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GH Rewind: The Timoria Storyline/Online Gaming (1996ish?)


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  • mes349
    Board Regular
    • Oct 2011
    • 687

    GH Rewind: The Timoria Storyline/Online Gaming (1996ish?)

    I was thinking since GH is on hiatus we should do past storyline posts. Maybe we can title them GH Rewind?

    I remember the gist of it was Stefan was trying to exact revenge on Luke and Laura for the death of Stavros. I believe Alexis heavily was behind the plot?

    At any rate, I was playing an online game tonight with some friends and the Timoria storyline randomly popped in my head. In 1996, GH was cutting edge using online game play as a plot device. It definitely wasn't as widespread as it is now...now it is a part of every day life for people.

    Anyway, what I remember most is Stefan playing an online computer game with Lucky called "Timoria". I was around Lucky's age at the time (12-13) so the details are a little blurry... but I remember Laura was getting increasingly frustrated with Lucky over his constantly playing the game online and was suspicious of these online friends. He said they weren't any different than his real life friends. Pretty novel stuff for 1996. Lucky was always into computer and tech. He was primed to become Spinelli with his cyberhacking...which he was heavily into until the fire.

    Anyway, Laura was right...it was Stefan on the other side of the screen and they had Lucky play the game to unearth clues. It was a mystery game.

    Didn't he eventually lure Lucky to a swamp and he almost died? Man that guy has enough ptsd to last a lifetime. lol. Now wonder he fled PC.

    Does anyone else rem this storyline and want to fill in some more details? That is the extent of what I remember. I believe the whole thing is on youtube.
  • eileenregina
    • Jun 2011
    • 5291

    Vaguely. I think the name was supposed to stand for something. I would like seeing some those 90s episodes again.


    • sasha_96
      Contract Poster
      • Jan 2006
      • 2518

      Vengeance/Revenge. Timoria has a few translations but what Stefan said it meant on the show was vengeance and revenge. This was back in the very early days where Lucky was angry at Laura for Nikolas existing and then was unhappy that it was Nikolas who was able to save Lulu. Part of the revenge was that Stefan married Bobbie.


      • Luke
        Aspiring soap scribe
        • Mar 2004
        • 18993

        Wow. Alot of stuff I have forgotten from that time. This I vaguely remember. I'll go and see if any of that stuff is on YouTube.


        • soapgirl9
          soapgirl9 commented
          Editing a comment
          I think someone put the whole storyline on YouTube. I definitely remember seeing parts of it online, but that was a few years back.

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