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Nina needs actual friends and family...not enablers.


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  • Nina needs actual friends and family...not enablers.

    If I didn't hate Nina so much, I would actually feel sorry for her because the woman doesn't have a single friend who truly loves her.

    If she did, instead of encouraging her to continue obsessing over a married man who truly loves her wife and was Nina's victim when she knowingly took advantage of his amnesia. They would be advising her to seek professional help from a mental health specialist who can help her address her issues. Lying to someone for MONTHS about their identity, purposely keeping their family and friends from finding out they're alive, convincing herself that she and Sonny were sincerely in love and that love was pure and special, etc... these are not the actions of a person with a mentally stable mind.

    But with the exception of Phyllis (after months of enabling), no one who claims to care about Nina: Liesel, Ava, Britt, Curtis, Maxie, etc...have thoroughly explained to Nina not only how f'd up what she did to Sonny and his family was in the first place, but how even more disturbing and disgusting it is that she's continuing to act like a vulture, waiting for a chance to swoop in and pick up the carcass of Sonny and Carly's broken marriage that she broke.

    And of course because Nina doesn't have an ounce of sincerity or self respect, she is desperate to take any opportunity to further insert herself in Sonny's life under the guise of being his friend when she is not his friend, never was, and never could be.

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    I agree with everything you said! None of her inner circle of family and friends is telling her to move one. Nixon Falls was not real and what she had with " Mike" was not real either. She needs to focus on her family and friends and let Sonny heal and reconnect with his loved ones.


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      I'm totally fine with Nina going after Sonny especially after everything Carly has done to Nina. That witch deserves to be miserable. And I don't blame Sonny. Carly is playing games with him. She wants him to kill Nina in his heart. Dream on, Carly, it ain't happening. Just like Carly didn't kill Jason in her heart. In fact, she made it sound like it's Jason she wanted all along when they were planning their wedding. And when Sonny showed up alive & interrupted Jason & Carly, they looked disappointed. Both of them were giving looks to each other like why the hell did he have to show up right now.


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        After everything Carly has done to Nina? What has Carly done to Nina? Not telling her some theory that Nelle might have been her daughter because of a necklace AFTER Nelle was already dead?

        Carly hasn't done anything to Nina. A lot of people are responsible for Nina missing the chance to know and raise her daughter. Carly isn't one of those people.

        Carly also isn't responsible for Nina's relationship or lack thereof with Wiley. Contrary to Nina's accusations, Nina's actions alone have been the reason why Michael hasn't wanted her near his son. Carly didn't force or manipulate Michael into ending Nina's visitation. Nina did that when she decided to abuse Michael's trust to talk about Nelle and confuse Wiley about who his mother is. Nina did that when she decided it was more important to her to stay in Nixon Falls than build a relationship with her grandchild. Nina did that when she had ample opportunity to tell Michael his father was alive and never did.

        I wish Carly had done something to justify the way Nina seems hellbent on destroying her marriage. Then maybe it would make her actions make sense. But for now all I can think is, Nina, a woman with an extensive history of mental illness is having yet another mental health crisis and requires immediate treatment.


        • Shellyinphx
          Shellyinphx commented
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          Carly has done absolutely nothing to nina that Nina hasn't done back so much worst

        • SAMLEXIS FAN
          SAMLEXIS FAN commented
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          This is about Carly & Nina...not Lulu, Charlotte nor Willow. No worries...Nina will get the last laugh & Carly will still be miserable so it's all good.

          Nina will always be the better person compared to Carly. Nina had no problems with Carly prior to her finding out Carly knew for months about Nelle being her daughter & went to great lengths to keep her in the dark.

          Carly isn't going to move on. She always had problems with the women who were in a relationship with Sonny when she wasn't with him. She tried to ruin the relationship & butt in where she didn't belong.

          The necklace is custom made with a unique clasp...a one of a kind. I would agree if it was just like any other necklace that can be bought in the store but it isn't. The necklace was an important factor in connecting Nina & Nelle.

        • Shellyinphx
          Shellyinphx commented
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          Carly's friendship with Olivia says otherwise. Olivia is the mother of sonny's first born. And Lulu, Charlotte and Willow factor into the horrible person nina has always been. She's never been nice

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        At this point I don't call them enablers. I consider them instigators.


        • McShirls
          McShirls commented
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          So true. How ironic that Leisl, who tortured Anna and Robin because her sleazy husband lusted after Anna (feelings she didn't return), yet she's encouraging her niece to pursue a married man who clearly loves his wife.

        • AMK
          AMK commented
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          Every one in Nina's family is missing a few screws. Case-in-point, Britt stole and tried to raised Lulu's son to keep the man she was with, Liesl tried to impersonate Anna with a mask that looked like Anna to have sex with Faison, Nina and her mother took Ava's baby and more recent, Nina lied and tried to hide Sonny from being seen so he would stay with her. These women have a problem keeping a man and have no conscious on how low they will go to do that and after all their unsuccessful attempts, they still didn't learn anything and continues to lack integrity - Liesl, the oldest one, encourages Nina to go after Sonny and has no respect for his marriage.

