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Hiatus and the show going forward[merged]


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    I don;t know I don;t think a long hiatus , and
    I agree we are looking at Sept at earliest we might get new shows. but this long a hiatus is not good.

    Look what happened to soap after the OJ trial
    and that wasn;t nearly as long.

    If they want to fill time they could reshow the
    "24 hour" stories..Between Metro court hostage Crisis, Toxic Balls and B& W Ball that would likely take us thru August ..The B&W ball was like about 3 week long it started around Halloween in our time ended like a couple days
    before the Thanksgiving episode.

    I don;t have much interest in watching these current (within the past couple years) NB they weren;t overly exciting the first time.. Hopefully
    they should go back more than 5 to 10 years or heck re run the Stone AIDS story or even BJ heart...I would rewatch and those who weren;t watching then could see them.


    • #17
      Im just going to sit back watch the GH shows til they return..Which Im sure they will sooner than later...


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        The GH return could be initiated with the "Back To Work" scenario. The courts could have shut down for certain types of cases; the hospital could open with the release of healed Corona Virus patients (especially since New York was the major US virus center). Michael and Willow maintained custody of Wiley until the return; etc; plus flashbacks of what it was like for the 3 months past.

        I'm sure some other poster has considered this, and maybe I missed it, but would be interested in this as a possible GH return and Sweeps start.
        GH has done the Monkey virus thing in the past with the Sonny and Emily s/l in 2006 (14 years ago). Could recreate an updated improved version!

        What are your thoughts? AE2recalibrate.


        • militarymom
          militarymom commented
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          No interest whatsoever in seeing the virus on my soap. We all need a break from it!!
          Last edited by militarymom; May 29, 2020, 08:10 AM.

        • believeinme246
          believeinme246 commented
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          I agree about not wanting to see the virus on GH. Not only do I want my escape, but any discussion would be obsolete because the world would have more knowledge about it by the time the episode actually aired. If we had it, I could see Nelle contracting it and then sneezing on Carly without a mask. It's sad that I expect so little from the writing, but still think of the horrendous writing when Lisa Niles was going to inject someone with HIV. It taught me not to expect better from more recent episodes.

          I'd rather our stories just pick up where they are, but to have each actor film alone on the set and to have editing superimpose them into a room together.

          This will also allow for a slow burn where we see couples emotionally fall in love, before they get physical. It won't be like real couples, but we'll have our show back and moving forward.

        • Bkes Mom
          Bkes Mom commented
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          I too would rather them not deal with covid 19 on the show. As others said, tv should be an escape from this devastation.

      • #19
        What do you think GH should do when they start filming again a time jump with flashbacks or pick where they left off.


        • Carlys #1 Fan
          Carlys #1 Fan commented
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          Pick up where they left off

        • SAMLEXIS FAN
          SAMLEXIS FAN commented
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          Pick up where they left off. I want to see what happens with Nina's testimony & the Nina/Nelle mother daughter reveal.

        • Ribbonette
          Ribbonette commented
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          Pick up where they left off. If I can suspend belief for other things, I can certainly do it if they pick up the story in a different season.

      • #20
        What would you like to see. My ideas. Britt returning to pc with Julians baby. Mac Investigating nells murder. Sonny, jason. And Carly are prime suspects. Fri z have figured out Nava are manipulating them. They are excited to find out Liz is expecting twin girls. Joss has decided she wants cam but cams friendship with trina has turned into something more. Cyrus ttys to pull the jerome into his organization but they refuse. The danger draws Nava closer togethet. Peter who is a member of cyrus organization is worried because drew is alive and making his way back to pc. Just my idea.


        • SamandWillowFan
          SamandWillowFan commented
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          I don’t think they’ll time jump a year, just the amount of months they’ve been gone. So if they return in July, they’ll time jump 2 months.

        • Forgiveness_Man
          Forgiveness_Man commented
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          Originally posted by SamandWillowFan View Post
          I don’t think they’ll time jump a year, just the amount of months they’ve been gone. So if they return in July, they’ll time jump 2 months.
          Agreed. Although if they don't resume filming for most of the summer, we're looking at a return in September/August. So this will definitley be a significant timejump for a soap. (It's not like they routinely skip 3 months.) I think a brief time jump to catch up is good because it allows us to have a good gap mystery without it being too huge of a shakeup to the dynamic as far as kid actors or whatnot.

        • eileenregina
          eileenregina commented
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          No.More.Babies. Just what Julian needs another toddler,no thanks.

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