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Why do you watch soaps?


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    The comfort and consistency of seeing characters that I have been watching since I was a child.


    • LoveandLight
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      Interesting point. I have been watching soaps since I was about 11. You are so right about the 'comfort'.

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    Good question. Actually I haven't watched GH in months. I read the board and don't see a reason to tune back in. I used to watch Days and its trash right now as well as BB. The writing for Soaps now is so substandard to what it used to be. The FF button has become my friend. All the reasons I used to watch no longer exist. I keep hoping it will change but so far nope. So many unlikable characters and bad writing. Story lines drag on way to long and so much character assassination. How I long for the glory days​​​​


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      my first soap was dark shadows! been watching g H since around 1970 dark shadows I always loved a good mystery so that got me as a teen! I used to watch a bit of all my children in the old days.......thought I would like passions watched for a couple of months and pfffff it just didn't keep me.....I watched another world for quite a while as well! and some all my children in the early days!! now I still watch GH I keep thinking is is going to be gone one of these days so I might as well watch to the end after all the years I have sunk into watching it


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        I know it may sound corny but I started watching Dark Shadows with my mom after school, than it moved to Ryan’s hope, all my children, one life to live, and general hospital as well. So I keep watching General Hospital to feel close to a mom not on this earth anymore


        • wfreshie2130
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          oh I watched a little of ryans hope too...GH was the only one that stuck long term (and dark shadows watched that until it ended) for us old timers we have watched so many years and we are used to these people coming into our house (on the tv) we enjoy seeing the older characters that we have grown up with...and like another poster my best friend and I watched gh but she is no longer here it brings back memories!

        • Lil Fey
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          So true, at this point some of the characters are family haha

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        Do you watch for reality ot realism?

        -I often prefer soaps to not be so realistic...I often enjoy the wacky, out-there storylines the best. For example, the come back from the dead storylines, possession ala Days etc.

        Do you watch for an escape?

        -At times I do, but I also enjoy darker/creepy storylines so I don't watch it mainly for an escape.

        Do you expect bad characters to remain bad and good characters remain good?

        -No, I do like when characters change. What I do expect is for good/legacy characters not to be sacrificed for characters that are basically bad.

        Can characters have a gray area?

        -Yes, I find it makes them more interesting.

        Are good characters allowed to make mistakes?

        -As long as it's applied evenly - if two characters make the same mistake that they are treated similarly by the writing.

        Are bad characters allowed to do something good?

        -I believe so...makes it more intriguing if it's genuine or an act...I enjoy those moments.

        Is there forgiveness for past characters allowing character growth or is a character cancelled because they committed a criminal act?

        -I can look past anything on a soap as long as the writing is good...slanted writing is what cancels a character for me, not necessarily what crime they committed.

        Can enemies work together for a common goal to help each other?

        -Yes!! Those are the best storylines and scenes.

        Can enemies push each other in a way that helps them find out why they became enemies in the first place(find common ground) or should enemies always remain enemies and never become frenemies?

        -Depends on the history between the characters. Certain characters, you'd ruin the fun dynamic if changed to frenemies.

        Do you view doing the right thing for the wrong reasons unforgivable or is it viiewed as hypocrisy?

        -If the writing isn't slanted and is fair, nothing is unforgivable on a soap for me!!


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          I only watch GH and it's mostly from habit. I have been watching for over 40 years.


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            I watch for escape and to relax. Watching GH is the way I decompress at the end of my day. I don't like realism in soaps. I need the outrageous soap stories, I love a good corporate take over. I really miss love triangles - there is not a lot of that on GH.


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              I grew up watching General Hospital as a girl with my mom, and am a huge lifelong fan of Dark Shadows.since childhood as well. Went to a couple of the annual Dark Shadows fan conventions in the 90s.

              I think the great thing about soaps is the luxury of time. Unlike any other medium, soaps have the ability to cultivate rich characters and storylines that span years, even decades. Even a hugely successful weekly TV series that runs for ten years would only equal about one year's worth of a soap opera's run in total air time.

              It must be a real dream gig for an actor to land a great soap role that becomes popular. It can lead to a long run in the role and give the actor and writers the chance to develop a multilayered character that audiences truly care about. Soap fans are fiercely loyal and passionate, and they'll follow their favorites anywhere.


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                Both my husband and I have watched General Hospital since 1975. I watch because I am invested in these families, have watched the little ones grow up and it is a chance to escape for an hour. Haven't asked my husband that question but he prides himself in being able to tell me names, history.


