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GH Favorite Songs Past, Present, Future Recommendations


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  • 2020recalibrate
    Board Regular
    • May 2020
    • 1355

    GH Favorite Songs Past, Present, Future Recommendations

    So many great ones! especially 1980s "Baby Come To Me" Luke and Holly Theme. "Think of Laura" Return of Laura to PC after Cassadine kidnapping.
    Do you have any favorites?

    Any recommendations for GH's return in the Fall?
  • ScrubsFan#1
    • Sep 2012
    • 4806

    Frisco and Felicia's - Lady of my Heart


    • believeinme246
      Aspiring soap scribe
      • Jan 2015
      • 15694

      I don't remember it on the show, but I loved Rick Springfield's Jessie's Girl. It always made me think of Jessie in her cardigan sweater, working the nurse's station next to Bobbie.


      • GConnDi
        GConnDi commented
        Editing a comment
        Rick Springfielfd sang Jessie's Girl on GH at the 2013 GH Nurses Ball which aired April 8 2013.
        Rick did not sing on GH in 1980s.
        He was busy romancing the nurses at GH and being Dr Noah Drake.
    • divamagenta
      Senior Board Member
      • Nov 2014
      • 1664

      All I Need ❤ Also OGFranco's Mad World and Jasam's Baby Just You and Me.

      While it was never in the show as far as I recall, I always got a kick out of the novelty song/rap General Hospi-tale?


      • believeinme246
        believeinme246 commented
        Editing a comment
        I just can't cope without my soap. General Hospi-tale!
    • sasha_96
      Contract Poster
      • Jan 2006
      • 2565

      Ned’s version of “You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth” at the Nurse’s Ball in 2014.


      • envious01
        Soap Addict
        • Jan 2007
        • 6038

        From the glory days, nothing beats "Think of Laura" by Christopher Cross, and "Lady Of My Heart" by Frisco/Jack Wagner.

        But i would say the mid 2000's til 2011 had a slew of REALLY good and distinguishable songs for all the couples.

        "Where You Are" by Rie Sinclair for Lucky and Elizabeth
        "Just You and Me" by Jayson Belt for Jason and Sam
        "Patience" by Chad Heam for Carly and Jax
        "Cloud 9" by Cory Paul for Robin and Patrick
        "Home Again" by Daena Jay for Sonny and Brenda (circa 2011)
        "Close Your Eyes and Wander" by Ernie Halter for Maxie and Spinelli


        • heddalee
          Contract Poster
          • Feb 2009
          • 2546

          I'm going to go with General Hospit-ale. I just can't cope without my soap.


          • GConnDi
            Senior Board Member
            • Dec 2012
            • 2043

            My favorites were
            I am going with Sneak Attack,Make Me Believe It which Blackie,Frisco and RiffRaff Performed.
            LOMH /Lady of My Heart FnF Theme Jan 1985 was one of most Romantic Couples Songs.
            FnF Theme is a fav 35 years latter.
            While AIN {All I Need }was Jack's Wagner biggest hit it was not a fav of mine.
            Thet used the Love Theme from St Elmos Fire during the AQ sl for FnF.
            I was around Brad Maule Tony Jones age when Jack as Frisco showed up on GH.

            Lighting Up the Night by JW was a fun song.
            The Right Key 1989 {Acoustic Verson by Jack Wagner which Frisco sang to Felicia

            Stay Where You Are by Jack Wagner is great song.Frisco sang this to Felicia at Delifields Opening.
            Felicia told Frisco she was Preg with Maxie that night 1990 .
            KW was pregant in Real Life so the timing was perfect for FnF to be Pregant on GH Live.
            GH Writers changed Maxie Birth date in early 2000s to 1986.

            Think of Laura by Chris Cross I know was Laura Song.
            Robert Scorpio Song was great from the 80s.

            I remember James Ingram performing on GH July 1985 at a Port Charles Telethon.
            Rick Springfield never sang on GH in 80s.
            When RS came back to GH as Patrick Drake Dad in 2000s he did perform.
            At GH 2013 NB he sang his 80s hit Jessie Girl.
            I remeber Ricky Martin was on GH in 94
            I rember Mary Mae Ward performing at Lukes Club mid 90s

            I do rember Ned as Eddie Maine Singer at Night

            Last edited by GConnDi; May 22, 2020, 08:22 PM.


            • OLTLBoomer
              Aspiring soap scribe
              • Mar 2010
              • 16375

              Yes - I am going there. "Rise" Herb Alpert. It was one of my favorite songs before GH.


              • franron
                franron commented
                Editing a comment
                I've always liked that song, too. Still do. I turn it up whenever it happens to come on my stereo machine.
            • AMHardulak
              Aspiring soap scribe
              • Jan 2009
              • 10258

              Dave Koz' "Faces of the Heart" General Hospital opening theme!


              • Jackaled
                Jackaled commented
                Editing a comment
                The best opening GH had "Faces of the Heart"

                The ONLY thing I ever liked of the Franco
                Trilogy was his theme song...
                Adam Lambert's "Mad World"

              • AMHardulak
                AMHardulak commented
                Editing a comment
                ^^LOVED Adam Lambert's "Mad World." Truly mesmerizing!

              • ann gabriel
                ann gabriel commented
                Editing a comment
                Adam Lambert is such a rare talent!
                Eight octave range.
                Amazing style.
                He can sing anything!
                Best talent to ever come out of AI, bar none, imo.
            • Ginuwine
              Executive Poster
              • Oct 2017
              • 4279

              Frisco/Felicia - Right Key, Lady of My Heart, and Love Can Take Us All The Way.

              Robert/Holly - How Do We Keep The Music Playing and The Greatest Love Affair

              Robert/Ana - All Is Fair In Love

              Robin/Patrick - Cloud 9

              Robert's song - Axel F

              I also love All I Need.
              Last edited by Ginuwine; May 22, 2020, 05:52 PM.


              • Sharon Sims
                Recurring Poster
                • Aug 2019
                • 462

                just you and Me .. Jasam song perfect


              • GeminiTC
                Soap Addict
                • Jul 2008
                • 5734

                Love Can Take Us All The Way (Frisco and Felicia)
                The Greatest Love Affair (Robert And Holly)
                Shadows In A Mirror (Sonny and Brenda)
                Baby, Come To Me (Luke and Holly)
                Wicked Game (Karen/Jagger/Brenda triangle)
                Axel F (Robert's Theme)
                Think Of Laura
                Last edited by GeminiTC; May 22, 2020, 04:30 PM.


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