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Nina and Sonny's chemistry just jumps out


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  • Nina and Sonny's chemistry just jumps out

    Don't get me wrong.

    What Nina did was WRONG but it's a soap opera. She did way too much but Nina was in pain over Nelle and I think she caught feelings for "Mike" so she kept the lie going. But now that Sonny is back with his family, Nina is getting to know who Sonny is and Nina/Sonny have chemistry. I want Nina and Sonny to happen.

    Carly and Sonny have absolutely no chemistry. Together they are boring. They have no potential stories. But with Nina/Sonny there is a story to tell.

    I am loving this dynamic on screen.

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    I don’t see any chemistry with Nina and Sonny and I can’t believe she is getting off so easy.


    • soaps4me
      soaps4me commented
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      I'm really tired of how they whitewashed what she did to Sonny's family. Everyone sticking there nose into what she did and how she didn't do it out of malice. She should be in jail.

    • CashierJudy
      CashierJudy commented
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      Horrible story, no chemistry....a sick and perverted woman seeking a married man is not romance material.
      Shame on the writers for this one.

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    I think they have chemistry. CarSon doesn’t. No reason to let things go so far without letting them happen.


    • Emerald Greens
      Emerald Greens commented
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      I think Carly and Jax had it at one time but not so much now. Nothing against LW some actors have it more naturally others don’t.

    • Topaz25
      Topaz25 commented
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      I think LW Carly and Jax had fantastic chemistry. They were so good together and I was sad when they split up. LW Carly and Sonny have always seemed comfortable to me, when times are good anyway. Never saw great passion just familiar and comfortable.

      I see zero chemistry with Nina and Sonny.

    • lala214
      lala214 commented
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      LW and RoHo had great chemistry as Tarly and Cranco!!

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    Chemistry is subjective. mike and Nina were dreadfully boring in Nixon Falls, and Sonny and Nina will be dreadfully boring in Port Charles.


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      I am sorry - I disagree with you.
      I see a man who is confused still about what happened to him: his near death experieince, his amnesia, and the fact that he (Sonny) did not want to try to find his family and that he (Mike) wanted to stay in NF with Nina. Sonny does not yet have those answers. On top of this, Sonny is about to learn the truth as to how close Jason and Carly became when they thought he was dead.

      Nina is saying that she is sorry and asking forgiveness, but her non verbal langugae is anything but atonement with Sonny, or with Carly. Nina was defiant with Carly in a tit for tat over the secret(s) about Nelle. Nina still sees herself as a victim of Carly and Jax. With Sonny, she was out-right fliritng with him - "are you going to tell me to leave town" in a low voice and a down cast eye. "Make me a list of places that I cannot go to" in an innocent voice. All while refering back to NF.

      Sonny desparately wants to move on and Nina is playing him for all she has as long as Sonny's temper does not appear. "Can you forgive me" was Nina pleading for the sake of the feelings that she wants to salvage.

      Sonny was being kind to her when he said no, I will never forget, Maybe in the future. It does not YET mean that Sonny will act on Smike's feelings. The man is confused and has issues and Nina, in her own world, is playing on that confusion.

      Sonny needs to talk with Michael and Joss and look at Avery (who forgot him) to gain clarity over the cost of Nina's betrayal - Carly is just way to angry at this point to have a rational conversation about his feelings and resolution.


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        I don't see chemistry.

        It is sick, and ridiculous, the Mike Nina knew doesn't exist. The Nina Mike knew doesn't exist. She is no poor done wrong innocent. She is a vindictive, manipulative lying nut, Sonny actually having feeling for her would be absurd.
        Last edited by militarymom; October 13, 2021, 02:16 PM.