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                  I watch out of habit and because it reminds me of a simpler time in my life, mostly sitting with my Grandma during the summer and school vacations. She would be well over 100 today and was of the "ssshhhhh...I'm watching my stories now" generation. It's become more of a habit now, and not one I'm particularly good at anymore. The storylines and most of the cast/characters just don't click with me any longer. I'm more interested in the rare occasions where they show Monica, Bobbie, Scott, etc. than I am in Willow, Sasha, Nina, etc.

                  Truth be told, while I could probably say I watched most of the ones on in 80's and 90's at some point, GH, Y&R, ATWT, and Days were the ones I would follow (maybe not all at the same time). I loved the crazy Days during the 90's when I was in high school but really lost interest around '99/2000 with all the Princess Gina nonsense and John Black's seventeen thousandth "history" change. Poor ATWT, it was miserably boring after Doug Marland's death but got decent again in the early 2000's until it limped to the finish line in 2010. I still keep up on Y&R and GH but they both aren't great for me. Y&R is nothing like the show it was even 10 years ago.

                  GH took a turn for the worse once Jill Phelps became the EP and started to quickly dismantle the show's foundation in 2002. That whole Rick Webber storyline culminating in the awful way they treated Genie Francis and the character of Laura really turned me off. And I could write a novel about how they destroyed the show with the over-focus on Sonny, Jason, and Carly and the treatment of Anna Lee, Stuart Damon, Jackie Zeman, and so many others. I stopped altogether after 2007 but I thought when Frank and Ron took over they had a creative resurgence through the 50th anniversary. After that, the campiness and nonsense really amped up and I lost a lot of interest in the storylines and most of the new characters are blah. Not to mention the seeming lack of brains in veteran characters like Anna who seems to have had a lobotomy. I've watched on and off ever since but definitely more 'off' than on.

                  The concept of soaps is really amazing - continuing stories watching people's entire lives unfold in front of your eyes. Getting to grow old along with actors and characters. It's unique and interesting but the execution in the last 10-20 years has been mostly pathetic. Most characters today are rich and live ridiculously in houses (or in hotels which always amazes me) they should never be able to afford given the amount of work they do, plot points driving everything, and seemingly no repercussions for actions.


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                    love this thread!!!

                    My husband, he just doesn't get soaps. But there is just something about the history that cannot be replicated on shows outside the genre. I have seen Michael E Knight on my tv for the better part of my life. I have watched Carly for, what, 20 years? I have seen Robin grow up. What other medium has that happened? Its like a warm cup of hot chocolate on a snowy day.

                    To me the soaps are almost like family. Sometimes I love the characters, sometimes I am yelling at my screen or rolling my eyes at them...but they're still like family, especially the longer the character or actor is on the show. I love the genre and hope it never dies
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                      Something I like about soaps is that you kinda get a little bit of everything. There's romance, mystery, crime, character drama, etc. Sometimes theyll even dip into Sci-Fi/fantasy. I love primetime TV, but those shows generally stick to their set genre fairly well. One of the reasons why I think GH and other daytime soaps have lasted so long is they aren't afraid to try different types of stories. It keeps things interesting.


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                        I started watching because of my grandmother. I know so many people who watch because someone in the family did. I like the idea that these shows can have such longevity. Though I am forever bitter about losing my main two AMC and OLTL. After I lost my grandmother I'd watch AMC on her TV that we kept and it would make me feel closer to her. Overall its a comfort thing, Getting to follow the same characters for over 20 years is so unique compared to primetime where a show can be axed after a season or two. I do enjoy some of the more out there storylines that soaps can do as well. I love campy stuff. Soaps can give "all the feels" - a good laugh or cry, characters to love and hate.


                        • soapgirl9
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                          That longevity is one of the unique things about soaps. My mom's parents watched GH from the mid-1960s to the mid-2000s. AMC was my mom's soap- which she had on the TV in the hospital when she was having me! She and her younger sister used to watch in the 1970s during summer breaks from high school. When my parents lived together in a small apartment in NYC, my mom would set the VCR to record while she was at work. Then watch at night after work, and my dad would end up watching with her and getting sucked in. My mom's older sister has watched DAYS since either 1978 or 1979. I've watched OLTL, GH, AMC, DAYS, B&B, Y&R, ATWT, GL. Even Ryan's Hope thanks to SoapNet reruns.

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