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Who could they cast as Jeff Webber if RDA doesn't want to come back?


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  • Who could they cast as Jeff Webber if RDA doesn't want to come back?

    who could they recast as liz's father?

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    I always just loved RDA as Jeff ..
    But truly, it's been so long, almost anybody could portray him now...
    This should be interesting...........


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      Hunt Block would be good IMO! I have always loved his acting.


      • jodyb22
        jodyb22 commented
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        Oh that's a good suggestion! I enjoyed him when he played Craig on ATWT. He really made the role his own and made Craig a bit more underhanded than he was previously portrayed. Excellent suggestion!

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      Doug Davidson?? I also like the Hunt Block suggestion too! Shame that RDA doesn't want to come back though.


      • FLPeaches
        Senior Board Member
        FLPeaches commented
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        Doug Davidson would get my vote

      • bubsmom
        Soap Addict
        bubsmom commented
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        Doug Davidson would get my vote for just about anything.

      • FleurdiLisa
        Day Player
        FleurdiLisa commented
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        Ooh, especially if Jeff has decided to act like a father and is truly looking for a reconciliation. You need to want to like Jeff,

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      Jerry von Dorn would be great as well. I loved him as Clint Buchanan on OLTL.


      • arabian
        Recurring Poster
        arabian commented
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        That's my choice.

      • regalbeagle
        Senior Board Member
        regalbeagle commented
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        Jerry ver Dorn was going to be my suggestion as well. His Clint was a fantastic recast.

      • RitaMarshall
        Day Player
        RitaMarshall commented
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        JVD has been my top choice for Jeff pretty much since OLTL ended. GH actually should have brought him in years ago and paired him with Tracy. It's too late for that now since JE is retired, but JVD would still fit in perfectly as the GH/hospital patriarch the show has been sorely lacking.

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      Ed O'Niel, he loves playing guys that are lowlife father lol


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        Gregory Harrison would have been a good choice...I would rather have him be Liz's Father...then Chase & Finn's


        • jmpenn90
          Contract Poster
          jmpenn90 commented
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          Well he isn’t really busy now. They can move him over as Liz’s dad. Lol

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        The feeling is mutual. I doubt the powers-that-be want RDA back either. The last photo I saw of RDA showed that he had put on a noticeable amount of weight.


        • wfreshie2130
          Contract Poster
          wfreshie2130 commented
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          that was at a time when RDA had had surgery on his leg and was laid up for a while ....her is a recent pic from july he looks better in the recent pic from july.....I remember years ago he said working on a soap was the hardest work he ever did and he was not going to do it again

        • theyrenotreal
          Day Player
          theyrenotreal commented
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          Thanks for letting me know, wfreshie2130!

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        Too bad Michael E Knight is already cast as Martin. He would have been a good Jeff Webber, since RDA doesn't want to return.
        I'll agree with above post by jenndflash....Jerry Ver Dorn who played Clint Buchannan on OLTL.
        Laura Lynn
        Recurring Poster
        Last edited by Laura Lynn; October 20, 2021, 03:29 PM.


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          Micheal Shanks I think he would be great.


          • rkm137
            Aspiring soap scribe
            rkm137 commented
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            I think he'd be a bit young. He's not much older than BH, let alone anyone who has played Steven (he's younger than Scott Reeves) Hell, he's barely older than an unSORASed Steven would be.

        • #11
          there are too many characters on the show already; why bring back a character who left town 40 years ago to support one other character?

          (Now, if Steven Lars and Hayden were returning to town, it would make more sense to me because Jeff would be connected to three characters)


          • Sabine9
            Sabine9 commented
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            They’ve done a lot more for single characters already on canvas. I think they should re-cast Sara (Bree Williamson?) and bring back Hayden. Then you have the Webber sisters to make tons of trouble.

          • Luke
            Aspiring soap scribe
            Luke commented
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            With other family and connections in town, I'd say you could find more for Jeff to do than just be on for Liz. Heck, he has four grandchildren in town, his niece is the Mayor, and one of his ex-wives (Monica) is still in town

        • #12
          Jerry von Dorn is a great choice. Another possibility is Walt Willey who played Jackson Montgomery on AMC.


        • #13
          I'm sure Frank would have Jerry V in mind because of their OLTL ties, but I don't think Jerry has acted since then.


          • #14
            I don't need a Jeff Webber to return, or anyone else in her family. (and I watched when jeff webber was on)


            • #15
              I had initially always thought Jerry verDorn would be good, but that Walt Willey mention a few posts above is a good suggestion too!

              With the randomness of today's call, and with Scott offering to talk to Jeff for her as well a couple months ago (since they knew each other from way back)...I'm hoping these are anvils dropping for a Jeff return engagement.

              Would be a great way to bring in Rachel Ames for a quick visit if she was up for it, too. I know she's not Jeff's mother but she and Steve worked to have a good relationship with him.


              • maggiebh
                Contract Poster
                maggiebh commented
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                Rachel Ames is almost 92 years old. The last time we saw her, she was sitting at a desk, writing a letter. I doubt she would be able to come on, especially with COVID.

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