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          Carson totally have chemistry. They have with each different actress. The only other character Sonny has chemistry with is Brenda! Nina and Sonny are so boring together. I see more excitement between Carly and Sonny sitting on a couch drinking coffee. And what stories do they tell about Nina? Sonny is so happy??? 🤢


          • scdarli
            scdarli commented
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            I agree with you 110%. There is a different dynamic of chemistry with each version of Carly. I think this is the version of a mature "Carson" that know each other so well they are casual and comfortable with each other. I love Carson no matter what version. I despise Nina and Sonny scenes. No chemistry. Personally, the only chemistry I have seen with CW is with JPS. Her and IR were okay, but sorry not seeing it at all. All the Nina propping for being an emotional rapist makes me want to hurl.

          • LuvIsLife
            LuvIsLife commented
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            To me CarSon worked best with TB with SJB coming in second. Both had actual chemistry with Sonny though. Since LW, CarSon's chemistry has been long dead. They are clinical with each other. They seem like old pals that co-parent together. There's no sexual tension, no heat, no anything.

          • Sonnymate
            Sonnymate commented
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            I agree with you. I love Carson. Nina & Sonny are very boring. Plus, Nina hasn't paid for what she did. I want her to suffer.

        • #8
          I see more chemistry with them than Carson .


          • GHKissOff
            GHKissOff commented
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            Totally disagree there is nothing there, nothing at all. I get sick to my stomach every time Sonny shares a scene with that delusional nut job Nina. I'm no fan of Carson but even they are a major improvement then watching that horrendous crap.

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          I definitely see chemistry between Sonny and Nina. I have never thought Sonny had chemistry with this version of Carly. With Tamara and Sarah he had tons of chemistry but I've never seen it with Laura's version of Carly.


          • #10
            I don't see chemistry with Sonny and Nina.
            I also don't see chemistry with Sonny and Carly, however they've always seemed to work for me in spite of that.

            However, I was bothered by today's episode. Sonny has been checked out and all, but his mental health was taken advantage of by Nina to further her war with Carly. Now, it seems that Nina is continuing to do that, and Ava is helping because she'd rather not have to share custody with Sonny (even though she was more than happy to lean on that side of the family when she needed help and/or protection).

            I didn't like seeing Sonny in a position of weakness (i know, bias), and I also didn't like seeing them take advantage of the mental imbalance that exists within Sonny right now.

            I get that the fight is against Carly, but I wish they would do so without using Sonny's mental health as a weapon.

            Also, it seems that Ava found working with Carly better than working with Sonny, but I think that Carly was easy to work with because she was still mourning Sonny.


            • #11
              Sorry, just don't see what you're seeing. Mike and Nina in NF were boring! I can't see them being an exciting couple in PC. I couldn't wait for him to get back to his wife and family. I don't understand why people want new pairings? Why not have couples be/stay married for a long time?


              • #12
                I couldn’t agree more OP!

                I love them together and I don’t care what Nina has done. They all have done worse and need to get off their high horse!

                I am rooting for them!


                • #13
                  I see the chemistry. Like them together. Anyway, Carly really wants Jason. She just hasn't admitted it to herself yet.


                  • #14
                    Hell yeah they do.. I am on the Nonny train baby! When she got close to him, it looked like he wanted to quickly get out hahahahaha.


                    • GHWATCH
                      GHWATCH commented
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                      😂love the squish name Nonny! You know you should say No to liking them, but you can’t! Death to Carson. I’m ready for the end of that pairing.

                  • #15
                    Sorry to me the whole Nina and Sonny crap is forced and contrived. There is nothing romantic about it and certainly no chemistry, zero, none, zilch, nada. I wish TIIC would quit trying to sell this crap as some great romance, sorry nothing there, it was sick from start to finish. Hate Nina's flashbacks and her waxing poetic about this nonsense. Nina is as fickle as they come, she claimed undying love for Franco, then when Franco let her down she declared undying love for Valentine, Valentine let her down she declared undying love for Jax, and now she has undying love for some guy who doesn't even exist. Sonny isn't Mike, Mike was a boring push over whom Nina could get around, how I hated that whole relationship even Carson is a step up from that horrible drivel. I just want this whole thing over, isn't even worth dwelling on needs to just be forgotten like all of Nina's other relationships before she moved on to her next great love.


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