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Best Sonny/Jason Scene of All Time


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  • Best Sonny/Jason Scene of All Time

    As a long time viewer, the scenes with Sonny and Jason discussing Mike's final days in the hospital have been the best of the two I've seen in 25 years.

    Great stuff.

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    I have to agree. I can like Sonny and Jason when they are like this, like real people with real emotions. I wish they mob version of them would go away. These two have so much potential to be so much more on this show as good guys with hearts. Unfortunately, we don't get to see this version of Sonny and Jason very often.


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      2nd best scene
      When Sam lost the baby Jason and Sonny was so sad


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        When Jason stayed with Sonny after Lily died


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          I'm sure there are lots to choose from https://giphy.com/gifs/the-office-eye-roll-dEdmW17JnZhiU


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            I could instantly tell that was their last scene and they knew it


            • AMHardulak
              AMHardulak commented
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              Their last scene with MG, for sure.

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            When Jason told Sonny he would tell everyone he was father of Sams baby. From 2004 I think


            • samson2
              samson2 commented
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              Do you know where to find that scene??

            • Wendall Wilcox
              Wendall Wilcox commented
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              You can goto YouTube I believe. It’s dated 5/21/04

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            I’ve grown to intensely dislike both characters over the years.

            But yes, this scene was one I’m going to think a lot about, even years later. Jason gently telling Sonny what Elizabeth said about this stage of Mike’s disease. Sonny waffling over wanting to make the right decision. Jason describing putting himself in Mike situation and imagining his own kids agonizing over what to do. Discussing how Mike has always tried to make amends and do right by Sonny...meaning he would want Sonny to do whatever he wants and whatever would be the right call for his son.

            These Mike scenes lately (the mob ties a year or two back with the dead body were a hiccup to this storyline and not appreciated on my end) have been intensely touching and realistic. It (along with the Ryan Chamberlain storyline) have been my lone favorites..for quite a number of years.
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              There are so many but I loved them when Sam was having Lila and both men were distraught for very different reasons. I enjoyed scenes surrounding Jason helping Sonny deal with his bipolar diagnosis.


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