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I would like to see Nina's anger towards Jax more than Carly


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  • cruella369
    Contract Poster
    • Jul 2005
    • 3084

    I would like to see Nina's anger towards Jax more than Carly

    I understand the need for drama on a SOAP, but I think that the 2 female leads going at each other is old and tired. I would love it if Nina would decide that she is not going to waste the time dealing with Carly and she is going to focus on WIley. I would love to see Nina start to think about Nelle and how she had such a hard life. And how Jax got away with buying the kidney. And how Jax talked Carly into covering up Nelle's fall. And how Jax kept the secret away from Nina while proclaiming o love her and encouraging NIna's love. I would love for Nina to decide she is MAD at Jax. I would love to see Nina start to research Jax's past - to really start to read between the lines. I would like to see her call Skye, talk to Nik, look into all of Jax's dealings with Jerry. Then, she realizes Sonny is at the Tan O'. From there she builds up Sonny's dislike of Jasper Jax and the torment he has inflicted on Nina. She also carefully brings up all of the other things Jax did wrong to Sonny's family. Nina should be the mastermind behind and epic fight between Jax and Sonny. That way Carly still is hurt by the blowback, but WIley is shielded.
  • Wendall Wilcox
    Soap Addict
    • Jul 2018
    • 6068

    That involves too much Sonny for my taste lol.

    But I agree Nina once went after Julian with some scissors for less than what Jax did. Jax shouldnt get vip treatment


    • DayRose
      I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
      • Oct 2020
      • 9579

      I would love to see Nina move on and Focus on Wiley! Unfortunately with Valentin in the picture she's going to go down a nasty rabbit hole of hate and revenge and will only be hurt in the long run. I predict that if Nelle comes back from the dead she will blame Nina and go after her like she did Carly, and then maybe, finally, really die. My greatest hope is to never hear the name Nelle again!!!!!!!!


      • McShirls
        McShirls commented
        Editing a comment
        Maybe Valentin will offer to get Nina the same phony passports he got for her daughter and they can all get caught and arrested for kidnapping! Good riddance....
    • Bobaloo
      Board Regular
      • Apr 2020
      • 1036

      I agree - I would love to see Nina go after Jax! He's getting away so far relatively unscathed for his part in all of this, and he is the one who has most betrayed Nina. I'm not sure I want Nina using Sonny to take him down, because the Sonny/Jax war is played out for me, but I'd love to see Nina take Jax on directly. Let her be the one that knocks that fake plastic halo off his head for good.


      • soapfiction
        Aspiring soap scribe
        • Mar 2012
        • 14549

        But that would mean the Carly character wouldn’t get the bulk of the airtime or dialogue. They’re not about to let that happen. Plus Carly’s wreckless mouth always makes things toxic.


        • Wanda Wolek
          Wanda Wolek commented
          Editing a comment
          Yep, this is my opinion, right here.
      • sesca
        Executive Poster
        • Mar 2011
        • 3874

        Maxie had convinced her to forget about Carly and concentrate on Wiley. But Carly had to show up and run her mouth and threaten Nina's visitation of Wiley. Maybe if Carly would concentrate on Donna and the woman she kidnapped and leave Nina alone. It would happen. Jax isn't running his mouth so Nina has just dumped him and wants nothing to do with him. But the writers are going to make sure in the end that Nina is the bad guy and poor Carly is the victim.


        • tart777
          Board Regular
          • Sep 2012
          • 1425

          I agree! It really is Jax's fault.

          I have no use for that jerk Jax.

          ​​​​Jax should "Ingo" away once and for all.


          • Bkes Mom
            I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
            • Sep 2009
            • 7534

            She should be angrier at Jax. He lied to her while telling her he loved her and sharing her bed.


            • OLTL'69
              Aspiring soap scribe
              • Apr 2011
              • 15904

              Yes for the Nelle cover up She should be angrier at Jax since he was committed to her then. BUT If this "you can't see MY grandson" continues she will have reason to keep being angry with Carly


              • J_Sam
                Senior Board Member
                • Nov 2015
                • 1956

                Nina and my daughter story... Im sick to death of this ... this is all they have for her to do, whine, bitch, accuse look like a real Nut case running around town... screaming in places which she shouldn't...Her daughter was a nutcase and so is she.... she to is a lost cause Nelle and Nina deserve each other...... she needs to go back to shady brook... never be seen again..Can't stand her..anymore....
                Last edited by J_Sam; February 27, 2021, 09:20 AM.


                • cruella369
                  Contract Poster
                  • Jul 2005
                  • 3084

                  1. Bought Nelle's kidney on the black market
                  2. Was the mastermind behind not telling the police that Carly was at the cliff
                  3. Went along with Carly's plan and didn't tell Nina about the Nelle necklace, while sleeping with Nana and saying he loved her

                  1. Was there when Nelle died and went along with Jax's plan
                  2. Figured out the necklace connection and immediately told Jax, who went along with not telling Nina
                  3. Told Nina to stop acting crazy like she did at the gravesite and when she went to the police and said that Carly murdered Nelle.

                  Look, at the end of the day - I would be MUCH more mad at Jax. Every time Nina says "and Frank cut out her kidney for money", I say, "Frnak cut out Nelle's kidney because Jax gave him a million dollars". Every time Nina says "Carly didn't tell the police where my daughter fell, they might have saved her", I say, "Jax convinced Carly to lie. Because of Jax's lie, the police didn't know where my daughter fell".

                  I freely admit Carly was obnoxious when she visited Nina about Wiley (and Nina was obnoxious at the gravesite and with the police). But I want Nina to focus on Jax and for BOTH Nina and Carly to stop attacking each other. That is such a tried trope and I am tired of it.


                  • CarnyQueen
                    I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
                    • Mar 2006
                    • 8165

                    Here's what I would like to see:

                    Nina: I can't trust Jax and I am breaking up with him. I will not change my mind.

                    Jax: Nina broke up with me and that's for the best, because our values are very different and I am tired of hearing her make excuses for the person who tried to murder my former stepson.

                    Everyone move on!


                    • OLTLBoomer
                      Aspiring soap scribe
                      • Mar 2010
                      • 15905

                      OP has a point - Jax has been behind the majority of the coverup regarding Nelle. From telling Carly to lie / omit the details of Nelle's fall to the realization that Nelle was Nina's daughter, Jax did everything out of love for Nina. Sound familiar?

                      All Carly's problem should be is Nina going OCD over Wylie, but that is NOT Carly's problem, it is Michael's.

                      Case closed like CarnyQueen says.


                      • Purple Haze
                        Day Player
                        • Apr 2018
                        • 238

                        Someone made a good point in another thread about how Nina should feel about Jax. Again, if Nina never forgives Jax for keeping the truth about her daughter Nelle away from her, even if it was done to protect her, fine. She can hate Jax forever and move on....

                        But it is kind of ironic that she forgave Sasha for the horrific deception of pretending to be her daughter and Valentine for setting the whole thing up.

                        I do however agree with CarnyQueen. They should move on. Of course this storyline involves two people that seem to make storylines drag on and on. Nelle and Wiley, so I don't see an ending to this happening anytime soon.


                        • Adriane
                          Aspiring soap scribe
                          • Feb 2011
                          • 14328

                          Originally posted by Bkes Mom View Post
                          She should be angrier at Jax. He lied to her while telling her he loved her and sharing her bed.
                          I agree Nelle should be angrier with Jax than she is however she thinks Carly actually let her daughter die in some way, because she hated her. Also, its pretty evident to me that Carly would like nothing better to erase and thought of Nell from Wileys life as he grows into adulthood.


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