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Two Scoops: We join this iconic 57-year-old television show already in progress


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  • ARTICLE: Two Scoops: We join this iconic 57-year-old television show already in progress

    Here is a special new Two Scoops by Tamilu
    For just about a month, General Hospital viewers have been watchingrebroadcasts of past Nurses Ball episodes. The GH studio in Los Angeles has beendark since March. What will happen when things try to get back to normal? Willthe show pick up right where it left off? Should it? Here are one columnist’sthoughts on what she’d like to see take place on-screen when GH reopens.

    Questions? Comments? Please email me .

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    First, thank you Tamilu & Lizincinti for all the wonderful columns you have both written thru the years.

    I'd love to see GH come back with a time skip to coincide with it's actual reappearance. Would love for Ava's unveiling party, Wiley's Custody Hearing & Mike's Death & the Nurses Ball all be in the rearview mirror and something we see & hear about, but drop us in in the middle of some new storylines to keep time current.

    I'd love for Covid to be brought up, and to be used to explain the distancing the actors need to keep. Would love for there to be a mention of all the people in Port Charles they contracted Covid at the party. I think the aftermath could be pretty interesting. I'd rather Mike die before Covid became an issue and Sonny to feel relief that Mike didn't have that added to his end, that Sonny & whoever else were able to be with him. Maybe, now would be the time that Audrey has Covid, and dies in a nursing home or hospital without having her family by her side, so we can hear the anguish from Elizabeth talking on the phone with Sarah or her Dad, brother, etc . There could easily be a handful of monologues (making filming easier in the beginning too) of phone conversations, zoom, etc catching us up on what we've missed. Would be ok hearing that the Nurses Ball was canceled because of covid. BrookLyn can't record because of Covid.

    And Tamilu, I agree 100% there are characters that can come & go, be front & semi center for a 12 week storyline, and then occasionally mentioned to indicate that they are alive and still present in town, we just aren't seeing them onscreen at the moment. Lulu indicating that Dante's pulling an extra shift at the PCPD because too many are out sick. Nik indicating that Spencer is at Spoon Island on a Zoom call with Emma, Cameron, and Joss. Referencing offscreen characters keeps tieing them in and indicating that they are current on whatever storylines they should be current in.

    Love how more characters seem to interact with each other these days, keep that momentum going.

    Looking forward to seeing my characters onscreen again and seeing what happens next...


    • Lizincinti
      Lizincinti commented
      Editing a comment
      Just a little clarification, Liz Masters writes columns, while Lizincinti (me) is a moderator who posts all the Two Scoops columns. :-)

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    Yet another awesome column


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      There have been multiple threads asking which repeat stories we would like to see while reruns are being shown.

      One that is often mentioned is the MetroCourt. I know I would vote for that.

      Maybe, instead of a time jump, the writers could write the 'welcome back' story like MC - where it is not a time jump but we know an outcome and then the story is told almost entirely as a flashback.

      The issue, as always, is that it has to be well written.

      Metro Court hostage was a big success, However when the same technique was used during the next sweeps - The Blck &White Ball and Emily's death, IMO wasn't as compelling.

      Since the current stories were not written as an umbrella story, maybe there were too many loose ends to do this effectively. it would be hard to incorporate everything. Maybe some things just get dropped. It wouldn't be the first time. I do recall that often during the MC I forgot I was watching in flashback until we got to the end.


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