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Confused About Nikolas' Plan Regarding Ava/Franco/Liz


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  • Confused About Nikolas' Plan Regarding Ava/Franco/Liz

    I haven't watched GH in years, but with the current world situation, I've been catching up and reading notes to try and figure out where all these characters are. I came across some GH clips from this past spring, and I'm confused by the story. I hope someone can clear it up:

    Nikolas is back from the dead and married to Ava. If I've got it right, he can't divorce her, because he'd lose his money? Franco is painting Ava/hanging out with her. Nik seems to be planting seeds of doubt in his so-called "best friend" Liz - by implying her husband may have an affair with Ava? Nik also spends a lot of time reminding Franco that he and Liz are "best friends" and no one will know her like he does. (Uh...Lucky? Jason? I'd say those two were close to her). It's a little confusing, because I'm just reading and watching small clips, but I'm utterly confused about this story line. Why is Nik trying to make Liz doubt Franco/trying to push Franco toward Ava? Does he want her back, because he seemed over her the last time I tuned in (5 years ago). And is Ava trying to get with Franco?

    Someone help!

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    Basically they have a cheating clause in their post nup agreement. So Nik is hoping Ava cheats with Franco and Ava hopes Nik cheats with Liz. Neither knows what the other is hoping. The story is quite lame at this point.


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      I’m not sure what is going on and i’m not feeling like Liz has much time for Nikolas beyond having known him for years and having memories together.

      He feels like someone she used know rather than a long-time friend. She has said it over and over.

      Maybe it is because it is a recast or because Liz is not giving him much of the time of day due
      to Hayden.

      But Lucky and Jason DO honestly have more of a deep connection to Liz than Nik.

      Nikolas and Elizabeth were only there for each other as a backup to Lucky and Emily. ..and Jason (when Lucky wasnt avail due to his kidnapping/brainwashing/addiction.

      Sadly, without Lucky and Emily around forcing the most loosely connected two out of the four together...
      always seemed contrived. At least when TC was here they had history and chemistry.

      Now they just feel disconnected and people tied together due to circumstance... who lost their great loves (Lucky and Emily) ...and try to remember that time together.
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        Thank you guys for clearing that up. Sounds like a waste of a story line and a waste of the actors/actresses talents. I can see it ending in affairs and disaster.


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