GH's treatment of LGBTQIA+ characters


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  • DOOLWill
    Board Regular
    • Jul 2013
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    GH's treatment of LGBTQIA+ characters

    It deeply saddens me that the current writing team decided to completely remove the queer characters from the canvas. Felix, Lucas, and Brad were only on 2 days in 2021. Over the last several years GH made some efforts to have a handful of queer characters and their absence is very noticeable. I don't get why Lucas cannot have a storyline. If not Lucas, then they should introduce other characters.
  • DayRose
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Oct 2020
    • 11853

    I saddens me also which is why I want Terri to be Chief of Staff. With Lucas' lineage, age and being a Dr., he should be easy to write for. I don't know why a great character like Felix, a nurse can't have a story on a show about a hospital.


    • 1sbkmcfan
      Aspiring soap scribe
      • Aug 2006
      • 21569

      I think the mistake made with Lucas is instead of the main focus being on him as a doctor it was all about his sexuality. He had a chip on his shoulder and was hostile to most because he thought they gave a rats butt about that. Julian was taken aback at first like many parents at the first revelation but he came around rather quickly. Terry, on the other hand, makes no big deal about her identity and neither does anyone else.


      • lala214
        lala214 commented
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        I couldn’t disagree more with you. Lucas’s plot didn’t revolve around his sexuality. He came to town and hooked up with Brad. He liked Brad and went after him. Heterosexual characters do the same thing. He was concerned Julian would reject him or have something negative to say about his sexuality, but I thought that made sense. I’m not gay, but I didn’t find that unbelievable or anything. Some parents can be judgmental and unforgiving.

        The problem is Ron C. left/was fired, and he was the one who cared about Brad/Lucas/Felix. He wrote real stories for them and treated them like any other soap character. Heck, Brad was Asian, gay, and bad!! That was a first. I loved RC because he wrote for the ENTIRE cast, not a select few. Once he was gone, Jelly made it clear they had no interest their gay characters, and all the subsequent regimes have been the same. That’s why we never see them. The writers don’t care about them.

      • regalbeagle
        regalbeagle commented
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        I don't think Lucas has been all about his sexuality any more than any other doctor's. They all have romances, relationships and usually some kid drama.

        His conflict with Julian over accepting his orientation was short. They had a few scenes about it and moved on.

        Terry's identity being no big deal bothers me. The writers don't care to tell us anything about her life, including her being transgender.

      • channyfan
        channyfan commented
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        I fdont get how difficult it is for the writers to write family scenes for Carly (you know the female LEAD of the show) and include her half-brother Lucas. There is so much backstory that could be played considering she came to town and split his family that it always irked me that the show never adressed it.

        THe ONE thing i think the show did wrong was the threesome storyline back a few years ago. As a Brucas fan, I understand that this is what got them together in the first place but the story itself was in such poor taste.

        Its easy to blame the writers having a hard time dealing with gay characters for not investing in Luycas' POV after the truth about Wiley came out but i think they just have no idea how to write family drama for CARLY. Carly's entire life must focus on her willingness to allow the mob be poart of her children's lives. I just think that the conflicts between siblings involved in a messy baby switch would have been more endearing
    • Quinoa
      Contract Poster
      • Feb 2012
      • 3025

      I wanted to see what may have happened between Kristina and Valerie.


      • sesca
        Executive Poster
        • Mar 2011
        • 4394

        I have never understood why they couldn't write for Lucas. His entire relationship with Brad took place offscreen. That is ridiculous. What's even worse is he had nothing to do with the Wiley story. At the time he and Brad were the only parents Wiley knew yet he was barely a footnote. And Brad, he has so much history because his family is part of the Asian Quarter. I have never cared for Felix. I feel like they made him a busy body and the most story he had was when his sister came to town.


        • GHWATCH
          GHWATCH commented
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          I agree with everything you wrote. They had the whole SL with Brad being married and just dropped it. I liked Rosalie and think they could have kept her to stir up trouble. I also think they just need another love interest besides Felix. I too think he’s a busy body. I liked him as a friend to Carly and Sabrina but not as a romantic partner for Lucas.
      • witchboy
        Aspiring soap scribe
        • Jan 2005
        • 10776

        It was infuriating after the big Wiley story, they stuck Lucas in a coma before the end of the story. Allowing Michael to get Wiley without even giving Lucas a chance to react just sucked all the drama out of the story.


