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Live Thread 8/14


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  • Live Thread 8/14

    Ava in Nik bedroom in her gown. He says quite a dress she is like flustered seeing shirtless Nik

    Scotty talking to Frnaco

    Liz talking to i forgot her name friend. Talk of

    Peter and Maxie at Wydemere Lucy is with them
    she tries to get out of going. Maxie stops her says you are staying this is for deception. Maxie says to Peter thinks Lucy is hiding something.

    Lulu with Dustin at Wyndemere

    Franco tells Scotty Liz won;t make it she is upset that the media is bringing up my past. MOCA 10th anniversary. Franco is afraid Liz wishes
    her past never happened at all.

    Anna and Finn talking guest list she asks if he is inviting his father to the wedding.

    Lulu and Maxie whisper Lulu says does he not know you are pregnant.

    Nina arrives with Jax.

    Nik and Ava she says smile this is night to remember

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    Terry sighting at GH...........
    What is MOCA, J?
    cocktail dresses and sparkles on the ladies - jackets, not ties on the men. Ava looks great.
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    • Jackaled
      Jackaled commented
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      MOCA is the Museum of Contemporary Art
      it is where Franco help his performance art show during the trilogy..(I beleieve it is in

      because during the show Dante was running around trying to stop the show and catch franco and of course PCPD, LAPD and INTERPOL couldn;'t catch Franco at his
      ADVERTISED art show.

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    Lucy snarking at Ava having this event before the biggest night of year.

    Nina talks to Franco he thanks her for her support.

    Lulu says the longer you keep the secret the more pain it will cause. Maxie hasn't found the right time.

    Liz talks Lucy that she didnt; vote with the Q's
    and she voted with Valentin. Nik was willing to step up but too late. If only he could get rid of Ava. Ava has made tonight all about the evil Franco that man is not my husband won;t support event that celebrated that.

    Ava says you deserve better Nik snarks Nik mentions losing a child and them mentions Kiki.
    Ava gets upset and goes out to get air.. Franco has words with Nik.

    Lulu and Maxie out on the parapet Lulu says is the reason you haven;t told Peter is cuz you are not sure you want the baby. MAxie sasy Peter thinks growing up as Faison son has tainted him.

    Finn is happy his dad is better but we mostly communicate thru chase. Anna says shouldn;t Violet have communication with her grandfather.


    • OLTLBoomer
      OLTLBoomer commented
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      Maxie and Lulu on the parapet having their convo (and I think of all the people who fall off that parapet).
      Nik mentioning Kiki and spencer in the same breath as if nothing happened was a diss (even spouse goes - wow)...
      Finn/ anna at the FR .....

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    Nina wonders why Lucy would vote in Valentin.

    Liz arrives at the party.. Nik takes her to find franco

    Franco is out in the stable with Ava. She wonders if she can hear Kiki name without hurting. Ava says even I think I went to far this time

    Lulu says Peter needs to know as Nik and Liz comes in. the go off.. Nik says sorry he shothey were
    out here. he says wanna enjoy the view..they talk the hospital board.

    Brook calls Dustin who doesn;t answer as he talks to Peter he show Peter a toy car that Rocco gave him

    Scotty talking to Lucy about saving the hospital
    lucy says can we stop with hospital talk lets talk
    Deception. She mentions making compromises
    Scotty says what have you done.


    • OLTLBoomer
      OLTLBoomer commented
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      Liz's dress is a gold shiny leopard print (RH sews - I wonder if she made the dress). She look gorgeous.
      Peter got a haircut.
      Franco makes a comment about coming to the stables for a breath of fresh air......
      Peter looks interested as Dustin talks Rocco taking care of Dustin and not being bored at the party.
      EVeryone is on that parapet - Liz/ NIc.

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    Nik sorry his offer to help was too late. Liz
    sasy that is the Nik I remember. He is trying to get back to that Nik. She says hurry up I miss you. She needs to find Franco clear some things up. Nik looks disappointed.

    Lucy tells the tale of voting with Valentin Scotty is like what.. Scotty says you did it cuz Valentin
    helped you with Deception.. Lucy says this is not on me . Lucy gets really defensive Maxie asks Scotty for a moment so she can talk to Lucy.
    Lucy says of course I am town pariah as usual.
    Valentin would have pulled his money..we would have nothing. Jax comes along to talk to her.

    Finn and Anna talk his dad and violet. Finn is uncomfortable with his father and his wife. Violet will pick up on that.

