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Speculation on Valentin ELQ Shares


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  • Speculation on Valentin ELQ Shares

    So Valentin is going after ELQ to get revenge on Michael because he stood up to Valentin. I guess that’s also why he is helping Nelle like forging passports for her, buying her ELQ shares which I thought were in probate and she also wants revenge on Michael

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    The whole ELQ thing takes Valentin into territory where I also felt Nik didn't belong.

    At least if it's going to start like this, I want to learn that Edward was his father and he rightfully owns those shares.


    • McShirls
      McShirls commented
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      Edward's will doesn't make any allowances for his children. Only his grand and great grandchildren inherit. (besides Monica and Alice) Tracy got a jar of Pickle Lila.

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    Yep, that wonderful Valentin was helping a psycho to kidnap a toddler so he could get revenge on Michael for not letting Sasha take the fall for Valentin's fake-daughter plot.

    Valentin is such a swell guy.

    And I know that Edward mellowed over the years -- John Ingle's Edward was very different from David Lewis's Edward -- but I can't see either of them having an affair with Helena.

    I certainly don't want the Q's saddled with Valentin.


    • louisesnell96
      louisesnell96 commented
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      It’s sad that Valentin is doing all this because Michael stood up to him. CarnyQueen

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