        • themoonprince
          Contract Poster
          • Nov 2012
          • 2643

          GH cant write for such and its been evident for years. When given they always go for the cliche coming out of the closet and then rainbow and glitter crap when theres a spectrum they can tackle. Ive been said Michael could easoly be written as gay and fightings those feeling because of his insecurities due to getting raped. Or wheres the character whos no in the closet but rather no labels and keep to themselves. Or the character thats gay but wants to experiment with the opposite sex. Or the character that is truly bi and in love with a guy and a girl. And have the female play up the cliche men cant be bi stereotype. So many stories. And nothing. Even with Lucas. They couldnt even write him as a normal human with such a rich history without it being some gay themed crisis. Could have went way further with Kristina and Valerie but nope. She probably wont even mention liking girls 5 years down the road.


          • Jackaled
            Aspiring soap scribe
            • Nov 2007
            • 58326

            The majority of Brucas romantic Cooper-Jones family relationships happen on OFF Screen GH.

            We never really saw any of the couple things we see with other couple.. We rarely saw Brucas at home having family/romance time, they hardly ever showed them going out to dinner or doing couples things. it was all either Lucas didn;t like Bad Brad and wanted Better Brad or Wiley..

            They got married then disappeared.. Suddenly they adopt a child.. We never really saw Cooper-Jones family time with Brucas and baby Wiley at home and anything..

            It was as thought they wanted to say see we have a gay couple and they get married and they adopt a kid.. for like relevance or something but theynever bothered to really invest in them as a couple or parents.. or anything

            Most of thier life happened off screen, we were TOLD about it but never saw it.

            Same with Krissy it was like oh lets do a gay story with Krissy then she disappears and we never really see her again..


            • FleurdiLisa
              FleurdiLisa commented
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              Kristina's story was mucked up in the inappropriateness of the the teacher-student relationship. I thought the she said/she said angle was compelling and they should have left it at that without them actually getting together. Then that could have opened the door for her to meet someone closer to her own age. And then she and Parker were on and off the canvas so much. Just botched overall.

              P.S. This was about the time I got super busy and my viewing of GH became sporadic and then non-existent for a few years. If I have got this all wrong please feel free to correct me.
              Last edited by FleurdiLisa; July 26, 2021, 11:32 AM.
          • FleurdiLisa
            Senior Board Member
            • Mar 2021
            • 1684

            I like the way they are writing for Terry. From Thursday's (?) ep she seemed to be flirting with the bartender at the Savoy. She's in the opening credits now so maybe.....


            • ZanneMarie
              Senior Board Member
              • Jul 2018
              • 1626

              Thank you for bringing this up. I have been so angry that they got rid of the guy who played Lucas and replaced him with the new guy then made him disappear! WTH? I liked the actor who used to play Lucas and I felt he looked like Julian and Cheryl. I also felt he "got" the character. They need to quit putting Wiley at the center of romances. Let these characters grow up and have a life outside of Wiley, Wiley, Wiley. They smashed Lucas and Brad with Wiley centricity and now they've done the same to Millow (the absolute most boring, immature couple in the history of soaps I think).

              1. Go with Lucas and Felix. Everyone likes them both and they have chemistry. Your show is seriously LACKING in chemistry. You need all the help you can get.
              2. Bring back Kristina immediately and have a triangle with Valerie and Chase. It doesn't get more soapy than that and it would get Chase (a great character with a lot of charisma) away from that bloodsucking boredom of the week Millow. And by the way, Kristina deserves a STORY! What is wrong with you people?
              3. Get on your knees and crawl across glass to get BM back as Drew then let's see where his chemistry with Terry goes. That was the biggest surprise out there and you totally MISSED it! Do you watch your own show???? Drew and Terry would have been great especially if no one talked about the fact that Terry was Trans. Talk about groundbreaking. Where is your daring? Where is your imagination????? Get with the program FV and writers! Boring doesn't get it. No one CARES about Carly and Jason. No one CARES about Wiley, Wiley, Wiley centric boredom personified Millow. No one CARES about Nike. You are boring us into an early grave. Get writing!


              • Hughes
                Recurring Poster
                • Nov 2005
                • 284

                What makes me mad about never seeing Lucas at the hospital, is that fact Austin is taking Lucas's position and I have no doubt we'll be seeing Austin all over the hospital. If Austin is truly taking Lucas's job then we should never see Austin again.

                I think GH's dreadful portrayal of it's LGBT characters just informs me they believe, maybe rightfully so, that GH viewers don't want to see these characters on their TV screens.


                • believeinme246
                  Aspiring soap scribe
                  • Jan 2015
                  • 16967

                  Brad and Lucas were the most romantic of the couples on the show at the time. It's a shame they were broken up.


                  • seanny
                    seanny commented
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                    I miss Brucas!
                • tart777
                  Senior Board Member
                  • Sep 2012
                  • 1683

                  I agree, gosh darn it.


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