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Live Thread 5/21


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  • Jackaled
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Nov 2007
    • 56772

    Live Thread 5/21

    Today is our last new show until..whenever..

    Laura at MC on the phone she see Robert
    he says reports of Holly death greatly exagerated. His gut instinct

    Maxie telling Sasha the shot are wonderful. Peter and Valentin looking at them he offers
    his opinion. Maxie says I thought you were
    silent partner.

    Ned on the phone about ELQ shares. He finds out someone buying shares.

    Olivia on the phone this is amazing I never said those words before like you see me to my soul.
    Brook is there listening.. Brook says it sounds like you are having affair behind dad back.

    Jax comes to Crimson to see Nina and wish her good luck.

    Nelle takes the stand.. Carly shakes her head.
  • OLTLBoomer
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Mar 2010
    • 15875

    Laura is on the phone with someone, discussing her interest in GH as a Trustee and wants to know the status of the Nelle Benson lawsuit.

    Valentin wanted to be at the launch - he is pleased. Tells Maxie he is on to other ventures,,,,, as Ned learns that Dillon is receiving offers (plural) to buy his shares. He asks someone to check on the rest of the family as to their shares...

    Nina is still not sure what she will do and wonders if this is right....

    MIchael and Willow - she holds his hand.....

    and I have popcorn....


    • tvaddict4965
      tvaddict4965 commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks for bringing the popcorn...I'll start my Keto diet tomorrow. LOL
  • Jackaled
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Nov 2007
    • 56772

    Laura says the ship didn;t sink. Robert says
    Mac and Anna didn;t give me whole story.
    Laura is like do they think she survived.
    Robert says I know my ex wife. until WSB
    release the report I can;t go save her.

    Olivia is like don;t be absurd.
    Olivia says I don;t have to tell you.
    Brook says I will repeat what I heard
    to my father. Olivia says she ws talking to her psychic.

    Valentin says Deception will be main sponser
    of Nurse Ball. We will have launch party. Maxie likes the head shots of Sasha whatever she did is great. Sasha remember taking the vial

    Jax says you know how I feel. If you are wrong
    Wiley pays the price. You will feel responsible.
    Nina says if I don;t stand up for her and she loses her child..

    Martin tells Nelle to give her story of WIley
    What was your reaction when you thought the baby who was dead was alive. Nelle was so
    overwhelmed that her little boy was alive she was sad Brad had orchestrated this whole thing.
    Sam shows up.. Brad switched him and watched me grieve how could he do that. Martin says Julian believed he was Wiley grandfather. Yes
    once we found out the truth we were shocked. the pain bought us closer..


    • OLTLBoomer
      OLTLBoomer commented
      Editing a comment
      Apparently Sam knows about her father's marriage. She does not look surprised.
      Color: Nina is wearing a navy red stripes wrap dress )or maybe it is a suit with a peplum jacket) that is very dark.....
      Sam is wearing a black large white pinstripe suit with a black camisole underneath.
      Last edited by OLTLBoomer; May 21, 2020, 02:21 PM.
  • Jackaled
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Nov 2007
    • 56772

    Brook laughs a psychic Ned says enough.
    Olivia says she comes highly recommended
    how else will find anything out about Dante.
    Brook is like so sorry I ddin;t stop to think.
    Ned gives Brook a look. Olivia doesn;t know
    what to do he sends my letter back I have no
    idea if he is even ok.. Ned is sorry.. Why are you sorry He didnt; see his wife is in pain.

    Sasha says this was important and a chance
    to prove myself. I am an equity partner so however good the company does it am.
    Uh oh Maxie gets light headed...Peter says go
    take a break.

    Nelle says I don;t speak for my husband, Martin says do you love your husband. Nelle says Julian love Wiley he would be excellent co parent. Julian loves Wiley as much as I do what mother could find anythig more appealing Sam looks like she is about to throw up.

    Nina says how lonely Nelle must be. She could wind up in prison.. Jax says yep and if she does
    it her own doing..you are not responsible for her.
    Nina remembers her convo with Nelle.

