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Couples that were that you think never should have been?


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  • Couples that were that you think never should have been?

    I saw a thread about missed opportunity pairings so I thought I would do one about couples that I think never never should have happened. Feel free to add your own

    Jason and Elizabeth
    This one might be a little controversial because I know they had a lot of fans and I might be biased because I preferred Jason and Sam together but I never really got why they threw them together back in 2006. I think they were trying to recreate something that happened in the past between them but I still didn’t get it because they weren’t the same characters anymore and they were both happy with other people. They also had Sam acting nothing like herself and lucky acting like a fool just for the idea of them just for it to all fall apart because Jason’s job was just as dangerous as it was in the beginning which Liz knew but still she chased after which ruined her character for awhile for me.

    Nikolas and Elizabeth
    This one is tough because the actors had crazy chemistry but I just could not get behind them together especially because he was lucky’s brother and she was Emily’s best friend and that affair kinda ruined their foursome looking back for me

    Johnny and Carly
    I wasn’t watching back then but i just hated this pairing.
    I don’t really even know why something about it just felt off to me

    Sam and Patrick
    This one is tough too because I thought they were sweet together but it just felt random and I knew from the start they weren’t gonna last

    Micheal and Willow
    Even though I saw them happening from a mile away I just don’t like them together and they bore me to death

    That’s all for now now ?

  • #2
    So many to list but here's what I have.

    Luke/Laura- I know GH probably wouldn't be here today without them and respect their impact on the soap genre but he raped her and I could never get past that plus I hated Luke
    Luke/Felicia- Just ruined Felicia for me she was always a good mom up until that point.
    Luke/Tracy- There's a pattern lol but Tracy deserves better I preferred her with Lord Ashton or Mitch Williams(I would think the latter would've caused more issues between them but I digress)
    Sonny/Carly- After they hooked up I felt a part of the show died and they ate the show and we can't escape it. They are also more interesting with other people.
    Lulu/Dillon- If I thought these step siblings had the chemistry to pull off a pairing under ick circumstances I would've gone for it but nope.
    Peter/Maxie- Just totally dumbed her down and honestly found it pointless even more so they had a kid together that wasn't even needed.

    There are others but these are the only ones I can think of.


    • #3
      I agree with Liason and Niz. These pairings were based on lies and manipulation and made everyone look like douchebags.
      Sonny and Emily: I appreciated Emily helping Sonny deal with his mental health issues, but they should never have became a couple.
      Carly and Franco: I know the writers were trying to capitalize on RH and LW's chemistry from when he was Todd but pairing Carly with Franco was stomach-churning and against Carly's character. Her loyalty to Michael is unmatched, and the idea that she would date/attempt to marry a man who caused her sone pain is ridiculous, tumor or not.
      All Willow pairings: I find Willow boring, and while her pairing with Chase was a little better than her pairing with Michael, I have zero interest in her romantic life.
      Michael and Abby: Sam paid Abby to have sex with Michael; they should have never been made a pairing.


      • #4
        Sam and Ric
        Carly and Franco
        Sam and Patrick


        • #5
          Emily and Sonny, Franco and anyone, Austin and Maxie


          • #6
            I agree with all of the above. I’ll add

            Sabrina and Patrick. I just wasn’t buying it.

            Lucy and anyone. Just because I find the character to be one of the most annoying on any show ever. She’s right up there with Dr. Smith from Lost in Space.

            Epiphany and Milo. Really, what the hell was that?


            • raheast
              raheast commented
              Editing a comment
              I was neutral on Sabrina and Patrick but I completely bought her love for him, and her slow faint when he went to Robin was soap opera gold!

          • #7
            Sam and Jason, especially after 2006-07 ish. It was
            amazing to me that Jason would get back with someone that terrorized his son multiple times. Especially when he gave Robin the boot over the snafu with Michael.

            Nik and Liz. The way it happened was incredibly OOC.


            • #8
              Originally posted by Golden Girl View Post
              I She’s right up there with Dr. Smith from Lost in Space.



