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  • OLTLBoomer
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Mar 2010
    • 16861

    AG has closed the book on the character of Luke Spencer. His interview with NLG confirmed it.
    At the close of character on screen, Luke had reverted back to his original self. He could not be pinned down. Tracy alluded to his latest con with the "tulip bulbs" at Christmas, and the fact that Ned had to contact his mother tells us that Luke does not want to be found. Luke was always an independent, in the moment character; he was never like the other characters, keeping in touch with family and friends, unless he needed something or it was for someone he loved.
    I respect that TPTB have kept the character's image intact.


    • CarnyQueen
      I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
      • Mar 2006
      • 9154

      This might not be the place for this, but I just can't understand the evolution of Luke.

      I started watching after Luke raped Laura, but I got the impression (and Genie Francis confirmed it on "The Story of the Soaps") that Gloria Monty decided to try to paint it as a rape-seduction because she realized that she had hit pay dirt with the Luke & Laura pairing. Luke went from being a sort of conman with a sketchy past who was helping his sister Bobbie on a scheme (to get Scotty?) and then transformed into an adventurer who didn't do things by the book but who was definitely on the good guys' side. He saved the world from being frozen and all that.

      For a while he was the mayor of Port Charles, and then he left for a while and the actor came back as Bill Eckert and then Bill was offed and TG came back as Luke.... it's all very confusing in my memory.

      But I did get the impression that Luke, while a flawed man and not a conventional one, was supposed to be basically a good guy who loved Laura and Lucky and was a loving dad who spent a lot of time with his kid and loved Bobbie and Aunt Ruby and was a great friend to Robert and Sonny and a bunch of other people.

      I stopped watching for a long time and when I came back, Luke had turned into a sort of cynical, selfish grifter who had married Tracy for her money and was being mean to her. He had turned into a deadbeat dad who basically abandoned Lulu and just got worse from there, to the point where he supposedly struck and killed his grandson with a car and didn't really care.

      That whole transformation never made sense to me, but then I wasn't watching consistently enough to get a good idea of how it happened. Anyone want to fill me in?


      • Ribbonette
        Ribbonette commented
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        I agree. I never understood the transformation either, but it sounds like it was AG who decided the direction of Luke, not the writers/producers. He didn't want to be tied down to L&L. I much preferred the original - the adventurer who loved his family to the core.

      • believeinme246
        believeinme246 commented
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        I agree with all said. In the interview, TG said that it was Monty who told him to protect the character of Luke, but Monty made him the man he was, who committed something terrible, but fiercely loved his wife and children. So to me, in her mind, Monty told him to protect and fight for that character. It seemed, however, that TG instead chose to protect and fight for the Luke that he created, the one that as a far cry from the character who many of us fell in love with. I admire TG terribly for being absolutely sick that the rape was considered to be something seductive, but I also think that he terribly misread Monty's comments. JMHO.
    • desertfox
      Executive Poster
      • Nov 2015
      • 3820

      I can see it now... Luke helps Robert to see if Holly is actually dead, only to find her alive and both arrive in PC together.


      • lukeslove
        lukeslove commented
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        Robert might return with Holly if Emma Saams ever decides to cross the pond from England. Since she is recovering form Covid, I doubt she would be willing to come back to Los Angeles in these crazy times. As far as Tony Geary returning to the states ever is doubtful after hearing his interview with NLG.
    • Ribbonette
      Contract Poster
      • Sep 2015
      • 3316

      Echoing what others said. No need for Luke to return EVER. The ending of his time was about as good as it could have been and bringing him back, even for a short stint, would ruin that.

      With that, I also agree that Luke shouldn't be recast. I didn't like him for the last decade or so, but he is an iconic character and highly unlikely another actor would be accepted as Luke. The only reason to bring him back would be for AG to make an appearance.


      • militarymom
        Contract Poster
        • Nov 2019
        • 2897

        Sorry, but I hope Loke never returns!!


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