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Dev, Dustin, Brando, Brook Lynn. So many characters with nothing to do.


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  • Dev, Dustin, Brando, Brook Lynn. So many characters with nothing to do.

    Why are these characters floating around doing next to nothing? I hope that the writers have something planned for them coming soon.

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    The show was really focused on the Wiley custody battle when the hiatus began, but there were signs that these characters were going to get some use:

    1) Brook Lynn confronted Link the scummy record producer about her ELQ shares and then she encountered Val in the Metro Court. It looks like she might have figured out or be about to figure out who is trying to take over ELQ. She has also had a lot of scenes with Chase where she is assaulting someone and he is arresting her -- that looks like the beginning of a relationship.

    2) Brando slept with Molly, which is a secret that will inevitably come out. And Sam, who has been separated from Jason due to her parole mandates, has berated him a few times -- also a sign that he is going to have a lot more interaction with her. And there's the whole Cyrus Renault story -- Brando was at the shootout at the coffee warehouse, so he might get drawn into this plot.

    3) Dev is a trickier one. He has been on canvas for a long time and yet hasn't been developed much or had his back story fleshed out. Either the actor had some other commitments or the writers couldn't figure out what to do with them. But the writers were beginning to turn to the teens, setting up a triangle between Trina, Cam and Joss. Dev could have a role in this story. We still don't know why he rejected both Trina and Joss. Did he really like Joss but feel he couldn't kiss her? Or does he like someone else -- like Cam?


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      I forgot Dustin. He's Brook Lynn's ex, is dating Lulu and Joss had a crush on him. And he has a habit of showing up to save the day. But somehow he is just bland.


      • heddalee
        heddalee commented
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        I don't care if he never speaks or moves. Just seeing that fox of an actor is enough reason for me to get out of my cryogenic chamber (I'm 125 years old in a few months, thanks to my patented Cryo-ternal technology) and turn on the TV. What a fox.

      • Mr.Sami_Brady
        Mr.Sami_Brady commented
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        Helena is that you?! Lol.

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      I think there is a fine balance when introducing new characters. On too much, the character is accused of eating the show to the detriment of Sonny - oops, veterans. (Sorry, after 3 weeks of Sonny-centric episodes, it is pretty clear that character has had the bulk of stories.)

      Getting back to new characters. Bring them on too slowly and viewers forget who they are. They need to be woven into existing stories and relationships but as supporting characters, and I think that is what the writers have done. Now that Brook Lynn, Dustin, and Brando have been on canvas for a few months and people recognize them, they are being moved to more active roles in stories.

      Don't know what is going on with Dev. The writers should have explored some part of his backstory by now. Maybe, as CarnyQueen wrote, we will learn more about Dev as the teens are explored more.


      • #5
        All useless characters. They can all go.


        • #6
          I stopped watching GH earlier this year and switched over to Days. I don’t know why, but I just don’t enjoy GH anymore. When I was working from home, I tried. I think Drew, Dante, Kiki, Morgan were for me better characters than these new folks. I like a Michael, Chase but their story is odd.


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            Actually - these four characters DO have something to do as stated by posters above. They are all part of revolving secondary storylines that are in limbo due to the COVID break.

            BrookLynn may be kicked out of her family when they learn what she did. BrookLynn is also part of a triangle with Dustin and Lulu whether we like it or not.
            Brando is part of the Molly and TJ triangle, as the truth will come out. Which character survives/ TJ or Brando? TJ has longevity as Molly's first (and only) boyfriend). Brando is tied to Sonny with the Dev cover story and his involvment in the warehouse shooting. We still don't know if the character is as he seems.
            Dev is part of the teen scene which amy or may not be featured before the fall sweeps. I agree that the cast is bloated and that these four are taking space. That said, I have enjoyed their presence on the canvas, and hope that IF they are written out, it is with a plausible story finish and not a trip to attic to get their skis.


            • franron
              franron commented
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              I think that Dev"s use was to get Brando on the show, then, he (Brando) gets to go around the show, interacting with the other characters, who are always on the show.

          • #8
            As of now I'm NOT the least bit interested in any of the characters mentioned...so if any or all of left...I could care less


            • #9
              I don’t see how Brook Lynn has nothing to do when she’s involved in the Wiley story, Dustin and Lulu, and ELQ.


              • #10
                I think Brooklynn's got plenty of story potential. It's simply, and mindboggling, been backburnered for the BabySwitchQuad, which (to put it mildly) ate thshow for the last two months.

                Dev, Brando and Dustin---can go. Dev is clearly the weakest link in the teen story, and the potential Dev/Joss story seems to have shifted to Joss/Cam/Trina. With Nik's return, they could easily bring Spencer back to add to it. Brando is a footnote that no one cares about. His ONS with Molly is a minor plot point for a couple that has spent most of the last five years in offscreenGH. And Dustin as a chewtoy between Brook and Lulu? No thanks.


                • #11
                  I do like BLQ but the rest can get gone. I'll trade Brando, Dustin, Dev, Sasha, Nina, Nelle, Finn, and Jax for Dante, Lucky, Serena Baldwin, Brenda and her son (SORASed to be Joss, Cam and Trina's age).

                  We don't need Nelle's brand of sociopathic evil to stick it to Carly when Brenda's mere existence drives her batty and reveals her to be pathetically insecure.


                  • #12
                    Brando - Boring I wish his back story was better. He needs to end up being a cop or undercover trying to infiltrate Sonny's business and part of the other guys organization or the head of it. The character had potentional but fell flat. Now his sole puprose seems to be in a Molly/TJ triangle. He wasn't needed there they had enough angst with Molly being too much like Alexis to begin with. I am just not liking him much.

                    Dev - He has some potential, we still don't know too much about his family. I was really hoping that his father would turn out to be Drew and that the reason Joss has an inexplicable draw to him is his connection to Oscar and being Oscar's half-brother. But TPTB seem to want to completely erase Drew Cain from the show, so who knows. I'm sitll hoping that Drew went rogue and is the one working with Peter August and we'll see him again. Alas when Dev finally interacted with Jason, he didn't seem shocked or surprised by his appearance. Maybe he knows Drew is his father though and is playing it close to the vest.

                    I am king of rooting for Willow and Michael's fake marriage to turn into something more. I love some Chase, but Brook Lynn and he seem to be getting set up for a Lante type of romance. I like that idea. Plus Brook Lynn is like a mini-Tracy.

                    I'm not even remotely interested in the Sasha storyline with doing drugs. My guess is that she'll end up being collateral damage in a Nelle/Willow/Nina drama or she'll do something to harm another character on the show because she is high (like Maxie who I suspect may be pregnant.) and she'll point the finger at someone else for her misdeed out of fear of the repercussions.

                    And Dustin is being set up for Joss' hot for teacher storyline. She is so into him and his writing as her English teacher. Very clearly they were headed in the direction of having Joss start to obsess over Dustin, but that story seemed to have gotten dropped. I figure Dustin is just a place holder for Lulu until Dante returns anyway -and he will return at some point. I mean Olivia mentions him so often that to me is usually a giveaway that a character is on their way back to the show.


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