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Am I the only one that don't like Chase & Brook Lynn?


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  • kristendny
    • May 2012
    • 4711

    I don't know, really. I'm still trying to warm up to Chase again after his character was turned into a whiny little wide-eyed puppy dog. I'm also trying to warm up to Brook Lynn, and the actress is sort of winning me over to get behind this character, but she still has done some things I can't quite forget yet.


    • Emerald Greens
      Aspiring soap scribe
      • Feb 2006
      • 41370

      I guess chemistry is subjective I like them a lot. I like the slow burn they have been doing with them.


      • Louiepie
        Day Player
        • Oct 2020
        • 190

        I don’t care for Chase and BLQ. They seem pushed together. I don’t think they look good together. Chase needs someone on the petite side and although BLQ has a beautiful face, she is not petite. I’m sure the writers are putting them together for a romance, I hope it doesn’t last but I hope they remain friends.


        • ToS
          Board Regular
          • Jun 2013
          • 942

          I think Amanda does have good flirty chemistry with Josh but I agree her seductiveness and sexual chemistry aren't up to par with the other actresses who played the role, who were easily seductive and alluring. A big part of that is she has been dressed like a librarian her entire time on the show while the other two were far from that. But they've spiced her up lately, showing her legs more, which was in the dialogue yesterday. Hopefully she can bring more spice when she and Chase actually start romancing.


          • Maxiegirl
            Maxiegirl commented
            Editing a comment
            ? No, she doesn’t look like a librarian at all! I know because I work in a library with lots of librarians and none of them dress like her! ?
        • GH Fan 1991
          Senior Board Member
          • Jan 2021
          • 2272

          No you are not. Not even close. For what I can see that's a very popular opinion on this board. I'm personally intrigued by them. I'm rooting for them to becomes an item. And everytime I create a post about them the majority of posters are stating their disdain for them.


          • AMHardulak
            Aspiring soap scribe
            • Jan 2009
            • 10319

            I am willing to give them a chance.


            • aimee321
              Aspiring soap scribe
              • Jun 2008
              • 10604

              I hated the idea of them before the actress left for maternity leave as she was always talking to him in the same petulant tone she spoke to Ned in and nothing about that made them an appealing couple for me, but I've actually liked them a lot more in this storyline. They are one of the few things I like about the show at the moment.


              • Maxiegirl
                Aspiring soap scribe
                • Feb 2008
                • 34230

                To me they seem or act too similar. I actually think they’d work if they were related. The look alike. They could be long lost cousins or something.


                • Wanda Wolek
                  Contract Poster
                  • May 2013
                  • 3147

                  I hate this pairing. All the stuff the writers have Chase spewing to Brook Lynn about really seeing her, etc. is just vomit-inducing. His real reaction should have been what he said to Dante, but, of course, the writers explained that away by having Chase say he didn't want Dante to get suspicious about Bailey. And that he is a terrible liar and over-sold his story. I don't even want them to be friends because Brook Lynn will just careen from one mess to another with Chase cleaning up behind her. He deserves better.

                  On top of that, I see no sexual chemistry. AS is working hard to sell it, and I buy she is hot for his body, but that's about it. I get nothing from JS, which surprises me. I guess that just supports my theory that Chase exists to make Brook Lynn feel better about herself.

                  Maybe, just maybe, if the costumers dressed Brook Lynn in something other than blazers, I could see some sexual chemistry. Right now, it looks like Chase is cozying up to his banker.


                  • ToS
                    ToS commented
                    Editing a comment
                    The blazers are a big factor. Really, Chase and Brook didn't start getting along until Briana Lane was there. She was always wearing tight clothes and short skirts, and I felt she and Josh had a lot of sexual chemistry.
                • CanaryFan98
                  Executive Poster
                  • Oct 2009
                  • 3515

                  As a couple? I don't like them either. I like them both individually but Chase is too simple for her. Brook Lynn needs a man that's far more challenging like a Valentin type character. Chase needs a woman who gets under his skin like Brook Lynn but not her necessarily. Someone suggested Maxie and she could work(although I admit I was partial to Chase/Willow before they ruined it)

                  As friends? Cool.


                  • stormy5
                    Contract Poster
                    • Jul 2006
                    • 2589

                    I don't really see any chemistry between them, they have a brother/sister vibe. But honestly there's not one couple on GH currently that I enjoy,
                    Unfortunately, its been that way for a couple of years.


                    • sd3
                      Board Regular
                      • Dec 2007
                      • 1191

                      Originally posted by KJM View Post

                      Weird because she is gorgeous
                      Totally disagree with that.


                      • DayRose
                        Aspiring soap scribe
                        • Oct 2020
                        • 10901

                        I go back and forth with liking and disliking both of them. Chase was driving me crazy with his puppy dog routine and his marriage to Willow and BLQ really ticked me off when she sold her ELQ shares and interfered with Ned and Olivia's marriage. Right now though I really like them both together. I think they are cute and sexy.


                        • MrAxe
                          Contract Poster
                          • Dec 2016
                          • 2646

                          I have always liked Chase. In my opinion he is a great addition to GH and I'm glad he's a cop on a show called General Hospital. Because he is one of my favs I've wanted him paired with someone who is, for lack of a better word right now, deserving.

                          Up until recently I didn't like BLQ. Way too self-serving. But is she deliberately being portrayed as a young Tracy? And I say this as someone who didn't watch Tracy prior to 1998. I think Tracy can be cool despite her 'bad' Q ways. Complex.

                          Lately BLQ has been showing more demensions. And I think Chase is a character helping to draw that out. Maybe for the first time? The more it happens the more I like them together. And I think its kinda neat that they accept each other despite their differences. Despite locking horns. It makes their scenes for me more interesting as opposed to boring.


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