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I Figured Out Why I Don't Like Nina & Sonny


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    Seems to me that there have been enough mistakes made by multiple characters that have lead to the present situation.

    Revenge and vengeance never work out long term on a might provide the drama, but it changes nothing. And then it circles back and starts all over again. lol

    So...for the sake of argument...say Carly had been nicer to Nina on the phone that day and Nina told Carly Sonny is alive...then what? No Jarly MOC. No Nixon Falls. No Smike. etc. Jarly and Smike would not have headlined the summer stories and another story would have been told in their place, or so I presume?

    Now onto the fallout. I too expected much more, but that is not what happened. And now...I'm not exactly sure what Nina is supposed to do given the circumstances she created for herself? She's said she is sorry over and over again...and she probably is sorry.

    Nina is an entirely different character than Carly. Nina doesn't yell and shriek like Carly. Carly is all up in peoples' faces all the time. Nina doesn't do that. So if Carly wrecks revenge on Nina, then yes, Carly will make Nina a victim.

    I think once Carson thrash out what was about to happen on Jarly's wedding night, then IMO this story needs to wrap up and the show move on to other stories featuring the characters that have been off air since last May at least.



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      Nina is crazy. She has been crazy since the beginning. She has been able to function better now but at her core she is the same as when she pretended to be in a wheelchair, or stole Ava's child, or tried to kill Ava or heck even siding with Valentine in his craziness.


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        OP Because they are on too much and have the same conversation over and over?


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          Carly can't win with Nina. If she goes after Nina for what she did, it makes her look like the bad guy. If she does nothing, Nina still runs around teary eyed garnering sympathy because her little fantasy world is gone.


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            I agree with op's assessment of Nina, but shouldn't "Smike" bear some responsibility as well? He actively chose to live in denial and in hiding(from his former life).


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              I love CW, but this pairing with Mike/Sonny has ruined her and I knew she would be the scapegoat for the trio. To be honest, I do not see the chemistry with them. I only cheer them on because I am biased and want Jarly to be together if they go there with Smite/Nina. I see two mental patients and Nina with a child mind in lala land. zi can always ff them if they are together,as long as I can get my Jarly.That is the honest truth. I get nothing out of them,and I think it is because they have had Sonny with so many women, that I lost count.I don't hate them, they just do nothing for me.So in reality, if I get what I want or not, they will be ff.


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                The look on Nina's face after Ava's visit, as she sat in her fancy chair in her fancy office, gloating and smirking (she kept the pictures and was no doubt thinking about her great love affair), was enough to make me jump and down and scream and attack the tv (l didn't)! l hate this character so much, l have a hard time remembering she isn't real. Sonny would never choose a woman like her if he wasn't in a fragile mental state right now, with all he is having to process. She has nothing to offer except sex, and she is totally crazy!


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                  Originally posted by Soaper15 View Post
                  I thought I didn't like Nina & Sonny because they were so boring together in Nixon Falls (was not a fan of Nixon Falls, sorry) but no that's not why.

                  Where is Nina's comeuppance for letting everyone think Sonny was dead all of those months? Nina is acting like the injured party, why?? It seems like the writers want us to feel sorry for Nina but I'm not buying it. Nina should not be rewarded with a romantic relationship with Sonny and Sonny shouldn't want to be in a romantic relationship with Nina after she lied like that.

                  I do think Sonny has some stuff to figure out since coming home to Port Charles but I am having a problem with what seems to be Sonny's conflicted feelings about Nina.

                  To me this whole thing just isn't ringing true and feels forced. JMHO
                  Preach, I really did not like either.I only tolerated them through ff because it got a little Jarly thrown in.Other than that,nothing about them is worth it for me. No chemistry.spark,story to tell that Sonny has not already told with other women.The fact that Nina has mental illness makes it more disgusting.


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                    Originally posted by KendallSam View Post
                    Nina got confronted by Carly, Joss and Michael so far.

                    Are you looking for Carly to kidnap Nina and have her held in a safe house for a couple months?

                    I wouldn't be opposed to it but Jason was right, if Carly attacks Nina the she gives others a chance to sympathize and come to Nina's rescue. Those mob connects being used by Carly to hurt Nina would be a bad look for Carly. That said, it would be entertaining 🤔
                    . I do not believe for one minute anyone would blame Carly for retribution. She stole her husband’s life, she stole the kids time with their father and let them experience unbearable pain when you lose a spouse and father.
                    it’s disgusting that she hasn’t been thrown to the wolves


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