              • #9
                Michael & Abby
                Sabrina and anyone
                Sam & Lucky
                Jason & Elizabeth
                Sonny & Emily (gross)
                Carly & Franco
                Felicia & Luke
                Ethan & Maya
                Kristina & Parker


                • Eve S Dropper
                  Eve S Dropper commented
                  Editing a comment
                  I actually liked Michael with Abby, as much as it is possible to like Michael with a woman, LOL. And perversely I liked Sam and Lucky because they both knew it was revenge sex and seemed to have fun with it (at Liz's expense). Emily and Sonny together OTOH made me heave up things I ate as a small child. I still can't think about that pairing without wanting to hurl.

                • CarnyQueen
                  CarnyQueen commented
                  Editing a comment
                  I kind of liked Abby and Michael, and that really is sort of a WTF. If a teenage rape survivor was healing through a relationship with an older man who worked in a strip club, I would have been repulsed. So very much sexism on my part.

              • #10
                Nik and Liz, Luke and Felicia, Luke and Anna, Sonny and Emily, Maxie and Peter, Maxie and Levi, Franco and Carly, Franco and anyone


                • #11
                  I have quite a list but after watching so many years, it's to be expected I guess (especially when they are writing for an almost daily show).
                  • Sonny and Emily - total ick
                  • Sonny and Carly - never bought how they got together. Seeing where we are at today, wish they had never happened (agree with eating the show)
                  • Liz and Jason - never bought it
                  • Liz and Nik - never a fan of a woman/man between brothers/sisters. I never liked Liz or Nik as much since then.
                  • Patrick and Sam - seemed like a filler
                  • Luke and Tracy - they made good friends, but as a couple there wasn't a romantic spark between them. I also hate how a strong woman like Tracy would put up with all of his carp and gaslighting.
                  • Spin and Maxie - Maxie is way too selfish for someone with a heart like Spin's. I get that they were both quirky characters but it doesn't mean they were a fit for each other.
                  • Anna and Luke - yuck
                  • Kristina and Parker - again yuck. I don't see an educated, polished woman falling for an immature, selfish girl like Kristina.
                  • Willow and Michael - contrived. Zero spark. Willow has turned into a stepford wife. She was much more interesting with Chase, but would like to see her on her own.
                  • Epiphany and Milo - Personalities didn't match. Epiph seems like she'd want someone more in line with her intelligence.
                  • Luke and Laura - I hate to say this as I loved them, and they put GH on the map. Looking at their beginnings, they never should've been. Or preferably, wish I could go back in time and have the rape never happen.


                  • CanaryFan98
                    CanaryFan98 commented
                    Editing a comment
                    I forgot about Sonny/Emily and Spinelli/Maxie(which is weird because they share a child together) however I don't buy Maxie would ever want Spinelli in any capacity beyond friendship.

                • #12
                  My Top Three:
                  Sonny and Emily
                  Franco and Carly
                  Kristina and Parker


                  • #13
                    I would add Lucy and Alan, and Heather and Edward to the mix.


                    • AMHardulak
                      AMHardulak commented
                      Editing a comment
                      Oh, my. Such memories (some, not too good!). I remember feeling so sorry for Edward

                    • Eve S Dropper
                      Eve S Dropper commented
                      Editing a comment
                      Lucy and Alan just made me laugh. Remember the giant red hat she wore to the wedding? I wasn't watching much back then (darn full time job and no VCR), but I remember that! It might have been on the cover of SOD which is why I have the image in my head.

                    • believeinme246
                      believeinme246 commented
                      Editing a comment
                      I still remember Tracy finding photos of her in bed with Alan and calling her quite the little gymnast.

                  • #14
                    My top five:
                    1. Sonny and Emily
                    2 Carly and Franco
                    3. Kristina and Parker
                    4. Liz and Ric Lansing
                    5. Dante and Valerie


                    • raheast
                      raheast commented
                      Editing a comment
                      I forgot about the awfulness that was Kristina and Parker.

                    • LHART19
                      LHART19 commented
                      Editing a comment
                      Totally agree on Liz & Ric. Still creeps me out today when I think about it. I never saw any chemistry there. He always came across as sort of pervy with her, or like he wanted to eat her for dinner. It was a gross vibe for me.

                  • #15
                    I'm surprised nobody listed Courtney and anyone (A/J, Jason, Jax, Nik). I didn't hate Courtney like some folks did but I was not fond of her pairings.


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