Where is la Belle Brenda?


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  • Mary Mae Ward1
    Board Regular
    • Apr 2018
    • 631

    Where is la Belle Brenda?

    This is my last thread of the day. Promise.

    I cannot remember VM last visit, but maybe it is time she can return and have Sonny all to herself.

    I am sure Carly would never interfere.
  • VixensVamp
    Soap Addict
    • Mar 2009
    • 6150

    Didn't Branda say as long as Sonny's in the Mob, they can't happen?

    Also, didn't she betray him? Or something along those lines?


    • maggiebh
      maggiebh commented
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      Both of these things. Brenda totally got thrown permanently under the bus when she pretended to sleep with Michael last time she was in town just to irritate Carly.
  • cole'sgal
    Board Regular
    • Feb 2018
    • 568

    I recall a "dropped" sl in which Sonny mentioned to someone that Brenda and Jax had gotten married. This was at a time when both VM and IR had been absent from the screen for awhile. When Jax returned to PC this time, I thought something might be said about it, but nope. So I guess it's just one of those things that vanished into the ether.


    • DayRose
      Aspiring soap scribe
      • Oct 2020
      • 11853

      I loved Brenda and Sonny passionately but that ship has sailed. Her recent visits have been juvenile and ridiculous. If a good story can't be written for her then I'd rather she stay away.


      • divamagenta
        Senior Board Member
        • Nov 2014
        • 1814

        Hopefully far, far away with no intentions of ever returning to PC. ? I honestly never got the appeal of the character - she bored me to tears and added absolutely nothing to the show at all. Brenda was nothing but an unlikeable, self-absorbed model who thrived on the attention she received from causing drama between the men in her life IMHO. Most overrated soap character ever.


        • FranklinMandela
          FranklinMandela commented
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          I did not hate Brenda....but was thoroughly Bored by her presence on the canvas...lol....

          However...I have enjoyed Vanessa on other Networks...She comes alive in those areas...

        • shandy0630
          shandy0630 commented
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          You are not the only one. To me, she was one of those characters who wasn't really needed when she first appeared back in 1992. I never saw the appeal she had, along with a whole list other characters who were brought in around the same time.

        • cole'sgal
          cole'sgal commented
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          You got that right.
      • heddalee
        Contract Poster
        • Feb 2009
        • 2656

        It's time for Brenduh to pick up where she left off with Michael, and finally make that Corinthos baby she thought would come with a relationship with Sonny.


        • c83gilles
          c83gilles commented
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          I honestly felt like Dev was such a wasted character..I had it mapped out on my head .... he should of been Sonny’s and Brenda’s. His age worked out ok to where she could of been pregnant with them when she left...lol. Anyways...I was and still am a huge Brenda fan. ???
      • carson288208
        Contract Poster
        • May 2010
        • 3183

        IMO, Brenda was missing in this storyline. I may be a CarSon fan but i respect the hell out of the S&B history. If Brenda would've found Sonny and took him back to Paris after he recovered and then Brenda showing up to Jarly's wedding as a surprise and her plus one is an un-dead Sonny. The drama would be hella lit.

        But then i'm torn because everytime Brenda returns, the writers mess it up.


        • CassadineSon
          Soap Addict
          • Apr 2009
          • 6450

          They have ruined her character in her last few returns Best to just leave her in the PAST.


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