    Ava says I turned Spencer against his father. He see me as traitor he gave Nik ultimatum. Franco says then why does he not walk away. Money and post nup. Franco says the person to blame is nik ava sayss she can solve it. If she ended this relationship and walked Spencer could come back. Maybe I can give Nik and spencer the closure that Kiki and I never had..


    • OLTLBoomer
      OLTLBoomer commented
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      Liz overhears the final comment outside the stables.

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    Now to just be clear when Original Franco
    was on his art was performance art, tagging
    and photographic art of people posed as dead people in chalk outlines. It wasn;t paintings..
    But when Roger came on suddenly the focus was all about paintings. It was some of James
    Franco real life art at the MOCA show.


    • LovingLiz
      LovingLiz commented
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      Pretty sure his OG art show on GH was paintings. He took photos of the crime scenes then painted them. That is why it was "art imitating life".

    • OLTLBoomer
      OLTLBoomer commented
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      thanks - I was not watching then...

    • envious01
      envious01 commented
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      LovingLiz well actually the majority of it was performance art and set pieces. He hired the actress to be Sam trapped in the glass box, had a drag queen reciting the lyrics to Mad World. The jail cell with Michael and Carter’s mug shots inside, mocking the fact that Michael got raped, and the man he hired to fall off the roof to his death to make it look like Jason killed him before he could tell everyone where Elizabeth’s baby that he kidnapped was.

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    Franco is glad Liz came. She came to stand
    by her man.

    Anna talks how she is able to keep in touch with
    Emma and Noah via video chats etc.

    Maxie gets lightheaded. PEter is like are you ok.

    Jax understands as a buisness meeting he doesn;t understand why Jordan gave the press conference he is still dangerous be very careful

    Nina and Ava talking

    Lulu and Nik. is your secret more important than repairing our relationship.


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      Lucy pleads her case. Maxie says you need to leave you are not best brand ambassador go home rest of Nurses Ball tomorrow. Peter says you do look pale. are you ok.. yes.

      Maxie says your career hurt a lot of people in cluding me..but now you live your shiny new life
      the whole things make me nauseous. Liz says she has a point.

      Lulu says you recruited Spencer into your plan
      with Ava. Lulu says mom would not be happy with you getting Spencer to be your inheritance.

      Ava never had opportunity to see Nik and Spencer together but I saw Spencer grieve him.
      I can see how hard Nik taking estrangement. Nina says can you give up your revenge against nik. she says he made me think I was crazy and he used Kiki against me. Nina says revenge isn;t all it is cracked up to be. I expose valentin lies at the alter I got zero satifaction when I turned away I found peace. Ava know what she has to do.


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        Liz is not comfortable with any of this. She is leaving Franco will see her later.

        MAxie says Liz bought into Franco reform. how much has he changed but you have put in hard work to change. she says this lemon smells wierd He is like what is going on with you.

        Jax and Nina talk Ava she gave her advice.

        Lulu and Nik argue. This is your moment to stop with the manipulation Ava has to give up the money ..lulu says Ava forced my hand. you are as set on revenge as you were when you first came back and she storms out.

        Anna says we talk to violet that this wedding is about family. having your dad there shows he is family. Finn says he is not the only problem lets leave it at that. Anna says family are complicated can you put your difference aside for one day.

        Dustin tells Lulu she looks pissed.

        Ava says show time..

        Liz says she is leaving is he coming with her.
        Ava thanks everyone for coming to celebrate the revival of Franco the artist. Franco goes to the painting. Liz stands there. Ava says she was so happy that Franco agreed to make portraits Liz making faces. the unveiling everyone has shocked and confused look.

        The End


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          So no sight of the picture I thought that might be it but we got a severe weather report right at the end.

          THANK YOU!


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            thank you for a mos excellent week of good reads. !!!

            keep on staying healthy my fellow fans


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              Thank you ever so much for these recaps...everyone stay healthy and have a safe weekend!!!


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                -Carly, offering a toast to Jax and Nina...here’s to everyone who made it possible...

                -Maxie to Peter...I have something to tell u...

                -Chase, to Finn and Anna...everything worked out the way it was supposed to...

                -Valentin...there’s nothing u could’ve done to stop it...

                -Liz to Nikolas...if ur not careful, she’s going to destroy whatever good there is left in you...

                -Ava to Franco...I plan to remedy the situation, permanently...


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