    Martin says why do you deserve sole custody
    Nelle says I missed two years then Micheal
    kept him away from me.. I have paid my dues.
    She wants to make sure Wiley had family he deserves. Diane turn. Diane says you have roots here now.. Will you tell the court why when you find out WIley was your you showed up at the apartment where Willow was watching him and attacked her.. Martin stand up and objects.


    • OLTLBoomer
      OLTLBoomer commented
      Editing a comment
      Ned mentions the hostile take over and Brookie does a double take and thinks....
      Maxie is now in the running for who may be pregnant....
      and everyone looks shocked when Diane brings up Nelle's assault on willow an Martin yells inflammatory!! (didn't that case get thrown out?)....
  • jodyb22
    Soap Addict
    • Sep 2009
    • 5776

    Jackaled, Boomer and Karma...in case I never watch GH again, I just want to express my sincere thank you for all the days you got me through at work when I was too curious to wait till I got home. Y'all rock for all you have done and do for us!


    • DaffyMaiden
      DaffyMaiden commented
      Editing a comment
      I second this. Our Governor is talking again...
  • Jackaled
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Nov 2007
    • 56772

    Laura is like well Nik came back from the dead
    so who am I to say otherwise. Robert needs help he tried calling Luke but couldn;t does she have his contact. Laura says Tracy would be your best bet.

    Ned talks someone taking over ELQ. Ned says
    lets talk later. leaves. Ned says I am not so sure
    consulting a psychic Olivia says I feel helpless
    Rocco had take a dad to work day. He took Dustin Rocco looks at him as father figure like my son is being erased. what motivation will he have to come home. Feel like I am running out of time. That psychic only person telling me Dante will be ok.. Ned says don;t you think this person is telling you what you wanna here.

    Brook on the phone with Linc.. Needs face to face immediatley.

    Valentin mentions Micheal getting married to
    Sasha. who says my personal life is personal.
    Valentin has been where she is. Nothing is black and white.

    Jax sasy Nelle is too damaged and worst case senario is her raising Wiley. Nina says she need to leave courthouse.

    Martin says no evidence of this. Daine says do you love your husband. Nelle says every fire of my being.. Diane says as of this morning.

    Martin calls Julian Jerome.. Julian is like he said I wouldn;t have to testify. Nelle reminds him what is at stake.


    • OLTLBoomer
      OLTLBoomer commented
      Editing a comment
      Nelle's case was dismissed without prejudice, meaning the charges can be re-filed. Nelle looks very cool and calm on the stand.
      Sam and Carly watch Julian take the stand; both have an unpleasant look on their faces.

      Re:Val - he acts like he knows the break up was a sham/ the marriage is arranged. Val is very kind to Sasha....
  • Jackaled
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Nov 2007
    • 56772

    Martin says did you marry To create loving stable home for Wiley and you helped care
    for him when your son Lucas fell in coma.
    Martin says you love Wiley as much as you love
    Lucas. you were sent to Pentonville how long since released ..3 years.. what do you do for living.. Charlies Pub.. you are reformed man.
    yes.. Martin says we commend you for it.
    Diane turns. ever arrested on drug trafficing
    RICO charges. Diane asks about Alexis and did you hold knife to her throat and threaten to kill her. yes did you aid and abet your sister Olivia.
    She made me do those things..

    Maxie and Peter having lunch Maxie is not
    hungry she should see doctor if she is sick.

    Ned is not trying to change what she believe
    he just doesn;t want someone to take advantage
    she says these calls only thing giving comfort.
    Doorbell.. It is Robert.. He mentions Holly being dead. Certain descrepancies in report i would like to ask Luke for help and I need to talk to your mom. Ned says I will call my mom
    Olivia asks how Robert is holding up. Only thing
    worse is knowing I will never see her again. Robert notice Olivia is upset.

    Linc with Brook. Brook wants to know who he bought the shares for..

