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Which character do you relate to the most?


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  • Which character do you relate to the most?

    I know. Suspend reality a bit. But really think about why you relate to certain characters or ships. There is a reason. People like to watch fiction because they see their own lives in the narratives. We see our families in the narratives.

    For me it is Lucky Spencer and that is why I defend him when he has a lot of hate on the board these days. He had a really complex childhood. A perfect mixture of his mother and father with a lot of trauma and addiction mixed in but ultimately has a heart of gold and will do the right thing and choose good over evil. He was also wise beyond is years.

    And if I have to choose a family it is the Spencers. They never had much money, but they were resourceful and made the best of what they did have and always ... always.. played the game better or as well as those who had more resources.

    Now for you it doesn't have to be deep. But just who do you relate to and why do you fight for them so deeply? We care about these characters and their families deeply. This is why we stay here year after year. What qualities do you love in them?
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    I could totally relate to early Nina's teenage girl-ish romanticism. I'm certainly no teen either LOL, but I do get those swoony, starry-eyed feels like a high schooler more frequently than I care to admit!

    And I have to say Anna too, not that I'm anywhere as awesomely cool.(or drop-dead gorgeous), but Finola Hughes and I do almost share the exact same birthday - same month and year! 😁


    • mes349
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      Love it. This is exactly what i'm looking for... thank you for sharing.

      I especially love Anna too!

      These are some of the reasons we love soaps!

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    Willow and I are both preschool teachers. I find it very refreshing to have someone like her on the show - and was excited to see all of her scenes with the kids in the classroom. It's nice to have a GENUINELY good person on the show. One that's not tarnished with the darkness that is forced onto many of the other characters.

    Disappointed that her storyline has veered so far south. Am still hoping somewhere down the line that Chase can BEG her forgiveness - and she can be with the man she TRULY loves.

    Will ALWAYS root for her.


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      Spinelli.. because he reminds me of my
      younger son who is on the spectrum..I understand Spin's uniqueness, his social
      akwardness...(and I really enjoy his Spin speak as it make me pay attention to dialogue)
      so as much as I understand he can be very annoying to most I understand Spin..

      And I have only ever really been mad at my other fav Sonny for his bully behavior when he has picked on Spin.. both with the Freaky Boy
      comments ( even Mo commented he didn;t want to say that but they made him) and when he slammed Spin in the pillar and knocked him out.
      I get he annoys Sonny but I hate when they make me choose sides with my favs but I will
      choose Spin over Sonny in those situations.

      The other is Dante and Olivia they do remind me of my Italian side of the family. Olivia with her cooking and bringing food to every occasion her relationship with Dante and I
      laughed when Lante got married.. they showed random Falconeri family/old neighborhood neighbors.. I remember people comment on how sterotypical they were showing the Italians.
      Well I guess my family must be a sterotype cuz they reminded me of my family..it was great.
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        I can kick as high as Anna, so I definitely can relate to her, at least I could back in her Emma Peel-like spy days.

        However, I always related most to Laura. I was in grade school and always loved seeing this girl on my show who was feisty and cute and a force to be reckoned with. My mother always told me that she loved Laura because we had the same smile. I do not care for how matronly the show has been writing her, and I will just forget the writers who wrote her as a catatonic mop or as someone who hid that her son ordered a hit or that Jason was supposedly back, because that wasn't true to the characterization at all. I could see myself, though, teasing someone like she was teasing Robert the other day.


        • Moore ideas
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          believeinme246, "I can kick as high as Anna, so I definitely can relate to her..."

          HAHAHA!! Not only am I impressed, but that's one of the funniest answers I've seen in a long time.

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        In real life, I'm a cross between Emily and Liz. Sensitive, quiet, dedicated my life to helping others. Cry easily and forgive easily. Laugh and love, and don't commit crimes or stir up trouble. I look more like Emily than Liz, but am older.


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          Epiphany. I am a caretaker by nature. And I am a plus size woman who attracts rather handsome men. I would be all over Drew if I was younger.
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            I relate to Olivia. She is a feisty Italian lady from Brooklyn with a big heart who never wants to hurt anyone and tries to see the best in them. But don’t make her angry or think you can manipulate her. She loves her family and loves to cook. Her children are her life. So glad she finally found a good guy like Ned.


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              These days, I’d say the bowl of moss. 😂😂. In general, though, probably Elizabeth. We don’t have similar life experiences. We have similar temperaments and attitudes. 2nd would probably be Laura. There are plenty of other characters I love to watch and root for, but strictly on relatability, these would be the two. Wait... three. I forgot the moss. 🤓


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                I relate to the snarky comments like Tracy and Dr. O .

                I can relate to the tendency to overthink and question things like Alexis also not know what to do if I can’t be what I feel I do best . For me it’s look out for others even if it’s in a small way .

                My emotions and sensitivity is similar to Liz and Laura

                I can be quick to judge like Carly and Olivia.


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                  Mine is Luke. I'm 20 years younger, but I always related to his bad habits (nothing rapey, though) and dark side. Splashed in are moments of deep love and compassion. I'm loyal to friends and family and sometimes I just disappear for a while. I'm sober now, but spent much of my life in various states of drunkeness.


                  • mes349
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                    I get it. Luke is on my list as well.
                    Congrats on being sober! I have been working on it for two years with some good strings of times togetber. Covid had made it hard.

                    But yeah, another reason that I relate to Lucky. Good people can be taken down by substances and make some horrible decisions that are so out of character. I am one of them. I have a lot of empathy for Lucky AND Luke.

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                  I would say Robin, Felicia or Laura.


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                    My husband isn't a mobster and my best friend is not a hitman but I relate to Carly the most. Mainly because I really enjoy her character and I think I could be a rich owner of an hotel.


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                      My husband isn't a mobster and my best friend is not a hitman but I relate to Carly the most. Mainly because I really enjoy her character and I think I could be a rich owner of an hotel.


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                        I don’t relate to any characters on a personal level myself, even Carly. Relating directly to any soap character seems quite the scary proposition. I think there’s a very distinct difference between relating to someone and finding someone relatable. That’s the ticket for me. And GH struggles with that nowadays. Relatability comes from character exploration and serious POV. Understanding character POV and motivations is key element of storytelling that GH now seriously lacks. But that is how the audience finds characters relatable. They need to get back there.


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