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Live Thread 2/2


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  • Live Thread 2/2

    slow site

    Carly upset with Sonny for his big plans.

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    Tracy says did you follow me here for neatherlands. Tracy says the governement guy was after Luke in Amsterdam . Tracy says he held Luke and I in belguim.. Drew sticks up for Tracy you are not taking my Aunt anywhere.

    Austin says if us kissing make you happy.. Maxie says till I have my daughter back I can;t give us the attention we need. she can;t give into her feelings.

    Victor talking to Anna that Peter is being Transferred today. Victor wants to buy her coffee she says no thanks. He mentions Valentin Anna says have you heard from him. Victor says you are worried about my son.

    Esme with Spencer and Kevin..Esme assure Spencer she will visit Spencer every week.

    Trina at the gallery talking to Ava about Esme and such.

    Sonny says you used to like it when I thought outside the box. She appreciates his trying but not what she needs. She has told him over and over.


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      Sonny's hair is black!

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    Alexis gives Harmony coffee Alexis sasy tell me. Harmony says I failed my daughter Willow needs something I can;t give her. Willow has been understanding. I want to be a mother to her.

    Drew says Tracy not going anywhere wiht you till we speak to your bosses.. The Government guys look at each other.. Michael says he is director on Aurora media he thinks Drew should tell his story. Dan the G man says what do you want.. Call Anna ..

    Anna gets a call.. she tells Victor she has to go. Victor walks in to see Spencer who is glad he came. Spencer is hanging in there. Victor says you will continue to do so. Victor says reach out to a guard by name of Samuel I arranged for him to look out for you.. Spencer thanks him.Kevin wants a word with Victor.. Esme says to Spence that should make him feel better.

    Trina says Cam and Joss told Spencer Esme is trouble. Ava is like Spencer is young and he will learn. Trina says told Joss and Cam no hard feelings.

    Sonny says what can I do to make this right. Carly would tell if she thought he would listen.
    Carly says you broke my heart and the humiliation factor.. By what.. she says how about the people who knew about Nina behind my back that I found out in public.. Sonny wanted it to come from him.. She says it didn;t..


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      Kevin, upon hearing that Victor arranged a guard, asks Victor to step outside.....

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    Trina says hiding her feeling doesn;t help.
    she thanks Ava for listening. Talks to Cam and Joss told them we can move on.

    Spencer says my friends have right to be angry.
    He worries about Trina esme says worry more about your girlfriend you will leave behind.

    Tracy mentions she has plane to catch. anna is there. Ned thanks Drew for interceding on Tracy behalf.

    Austin says he has terrible timing. Maxie is like I kissed you. Austin says if we had met somewhere else besides woods you would still be friend zoning me.. Maxie is like you are friend zone only till things get settled.. I don;t expect you to wait for me.. want you to be happy. Austin has no plans to go anywhere.

    Carly says I get why Jason dying made it difficult . Sonny says then why is it difficult. We still love each other.. of course. Carly wants for this to never have happened. He can;t turn back time
    if he could erase what happened in NF. being Mike I would. Carly says would you..


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      The look that Ned gave Tracy when she said - could you hurry- I have a plane to catch. Tracy bites her lip...

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    Carly says if you could have the chance to forget everything that happened in NF with Nina. Yeah. Sonny says he has props being delivered
    he is recreating thier wedding in Martinque.

    Esme says the entire town hates me. Spencer says you don;t think you are overreacting.. Victor overhears of course Victor says he is always available for Esme. Spencer leaves Victor understand about feeling unwelcome .. Spencer outside with Kevin. Spencer says sorry I should have told you I was inviting my uncle. KEvin says you should invite who ever you want.

    Trina says Spencer my friend basically good guy.

    Harmony says Willow doesn;t have birth certificate the one she has is not official I lived on comune they didn;t adhere to society norms. I forged her birth Certificate.


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      Carly tears up at the mention of Martinique.

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    Ned appreciates Laura trying to help.. Laura says has your mother ever mentioned someone threatning Luke or the Ice Princess. She says it was a lovely ceremony.. Ned syas nothing can ruin today he is happiest man on earth.

    Anna with Tracy she will have an agent reache out to her when she gets home. Then Anna calls Maxie to meet ..

    Alexis is like you forged your daughter certificate. No some guy at commune did.. they thought it would attract attention. Harmony thought this day would come. Willow was so happy to be able to travel out of country. Alexis says I am not a lawyer. Harmony says I trust you. I can;t lose mu daughter over this.

    Willow goes to check Wiley as Drew and Michael talk. Michael says it was useful threat in moment but if you really want to go public I can help

    Victor says to Esme Spencer time away will fly away.

    Trina doesn;t think supervising Spencer will be a problem. Spencer texts her about the cabin. Ava says he reports to prison.. Trina is like OMG i forgot..

    Anna finds Maxie and Austin. Anna asks her if she spoke with Valentin.. no why.. MAxie is like what did that have to do with me. He had lead on Louise.

    Sonny says so many memories to chose from. Carly says you were so determined not to marry me.. you finally gave in.. Sonny says I trusted you now you have to trust me. Carly wants to Sonny says we can take it slow.. Carly sasy tonight would be beautiful it would. what about tomorrow or next week next month. reliving our marriage won;t change. what we have between us not working for us.


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      Alexis will figure out something. she will call
      a lawyer friend. Harmony hugs her..

      Willow is like Leo showing Wiley how to build aquaduct. Willow says it will be wild watching our kids grow up. Drew says parenthood what a ride.

      Tracy says the agents are escorting on to the plane.. Nothing and nobody can hold me back. They hug.. Tracy says you have your family back protect them. I meant what I said. Ned says I love you too and Tracy leaves.

      Laura meets with Kevin at Kellys who tells her Spencer left but he will be back. Laura tells of Tracy and Ice Princess. Laura is like first Luke dies diamond get conterfited then Victor shows up.

      Esme asks Victor is he has somewhere to be. Victor is lie my nephew is not outside Esme says you are right.

      Ava says spencer seems anxious to find you. As Spencer shows up.

      Sonny says you are wrong what we have does work. Sonny says do me favor just meet with me show me you will try. I will be waiting if you are not ready now maybe you never will be and he leaves.

      Austin says Valentin knows where Louise it. MAxie is like how could Valentin figure it out. Austin remember a convo with Brook and MAxie at GH. and maxie reminding him brook not her BFF. Austin looks at Maxie.

      The End.


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        Good show.

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      I’ m baccckkkk…in time for the snow 🤪


      -Britt to Drew…what did u do to get on Sonny’s bad side?…

      -Austin…I know what happened in the woods…

      -Spencer to Trina…there’s so much that I have to tell you…

      -Laura to Nikolas…Victor’s connections come with a heavy price…

      -Victor on the phone…let me know the minute the package arrives…

      -Peter to Dante…no one here will ever forget me…

      -Sonny…that’s what tonight is all about…


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        Welcome back Karma! We are currently getting an ice storm ahead of any snow.....

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