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Live Thread 2/3


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  • Live Thread 2/3

    Sonny at Charlies talks to Phyllis they hug. HE goes to the bar to talk to Britt. He thanks her for her discresion. she was just doing her job. Drew shows up.

    Esme with Victor she wonder what is keeping Spencer. Victor says we Cassadines live by our own set of rules. Laura sits down with Victor WTH are you up to.

    Anna with Maxie talk about Valentin. austin remembers at the hospital with Brook and Maxie then Maxie telling Austin to stay clear of Gladys and the BFF is not my BF.

    Temp Sam (Lindsay Hartman) visits with Spin at Maxie house he is babysitting. Sam cam to see him. Spin wonders if Sam is worried about Dante (taking Peter back to Prison) no she is worried about herself.

    Felicia and Mac at GH waiting to see Peter. Peter whines to Dante that the cuffs are too tight.

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    LOL - Laura walks into Kelly's with determination on her face, sweeps past Esme, takes her purse off the chair and hands it to Esme, saying mind if I take your chair to speak with Victor - who is wathcing this with amusement, while Esme is kinda stunned. She sits, looks at victor - WTH........
    and I am thinking that Austin has put it together with his memories as he gasps - omg......
    Peter is really manacled up....


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      Phyllis takes Sonny away from Drew and tells him Nina calls me she must be concerned about you. Sonny says my meds. I stopped taking them.

      Drew at the bar with Britt who wonders what he did to get on Sonny bad side.

      Ava says to Spencer thought you would say goodbye to your family. He is but this is important. Trina tells Ava she will lock up.. Ava is like will just be a text away. Spencer has been trying to reach her. Trina says I ignored your texts. So much to tell her before he goes away.

      Victor says I am here to see Spencer off.
      Esme wonders where Spence is..
      Nik comes over and tells Victor to go. Victor doesn;t want to cause a scene and he leaves.
      Laura glad he is here. Esme asks KEvin if something wrong. KEvin says Victor seemed anxious to go.. Victor on the phone.. whoever tells him says package almost ready.

      Austin talks Peter going back to Prison. Austin says to Anna you have interest in his going to jail.

      Mac tells Felicia you can;t observe him being put in transport. Felicia says call me as soon as Peter is processed in Pentonville.

      Dante says I will see you at trial where you will be convicted. Peter is like you are taking things personally. Peter taunts him. Dante says you know nothing about me as his eyes almost bug out of his head. uh oh we arent getting programmed Dante back are we?


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        austin looks at Maxie and Anna and starts talking aobut Peter and Pentonville. Mentions Anna leaving to GH as a witness to see that he goes. Anna asks do you want me to leave?

        Dante gets mad at Peter (who is enjoying this - Spouse asks if any one has a ball point pen "click click") Dante is really angry.

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      Dante wants Peter ot live long life wondering anyday if someone have a shiv or wire for his neck. Peter says no one here will ever forget me.

      Spin thought things were good with Dante and her. She says it is. Spin has theory. Dante is a cop noble profession but comes with Risk. and Jason had high risk profession you ended that
      relationship to have safety for your kids and for a relationship like you had with Drew and now he is back.

      Drew explains what happened.. Britt says there is only one Jason and only one you. She says cut sonny some slack . He doesn;t blame Sonny for missing JAson. she says lots of people do.

      Phyllis says why did you forget to take your pills. he forgot and got angry and tries to make things right.. THings got heated at The Savoy with Drew Nina drove me home she stayed the whole night..nothing happened. then next morning wnet to GH I am doing good now. Phyllis says your wife knows what happened.

      Nik is like you think I can just shake my son hands and forget what he did to my wife. Kevin says we need to pull together as family Esme says where is he Ava says he is at the gallery
      with Trina.

      Trina says I ignored you.. Spencer is not excusing Esme my world turned upside down
      when I found out about my dad. Esme made me feel like I mattered.. Trina says OMG you matter.

      Anna leaves. MAxie says about the kiss. Austin says I had hoped you kissed me cuz I am handsome and charming but you kissed me as a distraction I know what happened in the woods and to your daughter.


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        This show is good so far - a great lead in for what happens next.....

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      Sonny says he didn;t tell Carly for good reason.
      Phyllis says she is your wife in sickness and health. He doesn;t want her to come back cuz he is off his med he wants her to come back cuz she wants to.

      Drew says Leisel is playing Cupid. Drew finds it funny. Britt is like she is meeting me in 5 mins..She wants me to report names and faces.

      SPin and Sam playing video games he says real life doesn;t comes wiht such clarity. she loses..

      Drew says no claim on this heart. Britt says if Sam isn;t with Dante. Drew says he is. Bartender bring Drew a drink from Sonny who raises a glass to him

      Esme with her I can understand Spence concern for Trina. She will make sure Trina know all her friends support her. and I will give Spencer the send off he deserves. Laura worried

      Anna at GH with Felicia Maxie counting every second till this is over. Peter is brought out Anna here to see him remanded to prison. PEter sasy give her my love. Mac and Dante and guard take PEter in Elevator.

      Austin heard her and Brooklynn that is was her idea to pass your baby off as her and from that moment Louise is Bailey. Austin doesn;t understand why she would do something like that.


