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Poll: Which time period are you most interested in seeing repeat episodes from?


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  • Poll: Which time period are you most interested in seeing repeat episodes from?

    It seems more and more likely that any hope for episodes before 2012 (FV taking over as EP) will never happen.

    But hope springs eternal... I wanted to get a pulse for which time period holds the most interest. Which time period would you most be interested in watching repeat episodes from?
    2005 - 2011
    1998 - 2004
    1991 - 1997
    1984 - 1990
    1977 - 1983
    1970 - 1976
    1963 - 1969

  • #2
    I'd love to see the early days of Laura and Scotty and then the story of the left-handed boy. If we could even work in the David Hamilton story, since I never saw those episodes, I'd love it.


    • #3
      Love to see anything prior to 2000.


      • mes349
        mes349 commented
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        This comment right here. Yes please.

    • #4
      1990-2002. Late 80s and all of the 90s were the best. Disown anything from after 2003-2012. Those years never happened to me but for a few exceptions.
      Last edited by Jrjames84; May 24, 2020, 10:40 AM.


      • #5
        I would like to see consecutive episodes leading up to the "seduction " to see if it is anything like my memory. In my head, Luke was in love with Laura and Laura in love with Luke but didn't want to admit it to herself because of Scotty.
        Don't think anyone had heard of date rape or no means no then.
        In a short scene I saw recently it sure looked like rape.
        I feel naive to have felt that was part of their love story but I guess I wasn't alone.
        I need an embarrassed emoji here.


        • Laura Luke
          Laura Luke commented
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          I think you aren't alone

        • OLTLBoomer
          OLTLBoomer commented
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          taramartin - I knew it was date rape, and yes, I had heard of it. The way it played out was different ways to different viewers. The actors tell that it was written, staged and played as a rape. Then it was re-written. I have not problems with them airing the "seduction" and the shows before and after, but with a PSA.

        • lukeslove
          lukeslove commented
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          It's all on youtube. all ya gotta do is watch it. Why watch it again if you feel embarrassed... Oy!

      • #6
        Why do they keep showing the ones that are so recent? We are still in some of those story lines! Even if FV doesn't want to show anything he was not a part of, 2012 would be better than 2017.


        • #7
          Originally posted by psherman View Post
          Why do they keep showing the ones that are so recent? We are still in some of those story lines! Even if FV doesn't want to show anything he was not a part of, 2012 would be better than 2017.
          I think the reasoning is it’s more expensive to show older episodes since they were a bit longer, the music rights, and the residuals they’d have to pay.

          ...Although I don’t think all of those same problems would be there for stuff from the early or late 2000s. So I have no idea why they aren’t showing disaster sweep episodes like the train crash, Metro Court hostage crisis, or stuff like that.


          • Pamcho
            Pamcho commented
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            It would be ore expensive, you know what? Y&R is doing it, and it's a hoot to see the legacy characters 20-30 years younger and the hair styles & fashions.

        • #8
          I voted for 84 to 90 cause
          1.Those years were so good and many of those charactors we wont see together again

          2.Sean, Robert and Frisco days were so much fun.
          3.Frisco/Tony.FnF,RnH and Sean/Tiffany,Tony/Tania,Tony/Bobbie were my fav/
          I know that FnF stuff is on YT but I would watch GH Live for those people.

          Last edited by GConnDi; May 24, 2020, 06:38 PM.


          • #9

            That was my favorite era. The Robert, Frisco, Sean, Ana, Robin, Felicia, and Tiffany group were the most fun and interesting.

            Also loved couples like Brian/Claudia, Bobbie/Jake, Tony/Tanya, Simone/Tom, etc.


            • Ginuwine
              Ginuwine commented
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              Hi, AMHardulak. Yes. I think it was Sammi Davis Jr.

            • Ginuwine
              Ginuwine commented
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              Hi, believeinme246, I love Brian and Claudia too. And I definitely agree about them returning and we could meet their children. They had two twin girls.

            • AMHardulak
              AMHardulak commented
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              YES! Sammi Davis Jr. was WONDERFUL as Bryan's father (I remember thinking how cool it was that such a mega star was on my soap)

          • #10
            I want to see episodes from 2003-2006, then from 20008-9. I want to see all episodes from the first day that Sam and Jason had scenes together, way before they were together as a romantic couple. I loved those very early scenes between Jason and Sam, when they tolerated each other for Sonny's sake. I especially liked the scenes where Sonny asked Jason to watch over Sam one night when she was a little drunk. It was in the penthouse, and Sam was mocking Jason for taking orders from Sonny. It was so funny, and so typical of JaSam.


            • #11
              I would say the 90's and maybe the late 2000's.


              • #12
                Loved when Jason and Sam first met.. and how much chemistry they had... they were great....


                • #13
                  Hi J_Sam. I've been trying to respond to your notification, but it's just not working. Thank you for the notification, it's always a pleasure reading your posts. We think alike when it comes to JaSam!


                  • #14
                    Anything pre Carly. Her intro to me marked the GH I have zero interest in ever seeing again.

                    70s, 80s, and some of the 90s.


                    • #15
                      I voted 1998- 2004. I've seen a handful of episodes from the mid-90s, but less of the late 90s. I haven't seen much GH from 2000-2004, but have seen a lot from 2005- 2015.


                      • mes349
                        mes349 commented
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                        You really need to watch the Lucky and Liz storyline from 1998 if you have not seen anything from the late 90s. Probably the most iconic thing you can watch from the late 90s that people will reference. Liz's rape in 1998. Not easy to watch but you will see why Liz and Lucky became a thing. Masterful storytelling. It is on youtube. I had professors in my creative writing classes talk about it at Penn State in 2006. So... you know it is the real deal.

                      • soapgirl9
                        soapgirl9 commented
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                        I think I've only seen two episodes from that time. Elizabeth crawling out of the bushes after her rape and the aftermath of Lucky's "death". I definitely need to watch early Liz and Lucky, they were good together.

                      • december rose
                        december rose commented
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                        Those episodes really showcase RH talent. How iconic they are that people remember them and talk about them over 20 years later.

                        However, tptb rarely showcase Becky's talent now, They use her mostly as a prop. While maybe she was never officially a lead actress, she certainly was prominent part of many memorable stories.

                        And I really doubt that tptb would want to remind viewers of the chemistry between JJ and RH

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