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The Teens - Have people's opinions changed after today?


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    i really don’t like the teen scene so my mind has not changed.

    joss is carly 2.0 even if she was defending her friend.
    spencer is still an entitled brat
    cam has his moments
    and trina seems to have ditched her usual angry mode which is a welcome relief - but i’m sure the writers have something up their sleeve to make her angry again

    i am relieved that the cabin getaway is over. the talk about it prior was longer, much much longer than the getaway itself. in a way , i’m pleased that it was really not much fun for pitiful spencer who has to spend 30 days behind bars. and he will probably get some of that time shaved off due to overcrowding or something.


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      My opinion of Joss has not changed. As
      bad as Esme is Joss is a mini Carly and a mini Robin at this point with her smug, judgemental
      tone...like she is so perfect.

      And Spencer ....After today he deserves whatever Esme dishes out.. I don;t care what his issues maybe he is holding Trina hand , gazing at her and almost kiss her while still sleeping wiht Esme and not telling her...he did this before to Trina on the parapet that night when they almost kissed to Spencer unknown girlfried appeared out of nowhere.

      If Esme hadn;t shown up that night how far was
      Spencer going to go with Trina. I don;t care how crazy Esme is.. Spencer is leading them both on. and I will lose some respect for Trina if she goes along with it.. She should tell Spencer to drop the girlfriend before they have any chance.
      But if she kisses him and all that knowing he is still involved with Esme then well. I won;t feel bad for Trina either..the first time she had no idea that Spencer had a girlfriend but now she does..


      • cruella369
        cruella369 commented
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        Joss is as bad as Esme? When has Joss tried to hurt people? Joss talked to Trina before her and Cm got together and had a really good, honest conversation with Trina afterwards. Joss didn't act perfect with Cam or Trina - yeah, she was judgemental about Esme - but she was sticking up for her friend.

        Spencer is wrong to act on his feelings for Trina without breaking up with Esme - absolutely. But this is a soap opera - very seldom is one relationship totally over before the next one starts (see Carly/Sonny/Nina, Willow/Chase/Michael, Sam/Dante/Drew, Britt/Jax/Jason, etc.).

        I think Spencer and Trina got caught up in the moment - and Trina has been very honest with Spencer. He needs to value himself and stop relying on Esme to give him value.

      • CarnyQueen
        CarnyQueen commented
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        Joss is judgmental about Esme -- and her judgment is correct! Esme has been mean, nasty and snide since she first met Spencer's friends, and she deliberately humiliated Trina. Joss called her out, and Joss was right. Cam also told Spencer in no uncertain terms that Esme deliberately set out to humiliate Esme, and no one's complaining about his comment. Spencer seems to have got caught up in the moment when he kissed Trina, and he seems genuinely torn between the two young women. But yes, he's behaving badly to both Esme and Trina. He's got some thinking to do when he's in Spring Ridge.

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