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        Esme waltzs off (to the Gallery) and Kevin notices as does Laura - shouldn't we go to the Gallery. Nic whines and mentions spenceer will be upset - he thinks more of Victor...Ava walks in and tells them spencer is in good hands with Trina. Laura mentions sticking together as a fmaily for Specner, as Victor's help comes with a helty price tag.

        Maxie looks relieved and started babling - Austin shakes his head and in a serious tone, aks why?

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      Drew goes over to Sonny sonny says you gonna throw that in my face. He thought of it but waste of burbon. Phyllis leaves them alone. Drew sits Sonny sasy about the other night at Savoy.. I wasn;t myself that night. Carly is going thru things I took it out on you for that I apologoze.

      Ava says we gave Esme a headstart lets get to gallery. Kevin on his way. He has a patient emergency has to go.. Laura can do this.. Spencer can;t turn himself in late. They talk Victor he must be connected at Spring Ridge.
      Laura says a few months ago he was working with Peter. Nik is like Peter on way to PEntonville.

      Trina says people see you for who you are and cna become. Spencer says who am I. Trina says start believing in yourself. Spencer says maybe 30 days won;t be total waste it brought me here. Trina says lucky me. you best go speak with your family He says not yet he holds Trina hand
      I will say goodbye to people who matter most. as he kisses her and Esme sees..

      Austin doens;t understand. Maxie didn;t have a choice. What happened to Brook child..Brook cares about Louise and has taken care of her all these months. Chase stepped in when Gladys blabbed to Valentin. Maxie says I can live with decisions I made if you can;t..

      Anna is concerned about Valentin he left message he had lead on Louise haven;t heard from him since.

      Peter in the Van.. Taunts Dante about Sam and Drew. Datne says nothing you say matters can;t wait to see Pentonville gate close behind you. Peter says enjoy the journey Mac says to the dicer see the sign The driver slams the breaks


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        COVID Kiss between Spencer and Trina - he goes in, holding Trina's hands, and the camera goes to a very shocked Esme.

        Maxie is defensive of what she did and how others where involved in the lie at austin points out. She stands firm. Austin really does not understnad what she did....

        And Peter is leering like a maniac in the van.
        The is black ice ahead of the van and a wreck on the side of the road. Dante asks if they are stopping to help.

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      MAc calling state police let them handle it. Dante says to Peter nice try..Dante knows not to underestimate Peter.

      Drew says I am no Jason. but to be clear I dont; want to be. Sonny says you are good man friend father. We knoe what it is like to lose people we love. Great people cannot be replaced Oscar was one of a kind.. Drew says so was Jason.

      Britt talking to Phyllis. Britt talks Mike.. Phylllis says you must be friends of Nina. we share a brother.. Nina and I we are not that close we share things Phyllis glad she has friend and sister. Britt is like with Nina what is right thing to do.

      Esme yells Spence and pretends she didn;t see and hear. She says you don;t want to be late.. Esme says to Trina lets put it aside for Spence. Laura comes in as does Nik and Ava.

      Austin is confused and his feeling hurt she didn;t trust him. Brook says you are bravest person she knows. Maxie feels terrified. He says that is what makes what you are doing is brave. Austin says I helped bring Louise into the world I care about her. No one will blame you for keeping her from Peter.

      Peter asks what time it is Dante is like why do you car.

      Mac tells the driver to hit the gas the driver drives off the road. ( I think the driver works for


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        spencer is shocked to see everyone at the Gallery. He turns to Trina and says I wanted to say good bye to the people who Matter.

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      Phyllis sits with sonny that didn;t go to bad.

      Britt says to Drew that looks like start of new
      friendship. Britt goes to leave she says Drew since you are not on Sonny badside and things with Sam and dante why would you see where things stand with Sam. Drew doesn;t poach. He says it is about Sam and what she wants. Britt says what about what you want. and leaves.

      Sam is beyond grateful Drew came back Scout glad her daddy back and Danny glad to have his uncle back. Sam says I am crazy about Dante we are great together but when I am with Drew. Spin says you have history with Drew you don;t with Dante. Spin says you have a chance to see where things wiht drew might have lead.

      Nik says you are not alone. Esme says your father is trying meet him half way. Spencer thanks Nik for being here. maybe when I get out we can...Nik hopes so. Spencer says to Trina see you in a month. Esme says she will miss him so much and kissed him but will intern at spring ridge and see him.

      Victor get the call the package in on time.

      Felicia says Valentin can take care of himself. Peter will be locked away for good.

      Austin says you secret safe with me. She know. they kiss..

      Mac and Dante looking at the van Dante says all 4 tires have been tampered with and they draw thier guns.

      The End


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        Spencer turns to Trina - see you in a month.Trina - not if i see you first, smiling. AS spencer turns back, Esme is there and plants a big one on him - spencer I will miss you so much. Awkward between Nic/ spencer. They leave.

        austin and Maxie - mutual kiss (no covid diversion here).

        Peter and the Pentionville guard are okay in the back. Mac and dante pull their guns as headlight illuminate them.

        Great show.....and the previews are great!!

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      -Chase to BLQ…sometimes two people just belong together…

      -Austin to Maxie…u kissing me now is just another diversion…

      -Felicia…u really believe that?…

      -Liesl to Nina…I did u a favor and we both know it…

      -Anna…everything would finally come together…

      -Carly and Drew on THE bridge…am I wrong for not wanting to meet him halfway?…

      -Sonny…I just want everything to be perfect…

      -Mac is firing his weapon, shouts out…hey, watch….


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