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A Big Coincidence or a Big Clue (Harmony)?


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  • A Big Coincidence or a Big Clue (Harmony)?

    Willow Tait (Kali Miller) believes her parents are Harmony and Douglas Miller. Douglas apparently drugged and killed by Shiloh.

    Harmony is currently a health aide at Spring Ridge Correctional Center.

    Many years ago, Harmony got involved with criminal Shiloh (Dawn of Day). Shiloh worked with Faison’s son Peter August. Peter has a history of teaming up with Victor Cassadine.

    Recently I remembered that Harmony’s real name is Lorraine. Makes sense for a cult member to prefer a zen name like Harmony. But today I thought, what if the name Lorraine Miller is a clue? I went online and this is what I found … in my words:
    • From 1996 to ’97, Lorraine Miller was a nurse at Mercy Hospital. Portrayed by Emma Caulfield.
    • She was also Carly Benson’s former classmate.
    • Carly asked Lorraine to help her with her paternity scheme involving AJ Quartermaine and Tony Jones.
    • Carly asked Lorraine for a sonogram that she could show to Tony.
    • Lorraine agreed but only if she was eventually paid.
    • Later, when Carly claimed to have no money, Lorraine threatened to tell Bobbie or AJ.
    • Lorraine also had a one night stand with Tony in 1997 … right before being written off GH.

    Is this just a coincidence? Two different Lorraine Millers on the same soap? Could Lorraine have been using a 'married' name in '96?

    Has LW’s Carly ever had scenes with Harmony aka Lorraine?

    Could Willow be Lorraine Miller and Tony Jones’ child? Or was Willow stolen, or falsely adopted someway/somehow?

    Didn’t drug kingpin Cyrus blackmail Harmony for a while a few yrs ago? Did we ever find out why?
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    I'm still leaning on Willow being Nina's other daughter & Nelle's twin. Any other scenario would just be boring...not interested.


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      That is intriguing. I don't remember her at all. It certainly will be interesting to find the truth. The one thing I do remember is Harmony said Cyrus threatened to harm Willow if she didn't help him. I always thought that was a strange reason. Harmony could have went to Mac or Jordan at the time. But then Jordan was also blackmailed and I forgot about it.

      It should be interesting to see what happens going forward.

      Thank you for digging that up!!!


      • OLTL'69
        OLTL'69 commented
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        At that time we also had the commissioner caving to him for threats to TJ It was one thing when he was holding TJ but these "I am going to get___" were strange. Robin did this for a time when whoever it was threatened her parents the super spies. But Cyrus did threaten

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      what a great memory you have - until you brought her up, i had not remembered her .

      i like your scenario much better than one more chiiiillld for nina to obsess over


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        But wouldn’t Carly recognize her?


        • MrAxe
          MrAxe commented
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          People can look different 25 years later. I know I do, lol. My big question is, has Carly seen Harmony yet?

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        Harmony has been to the Metro Court, she's shown up at the Quatermaines' for Wiley's party, so I'm pretty sure that Carly would have noticed her at some point and recognized her if she was the same Lorraine Miller. And Harmony's guilty plea and going to prison after she was revealed as a creepy cult rapist would have had her photo in the Invader. And surely Carly would heard about/seen a photo of the woman who drugged her stepdaughter with the intention of having the stepdaughter raped? She must also have a vague idea of what Harmony did to her own (supposedly) daughter Willow, since Willow was married to Michael, is Wiley's mother and went to jail to protect Wiley from the cult.


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          Seriously doubt that these writers who don't even know the major character's history very well, would choose to revive an obscure minor character from over 20 years ago this way. It's more likely to be just a coincidence of a very common name being used quite independently of that other character.


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            I would absolutely love if the story went this way instead of giving Nina yet another child. Nothing about nina has proven interesting so far but I am interested in Lorraine and if she connects to the canvas.
            Shelly, Moderator

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            How sad it is that we give up on people who are just like us.- Mr. Rogers.


            • OLTLBoomer
              OLTLBoomer commented
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              Co-sign shelly's post!
              No more Nina propping. No more retcons after TPTB insisted that the concept was Nelle has been Nina's daughter (single) from the get-go.
              I like this idea - IF willow is the product of a ONS with Tony Jones - it ties her to the canvas as a cousin to Maxie.

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            Why would Carly not be looking into Wiley's third grandmother Harmony who was involved for many years with big bad Shiloh (who hurt Sonny's child Kristina and JaSam)? I can't help but wonder now, if TPTB have deliberately kept them apart for a reason.

            And Shiloh set up Drew Cain (for Peter) .... and surprise surprise it looks like Carly and Drew are getting closer. It could be wishful thinking (for an elaborate storyline) on my part.

            Does anyone know how Carly Benson and Lorraine Miller ended things in '97?

            Or whether Harmony and Carly have ever shared scenes?


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              Honestly for a tiny bitty little nanosecond I thought what if the drug Madeline gave Nina really did accomplish what Madeline wanted an abortion.

              Nina was on Creighton-Clark Clinic what if they also did an IVF to her … they did it to Lulu after all.

              doubted now.


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                I like your scenario! What a great memory you have!


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                  Wow you know more than the current writers, maybe you should be writing the show.


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                    Originally posted by MrAxe View Post

                    Didn’t drug kingpin Cyrus blackmail Harmony for a while a few yrs ago? Did we ever find out why?
                    The reason Harmony was doing favors for Cyrus was because he supposedly facilitated her early release from prison. Or at least that was Harmony's story.


                    • McShirls
                      McShirls commented
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                      Cyrus threatened willow to get harmony to comply.

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