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Two Scoops: Jumping the shark in Port Charles


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  • ARTICLE: Two Scoops: Jumping the shark in Port Charles

    Liz Masters is back with another Two Scoops -- GH's most outrageous storylines!
    Aliens, doppelgängers, and people back from the dead, as well as latex masks and memory transplants are just a few of the crazy plot twists that make up some of the most shocking developments in GH history, but even soap scribes can occasionally jump the shark. This week, our columnist dives into the top five most outrageous storylines in GH history

    Questions? Comments? Please email me .

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    There were more subtle jump the shark moments, such as Sam sleeping with Drew without noticing that he didn't have bullet and stab wounds in the same place.

    And the big jump the shark moment for me wasn't the silly helmet. It was FrankenDrew and how this character was to be believed when he didn't have the attitude or even the accent of the man we knew and loved.

    LM always writes good articles. Thanks for posting this, Liincinti.


    • Lizincinti
      Lizincinti commented
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      IA! You would think that soulmates would know each other's bodies with their eyes closed let alone open! Also, latex must smell pretty ripe if someone has had it on all day, especially a man like Faison who liked to smoke and drink. LOL

      PS You're welcome. All of the Two Scoop writers have been working hard to keep things going through this crazy time. I've been posting these weekly on all the forums for years. I don't think there's been a single week during this COVID nightmare that there hasn't been new content on this site for all of the soaps between articles, previews, and the commentaries. It's one of the reasons that we try to feature everything on the front pages when it's posted on the forums.

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    thank YOU! we enjoy reading these having something new to read


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