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Live Thread 2/4


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  • Live Thread 2/4

    DAnte tells Mac they have been sabatoged.
    They pull thier guns Mac tells Dante get back in the van.

    Brook says goodnite baby girl Mommy loves you
    as Maxie is with Austin. he wonders if kissing him now is diversion.

    Nina at Charlies Leisel is there.

    Brook and Chase talking in the living room he
    enjoyed today.

    Sonny in a white suitcoat tux on the haunted star Krissy comes by says wow you look great. Sonny has a rose for Carly he thanks her for
    what she did in there. Sonny wants everything to be perfect. Krissy hugs him he hopes this makes things right.

    Carly on the bridge. remembering Sonny says if she isn;t ready now she never will be. Drew shows up

    Mac says this could be an ambush as the driver knocks Dante out Mac turns around.

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    austin and Maxie still in the Library.
    Chase/ BLQ and Louise at the Beach house
    sonny is on the Haunted Star, Krissy helped with the arrangements.
    Peter is still in the van.... oops - all four tires are flat.


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      Maxie hates lying about all this. Austin wonders if there are other factors in play. She know how she feels. He says you have been keeping secret from me. did you befriend me out of
      necessity. Maxie sasy Brook and I lived in fear
      you would remember i should have stayed away from you but I feel something for you ..He gets a call. he has to deal with..

      Nina is not happy leisel is reason the secret came out. Leisel says I am always on side. Lets sit.. Nina smiles and says ok they sit. Nina tells she had run it wiht Carly.

      Drew says you missing Jason.. Always he was my voice of reason. Drew would be willing to listen. she says are you thinking of Jason. Drew says Oscar been on my mind. yeah..Joss and I miss him.. Oscar and Joss came to this bridge on the time. Drew is greatful for the few years he had with his son but wished for more time.

      Sonny lays the rose on the steps and says she will be here...as he is standing on the deck.


      • OLTLBoomer
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        Liesl asks what is wrong with Sonny as Nina bites her lip.

        Sonny is giddy on the HS deck.

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      Krissy calls Carly the tell her to show up Dad worked so hard for this. Carly says can;t do this goodbye... Krissy looks horrified.

      Nina wanted to talk to Leisel. Leisel says I told
      Scotty onnly to keep you out of prison. She swears not to say. Nina says Sonny has some
      health issues i got him some help I tried to tell her she wouldn;t listen to me. Leisel says sounds like you didn;t try hard. Leisel says what do you want. I don;t think you want them back together.

      Brook says I know the truth when we first moved in I overheard your convo with Dante what a horrible person I was.. Chase is like it was just talk. Chase says I had to tell Dante that to prove
      things cuz Dante is smart guy.. Brook is like you don;t think I am horrible.
      he realize what a good person she is.

      Temp Sam and Spin who says your destiny. you
      with Dante or life with Drew. Sam is like Dante is great wiht the kids takes cares of thier needs no complainst in thier sex life. Spin says you have unfinished business with Drew. Sam admits If Jason had not come back she wonders what if.
      Maxie arrives home. she says she kissed Austin it was horrible.

      The Prison van we hear a radio call. Dante manages to says officers down need help then passes out as we see him and I assume Mac laying on the ground..


      • OLTLBoomer
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        Krissy is ordering then begging Carly to show up.
        and dante awakens, hears the radio, grabs the walkie talkie and passes out again. Look like Mac sprawled next to the van.

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      Chase says you stuck to your promise you took care of Bailey like she was your own. while taking hits to your rep. Chase says you and me are partners so we cab obkt be fruebd,

      Anna arrives at the prison Van Peter is gone.
      Felicia wonders where MAc is Anna finds Dante Mac is on the ground shot.. Anna tells Dante Peter escaped..

      Sonny on the deck he sits on the stairwell. Looks at rings he has Sonny hears someone Calls out CARLY?


      • OLTLBoomer
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        chase said can't be more than friends.....

        Felicia finds Mac on the ground away from the van - he was shot mid-right Abdomen.
        Dante comes to....

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      Sonny heard Krissy who says she wanted to be here for him.. She says Carly is not coming I called her. She said she couldn;t do it.. she couldn;t meet you halfway.. sonny says she said that. Carly is not coming.. Krissy shakes her head.

      Carly can;t decide what to do.. Show up or call Sonny.. Drew says lets work it thru. Champagne and candles won;t fix us. CArly says Sonny has to be in control of everything

      Felicia is crying please we have ot ghet him to GH the Paramedic says we have to stablize him..as she cries okk then tell Mac

      Dante and Anna Dante says I was in the van the van lost control it stopped. Anna says spike strips.. I avoided them. Mac and I got out to see what happened a light from over here. It was an SUV someone walking up behind me it was kendall he hit me from behind. Dante says how is Mac.. They are still working on him.. Anna says we will find Peter we have to.

      Spin says Austin kiss not satisfying ..Maxie is like no it was great. Spin makes sad face Maxie gets a call from Austin he is in ER. Shooting on Route 31 who was shot. 1 cop injured.. Maxie says Mac and Dante. Sam says any other info.. multiple injuries two fatalities..


      • Kristabell
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        For a split second I thought Dante said Kevin knocked him out and I panicked 😯

      • OLTLBoomer
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        and I am losing count of who was in the van - the driver, Mac, Dante, and second guard and Peter. Is the driver shot or missing?
        guard is dead?

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      Drew says what if it is cry for help from Sonny what if you think of it as throwinghim a life line

      Sonny looks at the rings goes to throw then overboard then looks at them again Holds one.

      Chase says I like you brooklynn as friends as they stand real close out of the question as they
      almost kiss.

      Nina goes to the ladies room. Krissy on the phone talking about Sonny leisel overhears the convo.. She is talking to Alexis.

      Anna talking to some investigator.. officer random comes over asks if any news on MAc.. they found Kendell 5 miles up the road he is dead.

      Maxie at the hospital . Felicia tells Maxie MAc was shot it doesn;t look good. Maxie says he will be ok.. Sam aks for Dante goes in the cubicle. she hugs him.. he says he is ok. he is fine. sorry to put her threw this. downside of dating a cop. she is lucky to have him in her life they kiss.


      • OLTLBoomer
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        okay - got the body count straight.

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      leisel asks krissy for drink refill while waiting she sits with Nina now is your chance. Tells what she overheard Sonny in bad way. Nina says nmaybe he didn;t get his meds. Sonny at HS all alone..

      Officer random says Kendell was shot point blank anna says update the Peter is armed and dangerous.

      Austin tells MAxie Peter is still out there.

      Carly not ready to give up on her marriage she needs Sonny to know that she is in this.. She thanks him for talking and clarifying everything.
      He gets a call.. from Anna. Waht happened to Dante.. anna on the road telling him what happened to Dante and Mac no sign of Peter. D

      sonny looks at the rings says that is that as Nina shows up.

      Chase and Brook about to kiss as he get a call. Dante. Mac was shot tonight chase says what happened. Dante explains Peter escaped.. Brook and Chase run back inside Bailey i i not in her crib.. brook yells no oh no..

      as we see Peter with Bailey..

      The End


      • OLTLBoomer
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        Great cliff hanger.

    • #9

      -Austin…this is a hell of a story…

      -Chase to BLQ…all signs point to Peter..

      -Anna to Robert…let’s not go down that path…

      -Ned, upset….u r the reason my granddaughter is missing…

      -Maxie to Felicia…my daughter needs me more…

      -Peter to Louise, in car…but don’t u worry, I won’t let them get you…

      -Sonny to Nina…even if it never meant our time together never happened…

      -Carly…where is he…


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