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        Everything that you just said! Nina has no compass, no anchor, to point and hold her to the good place. If those people really loved her they would help her and advise her against getting into someone else's marriage. She's sort of pitiful at this point. Not that I think she should be forgiven, just that she truly has no one. It's sort of sad to watch her.


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          Thank you. I'm like who are these people and why don't any of them want a healthy, stable, mature relationship for their so-called friend they claim to love?

          Marriages do end all the time Liesl, but Nina having any part, even if just a peripheral one in the end of Sonny and Carly's marriage isn't something she should be proud of or trying to profit from. And if I were her friend, I wouldn't want something so obviously toxic for my friend. Besides, who wants someone on the rebound from the end of their marriage, especially when the couple in question have divorced and remarried several times?

          It's clear Sonny and Nina would never be nothing more than a temporary fling. They would never be happy. Hell Sonny has to be at his most vulnerable (amnesic, manic) to even interact with her.

          Nina meanwhile is obviously delusional and needs help to process the things she did and why she did them. She's not doing that when everyone she talks to pretends like there was nothing predatory or disturbing about her involvement in Sonny's life.


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            But she has such "a pure love" for him, don't you know? Every time l remember those words l want to gag. The writers/powers have been working hard and constantly to set up Nina and Sonny together. Her lack of friends who will tell her the truth are just part of it. She should be getting therapy or perhaps taking a little rest at Spring Willows or whatever it is called. Now if whatever Sonny has planned for Carly falls thought, looks like it will, and Nina shows up...... l think l posted much the same in another thread, sorry, but it's a pretty hot button issue with me
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              Originally posted by Tricialen View Post
              Everything that you just said! Nina has no compass, no anchor, to point and hold her to the good place. If those people really loved her they would help her and advise her against getting into someone else's marriage. She's sort of pitiful at this point. Not that I think she should be forgiven, just that she truly has no one. It's sort of sad to watch her.
              I really agree with most. Unlike most here, I love Nina even if I think her actions were very wrong. However, someone who loved her would not only make suggestions for course correction, but they'd be vehemently opposed to her getting involved with a mob boss and abusive man who has almost killed his wife, son, daughter. She would be next to be called a slut, to have barware thrown, to hear if you did this, I will kill you. They'd be telling her to run.

              At minimum, they'd be encouraging her to get into therapy to work out why she is so self-destructive. I want this for Nina.


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                What Friend would push Sonny on someone? He is a mess right now. he is no prize either


                • AnotherSonnyKid
                  AnotherSonnyKid commented
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                  Don Sonny is apparently the most eligible bachelor/non bachelor in Port Charles!

                • Mr.Sami_Brady
                  Mr.Sami_Brady commented
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                  Let's get one thing straight: Sonny has NEVER been a prize. I don't care how nice his dimples are back in the day or now, he is a selfish garbage human being.

                • OLTL'69
                  OLTL'69 commented
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                  @Mr.Sami.Brady. Yes that has always been my opinion. I never saw the draw in spite of those dimples. (I have always hated slicked back hair GROASS) But NOW!!/. I can only see him drawing the woman who wants to fix and save everyone I don't see Nina that way.

              • #11
                Phyllis Caufield is the biggest disappointment in this whole fiasco -
                ~ she should have been encouraging Sonny to learn who he is
                ~ she should have warned Nina away from any relationship with Sonny as she saw the wedding ring and knew that Sonny could be married
                ~ she enabled Nina to pursue her feelings once back in PC
                ~ it was only when it all came out in the trial, and the awful truth was exposed, that Phyllis finally demonstrated some common sense and told Nina to stay away from Sonny.
                ~but here we are again - she continues to feed into / enable Nina's fantasy of a relationship with a man who is desparately trying to mend his marriage.

                I used to be a fan of the character - now I want her gone.


                • DayRose
                  DayRose commented
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                  I agree with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                I have sisters, daughters, and nieces. The very last thing I would do is encourage them to break up a marriage. I also wouldn't want them to be with a man who loves his wife. Sonny has stated again and again that he loves Carly. As soon as he got his memory back he went to Carly. Why would anyone who loved Nina want her to be with a man who loves another woman? It just doesn't make sense. But so much of this story is being written just to put Sonny and Nina together even though it doesn't make sense.


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                  Im not surprised. Seems like to be a resident of Port Charles one needs to lack a moral compass.

                  At end of the day though its Nina's and Sonny's choice. Sonny shares blame for this situation , he pursued her after refusing to find out who he was and knowing he had a wedding band on. Nina will do what she wants. She is a selfish person, always has been so if she wants Sonny she will go after him. There is reason why she cant and wont stay away , its not that hard, she doesnt want to no matter what song and dance she sings to Carly and others.


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                    I'm tired of this story. Carly/Sonny/Nina are all terrible and they should just be locked in a shipping container, and left in the middle of the ocean.


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                      I agree that they aren't being friends let alone good one but when has Nina ever been a good friend to them or anyone else? She's always been entirely too self centered to be a friend.
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                      • Eve S Dropper
                        Eve S Dropper commented
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                        Right. Nina and Carly are both self centered hypocritical bullies, but if the chips were down I would sure as hell rather have Carly in my corner than Nina!

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