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Who do you want to be Valentin’s biological father?


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  • Who do you want to be Valentin’s biological father?

    Edward Quartermaine
    Victor Jerome
    Random Nobody
    Some other Significant Character

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    I believe this has been discussed on a previous thread in the past months.


    • #3
      I voted Edward Quartermaine. I think it would be a hoot if it were Edward Quartermaine. Can you imagine the holiday conversation this year?


      • #4
        Honestly, it would be extremely contrived and require a lot of rewriting and explaining to make someone from GH history or a past character from PC to be Valentin's father. It should be a random nobody.


        • #5
          Helena and Edward? He would have been way too old for her in her mind!!! Plus, Helena was supposedly afraid of Valentine which would lead one to believe that it was someone evil, which Edward was not. (morally challenged, but not evil). Anyway, never know how they do re-writes, but would not want them to go there with these two.


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            What about Sean Donnelly? He's a beloved former character who is already in that same orbit. Sean ran in some shady circles before cleaning up his image after moving to PC and it would not surprise me to find out that Helena would have had an affair w/ someone like him back in his young man double agent days. Sean was the man back in the day and his connections to both the WSB and DVX would make sense since Valentin was involved w/ both.

            Not for nothing, w/ Valentin going after ELQ would harken back to history when Monica and Sean were having an affair and they brought the Quartermaines to their knees financially. Monica and Sean had the Qs broke and homeless and they had to move into the rooms above Kelly's.
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            • dancingqueen12
              dancingqueen12 commented
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              Oooohhhh’. Sean Donnelly would be fascinating!
              That could be a definite possibility!

          • #7
            I can go with Sean Donnelly, whom I didn't know, but NEVER Edward Quartermaine. That man is NOT a Quartermaine, IMO.


            • dancingqueen12
              dancingqueen12 commented
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              I agree, not Edward! He had enough children from affairs. We don’t need Valentine to become a Q.

            • O_Snap!
              O_Snap! commented
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              I just can't imagine under what circumstances Edward and Helena would have hooked up. Not that I put anything past them but other than when Edward was off at war or when he disappeared for a few years I can't see how they would have crossed paths. Valentin is to young to have been born while Edward was overseas during WWII and to old to be a product of some random entanglement w/ Helena when Edward disappeared in the 80s.

          • #8
            The only one I could imagine sleeping with Helena would be Victor Jerome lol


            • O_Snap!
              O_Snap! commented
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              Helena was a beautiful woman but Victor Jerome was a dirty old man who was into younger women which is why he died trying to get into Lucy's drawers 30 years ago.

            • Batgary
              Batgary commented
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              I had to laugh when he died choking on that necklace.

          • #9
            I have 2 candidates for his paternity, as I do not want new people brought on to explain Helena's affair.
            What about Kevin and Ryan Collin's father? We know he left a son cruelly to abuse by the mother, causing Ryan to develop into a violent psychopath.
            That fits with who Helena was, and exactly the kind of thing she'd do to 2 sons.

            The second candidate/ theory is one I simply can't let go.
            I can't help it, it may be illogical or impractical, but when we go back to Valentine's earliest known history- We know that he 1) Had physical disfigurements to his face and spine and 2) Despite this, somehow got into the WSB training facility or facilities when Anna was also there. At that time, he was an outcast, but is said to have loved Anna and possibly Alex. Thus, he was not a psychopath, and is not one now.

            What this says to me so loudly is that Valentin may well be tied to Cesar Faison in some way- through Cesar's father, older brother, uncle, someone whom Helene had either a fling or a passionate love for. Cesar and Helena have a very long and twisted past together, going way back to the beginning of the Cassadines. He's there, helping her hurt people.
            Cesar is the first person to be an evil kidnapper and stalker of Anna, too. He was obsessed with her...

            I REALLY want Valentin to be related to Peter. Maybe have Dr. O come back with her heart full of new revenge and kill 2 birds with one stone.


            • #10
              Edward fits. He would be about 100 now and Helena would be about 90, Valentin is 64. Maybe Valentin has a secret reason for wanting ELQ, maybe he found out who his father was, and he's a Q.


              • #11
                I've long wanted Valentine and Peter to be related. I am not sure they would explore who his father is but I thought I heard rumor last winter that it would be a relative of Faison's (but that was before we knew he was Helena's son) there were insinuations that his mother would turn out to be Faison's sister. But now I have to wonder if it will turn out to be Faison himself or a sibling of Faison.

                I kind of want Valentine to turn out to be Peter's biological father though, not Faison - it could explain why they thought he might be Faison's son, if it turns out that Valentine is his father and he is Val's son. We know Alex and Valentine did sleep together - so it is always a possibility. Also possible that Anna really slept with Valentine and not Alex with all the brain swap stuff.


                • SamandWillowFan
                  SamandWillowFan commented
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                  Faison is too young to be Valentin’s father. Valentin has to be around the same age as Anna who is in her early 60s.

              • #12
                I thought Valentin was around 54-56 age range??


                • #13
                  Make him a Q but via Edward’s often discussed cousin Herbert.


                  • #14
                    The only way the paternity issue with Valentin has any impact is for his father to be extremely repugnant, a blight upon the face of humanity.

                    The only family which fits that description in that time frame which I'm aware of would be the Faison family males.
                    We only saw Cesar, but he was stark raving mad. He'd have done ANYTHING to hurt others, anyone at all, for any reason. The sicker, the better.
                    Just like Helena!

                    Not sure at all how much Valentin knew about Helena, but we darn sure know he knew tons of info about Cesar Faison, and likely in his early WSB days, knew the other male family members if they were criminal psychopaths too.

                    I just don't think I can bear if it Valentin is not related to the super evil Henrik ( Peter August), Valentin's fantasy lover, Anna's son with Faison.. The child he took to Faison- sacrificed that boy's future to a maniac and PC is reaping the havoc and murders.
                    So, whatever Valentin gets, Valentin deserves, IMO.
                    Last edited by MalteseBaby; August 6, 2020, 05:01 PM.


                    • #15
                      Sonny! Because, why not. Sonny is everyone else’s father. 😂😂😂. I kid. ... I’d probably like him to be Edwards. It makes no sense, but I’d just go with it. And the Helena being afraid of Valentine seems to have been swept under the old soap rug.


                      • OLTL'69
                        OLTL'69 commented
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                        LOL to both of these Sure they have to connect him to Sonny somehow so Sonny as the right to interfer

                        What happens to the will if a CHILD appears shouldn't he get a percentage? I know Tracy did not get any but he purposely left her out except that jar.

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