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  • Terri237
    Recurring Poster
    • Sep 2015
    • 407

    Poll: Least Surprising Development

    Spoilers? Who needs spoilers?? Sometimes all that is needed in order to know what is going to happen next on a soap is to have spent some time watching soaps. Which of these "developments" was the least surprising? Multiple choice (pick three)

    Monica Doesn't Pick a Chief of Staff She Picks Co-Chiefs
    Peter Is Not In The Freezer
    Anna and Valentin Just Miss Seeing Sonny in NY
    Stella Takes The Signed Divorce Document
    Jordan Walks In Just In Time To See Portia and Curtis Kissing
    Ryan Isn't So Locked In
  • Sioban
    • Aug 2009
    • 5389

    They were all obvious, so I voted for them all!


    • chebbo
      chebbo commented
      Editing a comment
      So did I. I saw all of them coming!
  • BettieCat
    Contract Poster
    • Nov 2014
    • 3077

    I chose other, but it should have been "All of the above".

    Nothing on this show has been a surprise for a very long time.


    • nykarenb
      I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
      • Nov 2009
      • 9719

      My 3 picks:
      Peter isn’t in the freezer
      Ryan is not so locked in
      Other: Spencer is the stalker


      • Sioban
        • Aug 2009
        • 5389

        I was surprised that Jax blackmailed Michael. I really didn't think the writers would do that to Jax, but, then I wasn't surprised the writers did that to Jax.

        I hope I'm surprised about who the stalker is. It seems so obvious it is Spencer, so I hope we are surprised.

        This whole rewrite about who knew about Nik and the hit on Hayden has me baffled. Are the writers completely rewriting that whole story arc in order to undo it?

        I don't know if Hayden or Drew are still around/alive, but it both would and wouldn't surprise me to see them show back up. If BM shows back up as Drew, I will be so surprised I will be screaming with joy!


        • Mischianza
          Day Player
          • Dec 2007
          • 561

          Spencer is the stalker is pretty high up on this list.


          • militarymom
            Contract Poster
            • Nov 2019
            • 2898

            None of them were surprising.


            • emilydaze
              Senior Board Member
              • May 2018
              • 1543

              (I think I've goofed here by listing things that surprised me most instead of things that surprised me the least. Oops. I'll post it anyway .)

              Most of the options in the poll didn't surprise me no, because I like to speculate about what might happen next. I suspected Peter's body would be missing, that Monica might compromise and pick both COS candidates, and I didn't think Anna and Valentin would see Sonny because it was too soon for anyone to find out Sonny is alive.

              But I was actually very surprised that Stella took the divorce papers. I know she has the motive to do just about anything to keep Jordon and Curtis together, but I didn't think she'd have the opportunity. Why would Jordon leave that envelope laying there out in the open, and why would she leave Stella alone in her office? So it surprised me that Stella would stoop so low.

              I was surprised that it would be Finn that pushed Peter down the stairs. I thought for sure it would be Anna or Valentin.

              And I was completely taken by surprise to find out that BLQ wasn't really pregnant!

              I can't even begin to explain how surprised I was that Jason and Carly came up with the plan to get married.

              I have to say that I was totally taken by surprise by Franco's death. He has survived just about everything and has been involved with so many story lines. I did not see that coming.

              I don't like to read spoilers so I guess I'm surprised quite a bit.


              • Terri237
                Terri237 commented
                Editing a comment
                I am glad you "goofed" because I enjoyed reading your post. I suspect GH (really any soap) is more enjoyable if you don't know what is coming. Spoilers and previews probably do serious harm to viewership. Why watch if you know what's going to happen, especially if you don't like what is coming. Now that I think about it, BLQ's fake pregnancy would have been quite a surprise if you didn't suspect because she was so convincing. For months they talked about Franco's inoperable tumor so his dying the way he did was a surprise to me too.
                When Jason told Carly he had an idea I didn't think it would be marriage, so I am with you on that.

                I am curious, if you had to rate the show on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being great, where would you put it right now? Also, which current stories interest you the most?

              • emilydaze
                emilydaze commented
                Editing a comment
                Terri237 I would rate the show close to 9 right now. I have enjoyed most every story line, even ones that don't seem to go the way that I had hoped. I feel the show has improved very much over the last few years, especially since the (disturbing) Shiloh arc. I enjoy the focus on romance and new relationships, the way they have mixed things up with different couples, giving familiar (predictable) characters new spark. I like that they have included more of the talented cast, using humor and heart warming themes instead of gloom and doom. I always enjoy a good mystery, and absolutely loved the “Peter falling down the stairs” story. That was done SO well, as was the recent revelation that his body is missing. So exciting!

                Other recent stories that interest me the most: Finn and Elizabeth conspiring to cover up Peter's “death,” Anna and Valentin working together to find Peter, BLQ and Maxie's hair brained scheme to hide Maxie's baby, the introduction of Austin, the stalking of Ava, Chase's recovery and rehabilitation, Sasha and Brando's challenges with Gladys and anything and everything to do with Britt. I don't really care if Shawn finds out who shot Hayden etc., but it will be interesting if Sam and Dante team up to work on that case together.
                Thanks for the kind word about reading my post.

              • Carablue
                Carablue commented
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                Some of these things surprised me too. I never read spoilers, it infuriates me when people post them without warning. Speculating is fine, but I don't want to know what's going to happen
            • franron
              Aspiring soap scribe
              • Oct 2005
              • 13258

              I don't read spoilers, but I sit here and watch, and, am usually correct, about what is gonna happen next.... because the show follows the soap formula... right down to the dialogue... Nothing is new, under the sun....


              • Terri237
                Terri237 commented
                Editing a comment
                The only thing that took me a little by surprise was Brando kicking his mother out of his apartment and Sasha offering Gladys a job.
            • LBD12
              • Jun 2013
              • 5042

              None were surprising but Peter is the least so. We'll never be rid of him


              • dolly4359
                Contract Poster
                • Jan 2010
                • 3423

                I picked other, all of the above...


                • JaeMae
                  • Mar 2019
                  • 73

                  I personally do not read spoilers. I think that spoilers are the reason the soaps are failing. Why would you want to watch if you already know whats going to happen ? That's why viewership is down. I remember when you got cliffhangers at the end of the shows and you just couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. Now instead of cliffhangers you get previews. Spoilers take all the fun out of watching.


                  • tart777
                    tart777 commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Agreed. I don't do spoilers either.

                  • CashierJudy
                    CashierJudy commented
                    Editing a comment
                    THe spoilers are so vague that you can take them 100 ways! They are more teasers than spoilers because they are meant to force you to watch to see what really happens. They are kind of irritating really.
                • Sioban
                  • Aug 2009
                  • 5389

                  I don't read spoilers either, but this thread isn't about spoilers but about how predictable the writers are being. To me, all of these were predictable. There were no surprises at all here, but in other stories, I was surprised a bit, sometimes not happily.


                  • DVX
                    Senior Board Member
                    • Aug 2006
                    • 1840

                    Lol obviously zero people expected peter to be in the freezer, but you really should have had an all of the above option because these are all Good!


                    • WSB_Rising
                      Board Regular
                      • Nov 2012
                      • 1028

                      You forgot:

                      - Austin is Jimmy Lee Holt’s son
                      - Spencer is the stalker


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