victor…Peter August dies…

                -Peter…ok, what’s it gonna be…

                -Carly yelling at Sonny…I can’t fix my marriage when there are three people in it…


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