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  • LiveThread 8/5

    No power no internet so back up team will be needed for today

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    I've got the Virginia Gov. talking about storm damage. Hope you get your power back soon Jackaled.


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      Today - Sonny has a dream that MIke is his old self and thanks him for hte surgery, then fades in front of his eyes. Sonny just tells Carly (in the bedroom) that his dad thanked him for the surgery.
      Alexis and Sam - Sam at the MC and asks her about her wrist, tells her she met Jason. Alexis starts in, But Sam sees Neil, hengs up, walks over to Neil and says what the H- did you do to my mother.
      Nelle walks up to Val at the MC, sits, and tells him you give me what I want or I will blow you out of the water.
      Michael (with longer hair) and Willow come in from playing with Wylie into the LV - Willow smiles and says they make a great team.

      J - take care post storm.


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        Willow wonders about the judges decision. (must be the next day). They both check on W in the nursey (separately) during the night.

        Nelle / Val - she will tell about the ELQ shares. she defends her need for Wylie. and is very smug about her power. Val is very cool.

        Sonny tells Carly they have moved Mike to place the Feeding tube. Sonny gets ready to go - this will give us more time with Dad. and Walks out. Carly is flustered.

        Sam/ Neil (sorry - missed it)

        Diane vists Aleixs at the house, they talk Neil, Nelle's hearing. (judge is known for slow decisions). Diane asks aleixs Davis gets her mojo back.


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          Sam asked Nell what he did to her mom. (wasnot paying close attention) she said he was ghosting Alexis and asked about her being disbarred. (sam may have new face but still buttingin)


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            Thx for the color commentary. Tag along OLTL 69.

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          Originally posted by Jackaled View Post
          No power no internet so back up team will be needed for today
          OMGosh! Stay Safe, Jackaled.


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            Alexis - she has told the girls. The woeld is mine...Diane asks her if she wants to fight it. Alexis says no - she needs to pick up the pieces and move on. Diane asks about her and Neil - there is no me and Neil.
            Sam told Neil that Alexis lost her license. He did not know. He talks about the drink. Sam confronts him with his avoidance of Alexis. You are avoiding her, and gets up and leaves the table.

            Sonny and Mike at the GH - Liz walks up and talks to Mike (non responsive). Liz looks shocked when hetells her aobu the tube. Mike is taken to prep from the surgery. Sonny learns the pre-op talk - side effects.

            Val tells Nelle that if she tells, she will loose Wylie for good. she wants her documents - Val tells her where to find them (hmmmm)

            Carly tells Jason (who walks into the bedroom) that Mike is getting the procedure - Jason is stunned.

            And Val meets Sam while at the MC and tells her that he has a business proposal for her. Sam looks intrigued.


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              Sonny thinks his dad is in good health. The doctor tells him this is the only way to prolong Mike's life, and Sonny gives the go ahead. Felix arrives, tells Sonny that Yvoone had the procedure and had complicaitons (lots). He asks to vist Mike. Sonny looks thought ful.
              Alexis will not chase after Neil. the door bells rings and It is niel.

              Willow talks possible decisions. (Michael also has a scruffy beard - he kinda looks like JJ). Willow is so worried that Nelle will get anything - visitation. She is not afriad of Nelle (oh dear). They talk taking Wylie to the park.

              Val talks the ELQ stocks held by Sam's children. She stops him - he doesn't want to buy them, just "borrow them". Sam is surprised.
              Carly tells Jason about all the complications from feeding tube placment with a computer.
              Feliz and Sonny outside the ICU. Sonny looks at Yvonne - who is on the vent since the complications from the feeding tube.


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                doorbell rings at the Q manse. MIchael talks about show time and answers the door to nelle. she is one hour late. MIchael is not happy and tells her that he is down for his nap.

                Diane - leaves (after formal introductions and an order to call her). Neil geives her a DVD of Aida. He hems, and Alel.xis says you never watned to see me again.

                Val wants the proxy , with a payment, Sam turns him down.

                Yvonne is in restraints and fighting them. Felix tells the truth, Sonny asks good Questions. Sonny thanks Felix and leaves. Meanwhile Carly is frantic at what sonny is doing and wants to tag team Sonny. Sonny sits in the waiting area, Liz comes over and sits with him, looking sympathetic.


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                  Sonny starts talking to Liz about Yvonne - he is conflicted. He tells Liz that Mike cannot live like that (Yvoone). He feels he must do everything to keep him alive, or he fails mIke, like he failed himself.
                  Liz talks tells him that Mike owuld defend any decision that sonny makes.
                  Neil and Alexis - they have been at cross purposes. He tries to apologize and Alexis does not accept.

                  Val threatens Sam with her parole, and cites her parole officer. He tells her he can help her with her parole.

                  Nelle threatens to tell the judge that they refuse to let her see her son. Nelle picks a fight over a toy with Willow. Nelle talks about what they tell Wylie about her. and then Nelle starts in on Willow and that she is not really a mother.

                  Sonny knows that Liz/ Jason talked - asks her what she thinks, but she gives the pc answer to make a mericful decision. Sonny doesn't get it. Liz tells him that she sees Mike as a shell of a man. He cannot do - anything -with anyone - what kind of life is that? Sonny gets defensive citing AVery and the little interactions. Liz tells him that eeventually Mike will die. This is about mike, not aobut you. Sonny cries. Liz talks aobut lucky and life - grace comes when we are forced to make difficult choices.


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                    Aleixs - I am having a hard time - she needs time. He talks middle ground - she will think about it. thanks him for hte DVD, and he leaves.

                    Sam/ Val - he can get her a new PO - proxy and silence. Why should she believe him? Mutual benefit. He tells her to think about it - that it is not indefinite.

                    sonny changed his mind - no feed tube, no heroic measures. He thanks them - he had to figues it out hemself. Carly tears up. sonny leaves to talk with the doctors. Carly thanks Liz for what ever she said. Now we say good bye.

                    Nelle left a tracking devise in the kangaroo toy that wylie loves., and gets out her documents and looks at them. MIchael tells Willow she will always be Wylie's real mother.

                    sonny sits by Mike's bed in the hospital. Let's go Dad. No proceduee. Whenever you want to go to sleep - it is up to you. I love you and that Love will last forever. You can go whatever you want. Mike breathes a sigh of relief and nods his head. Tears in sonny's mike's eyes.

                    The end. Sorry for the typos. B


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                      THANK YOU Good luck to all affected by storm


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                        -Dante to WSB doctor...there is a time bomb ticking inside my head...

                        -Maxie to Lucy...something momentous is about to happen...

                        -TJ to Curtis...they offered, I turned them down...

                        -Carly to Sam...I don’t want to get into the middle of you guys...

                        -Cyrus...I’m here to discuss another matter...

                        -Jason to Jordan...we’re on the same side of this, and I’d like to keep it that way...



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