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Happy 50th Birthday Steve (Jason)!! 6/28


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  • Happy 50th Birthday Steve (Jason)!! 6/28

    Steve turned 50 yesterday!!

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    I saw this over the weekend and almost couldn't believe it, even though I knew he was really this old. My gosh, what a good looking specimen he is! Happy 50th Stone Cold!


    • CIEC
      CIEC commented
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      Adding my good wishes to my main man. Continue being the best character I have ever loved in a soap.

    • Jessi
      Jessi commented
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      CIEC, I co-sign your post.

      SB and Jason have always been my favorites in soapland.

      Happy Birthday, Steve.

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    yes happy birthday Steve thanks for bringing us all the memories on GH. Did anyone know he was a trapeze artist? oh I got a hoot watching that circus video that he was in now it makes so much sense how athletic he look back in the 90s makes all the sense in the world.


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      I'm a day late, but happy 50th Steve!


      • OLTL'69
        OLTL'69 commented
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        Hey especially for these milestone birthdays I think we can take a week to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE

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      Have Bless Day Mr.Birton


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        Not to age myself too much, but I remember having a bit of a crush on him when he was on the tv show "Out of This World" back in the day


        • ScrubsFan#1
          ScrubsFan#1 commented
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          Would you like to swing on a star?
          Carry moonbeams home in a jar?
          And be better off than you are?
          Or would you rather go to earth?

          Totally have that song in my head now - and I had a crush too. So wish I could utube an episode on here.

          Hard to believe he's the big 5 0 - but still looks amazing.

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        Well, fifty IS the new thirty, right?

        Happy Birthday Steve. You are most definitely rockin' fifty!

        And thanks for creating such an iconic character in Jason Morgan.

        Your understated but deeply rich portrayal is so well done, proving that less is often more.

        And what you and Kelly have created together in JaSam is so rare and special.

        PLEASE get the writers to write better storylines for this most beautiful couple, a couple who deserves to be together, emotionally and physically, together forever.


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          Steve Burton looks about 38 to 40 years old. His lifestyle has proved that taking care of yourself pays off. Happy Birthday to the man with the most beautiful blue eyes.


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            what a milestone for stone cold’s portrayer. hbd steve


            • #10
              1970’s babies yyyep.

              how some women n men aging backwards!
              Him and few others look easily 15 yrs. younger like rap artist successful CBS actor LL Cool J .”
              52 almost yet bod AND face look 30’s.”

              Ric Hearst is mid fifties( gorgeous,literally🔥 )

              Steve look much better ( Jason)
              more handsome, for the past 15yrs.,
              since mid thirties. The man is just blessed.”

              -better than his younger pretty boy cute look
              in 90’s early 2000”s.”

              Very good looking imho referring to jase.”

              Middle-age(officially) has arrived for him!

              Yet, he is so hot 🔥 so fit, built & healthy
              as ever+ still is a very good looking man.”

              Happy Birthday Steve #SteveBurton
              Ur just a older middle age fella! Not old yet.”
              + still a lot of good life to live, Steve!!!

              The lovely beautiful Laura is next! 49 or 50 soon.”
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                Well Happy 50 and sorry I am so late! 🎉🍨🍰


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