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Is there any chance Nikolas is not Nikolas


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  • Is there any chance Nikolas is not Nikolas

    Longtime Nikolas fan, and I like this version, but he is off. Could Victor have Laura and Stavros real son locked away somewhere, and have either mind mapped this one, or is

    I guess I should have enough of the look alike replacements

    I am in no way criticizing MC's performance, he is doing a great job, he just seems to be written as a different character. And I have to wonder if that is intentional.
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    LOL, I had this same thought when MC first took over the role. They could write it in if they wanted to. Nikolas started acting very un-Nikolas-like as far back as the tail end of TC's run.


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      I like MC. He's a fine actor. But I miss TC's Nikolas big-time. He portrayed Nikolas as a true Cassadine prince. European-ish. Alluring. Plus he was always written to be sharp and, when necessary, a force to be reckoned with.

      If it wasn't for the "RoHo swapping characters" scenario, I would (if I had the power) give MC a new character ... and have TC's Nikolas walk in the door in a way that intimidates the hell out of Victor. Then he would go tell his bff Elizabeth all about it.


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        I love this Nicholas ...he is so handsome and good with Ava ..I was one of the few who hated TC as Nicholas..I was bot drawn to him at all and can't imagine Ava with him but to each their own ...we all can't like the same ones


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          Of course it is possible. This time there was no explanation for a new face like when they replaced Jason (or years ago Todd on OLTL) They still could make a story about why there is a replacement


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            i've been saying that for years. I've firmly believed the real Nikolas in hidden in the walls of CI. Even when TC was playing him, there was too dramatic a shift in his character beginning with the ballot box episode. It was filmed in a dream-like manner and was just out of the blue, as if we'd missed an episode.


            • lovejomar
              lovejomar commented
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              I do remember the actor Tyler Christopher commenting on the darkening of the character at the time and he seemed to be putting on show of being supportive of it but I got the feeling he didn’t like it as his fans of Nikolas didn’t like it. I don’t remember who the head writer was at the time they had Nikolas hire a person to shoot Hayden but… That Is No Way Anything Nikolas Would Ever Do That! The ballot box mess just seemed a very confusing unnecessary muddled mess and no reason for it. I personally think this was done to the character of Nikolas by the writers as they were upset with TC and his health problems with and we’re using it as a way to get rid of him. I could be wrong but it is rare they take a veteran character and change them that much. I do still miss TCl but I except MC now as Nikolas but wish they had better writing for him. Make him the fearless strong character that he always was before.

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            This is really not fair to the actor who is currently playing Nicholas. MC has been doing a fantactic job with the material that has been handed to him.


            • Soapaholic26
              Soapaholic26 commented
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              This question and my comment above are definitely not meant as actor bashing. I was referring to the way the actions of the character of Nikolas has changed from the way he used to be portrayed. And the change seems to have happened rather suddenly back when TC was still in the role. So it has nothing to do with a change in the actor who is portraying Nikolas. Nikolas was always portrayed as the "good Cassadine". He had a heart and he knew right from wrong which everyone attributed to the fact that Laura was his mother. But then he starts doing illegal things like hiring someone to kill Hayden, various shady business dealings, and supposedly poisoning Helena. It's just very OOC for OG Nikolas.

            • Mary Mae Ward1
              Mary Mae Ward1 commented
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              I didn't mean it as actor bashing, I like the actor and I like the character. He just seems like a completely different character in words and actions, even in relationships. And I am not bashing the writers in this instance, I have been guilty of that. I just wonder if it is intentional and at some point that will be revealed to us.

              To your point, BM was written differently than SB, he left the mob and started a legit business, that was off for Jason. But saying that does not constitute actor bashing.
              Last edited by Mary Mae Ward1; February 1, 2022, 06:41 PM.

            • Carerra
              Carerra commented
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              Omg its not actor bashing, its an opinion and and everyone has one and is entitled too it.

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            Tyler Christopher will always be my favorite Nikolas, but this actor is doing a fine job. The problem isn't the actor it's the writing in my opinion.


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              I doubt it very much.


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