    Sasha talks Nina and how she loves him. She can sympathize with what he was tryig to accomplish. He says he knew she would be good daughter. she says you are not sorry.. HE is sorry she paid a price. But Deception will be success and she will be wealthy. Sasha remembers Michael telling her he loves her.

    Sam outside in the hall Julian talks to her. Sam slaps him..


    • OLTLBoomer
      OLTLBoomer commented
      Editing a comment
      Nelle hisses at Martin but Diane stops.
      Maxie looks thoughtful despite not feeling well when Peter suggests a doctor appt.
      Valentin is so nice to Sasha - tells her that she is a good person.

      and Julian walks to up Sam outside during the court break....
  • Jackaled
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Nov 2007
    • 56772

    so I guess Olivia has no psychic powers
    of her own anymore?


    • OLTLBoomer
      OLTLBoomer commented
      Editing a comment
      I was wondering the same thing. Didn't she loose them after she was shot by Ava?
  • tvaddict4965
    Executive Poster
    • Aug 2005
    • 3704

    Thanks millions most of all to Jackaled...who started doing these GH RECAPS, since 2005 , that I know of...

    Many Many thanks to The "Boomer", with her color commentarys',

    and to Karmasita, for her Day-Ahead Previews.

    I hope GH will be making a come back, becasue I'll miss you guys'..after coming here everyday for the last 15 years!!!


    • Jackaled
      Jackaled commented
      Editing a comment
      Has it been that long since 2005? Wow
      it will be odd not doing them but who know
      maybe if they air really old classics I will do
      some in the summer..

      But will be back in the fall if that is when
      GH returns anew..
  • Q777S
    Soap Addict
    • Jan 2015
    • 7109

    i can hardly read the live thread today knowing………

    and words do not express the gratitude for the dedication to the live thread, for bringing us such good reads each day until i can watch in the evenings.

    the color commentary is equally appreciated just as the previews - both are an important part of my day that i look forward to.

    i will miss this tremendously, until the new next.




    • Wendall Wilcox
      Soap Addict
      • Jul 2018
      • 6068

      Thanks for always doing and I hope GH comes back stronger than ever


      • Jackaled
        Aspiring soap scribe
        • Nov 2007
        • 56772

        Julian says let me explain. Sam says no
        you will make excuses don;t bother/. I was
        with lucas before I came her told him of your
        wife. He exact words were Julian is dead to me.
        Don't Sam please me you used the most painful
        thing to happen to Lucas you allowed Nelle
        to weaponize it. If she get custody. you are dead
        to me.. Sam yells Lucas and I are better off without out you in our lives if Leo comes to same conclusion we will support him

        Olviva gives Robert coffee. Olivia tells of
        the call to the psychic. the both think it is scam
        Robert says I spent like of time in outback the
        aborigines are very spiritual.. She needs to have hope the Dante will be ok..Robert says don;t give up hope on Dante I don;t on Holly nothing
        crazy about that. NEd comes in..see them holding hands.

        Brook says you were front man. Linc says what I did with them is none of your buisness. as
        Valentin walks in Laura says did you get invite to
        Wyndemere for portrait. Valentin threw the invitation away.

        Julian returns to court. The judge ask where his witness his.. Nina and Jax arrive. Carly has o face.


        • OLTLBoomer
          OLTLBoomer commented
          Editing a comment
          O good scenes: Sam / Julian
          robert/ Olivia (hope for the ones they love)
          Nina arrives in the court room - and I wondering where the two necklaces are right now.
      • Jackaled
        Aspiring soap scribe
        • Nov 2007
        • 56772

        Martin calls Nina to the stand
        Jax sits with Carly who says WTH is she doing
        Jax has no idea.

        Maxie checking her calendar. She says it is
        stress from work but maybe she will see a doctor.

        The lady give Sasha another dose tells her keep it.

        Laura leave message for Anna she wants to talk
        Rovert she is worried about him. Ned spoke to
        Tracy here is Luke number on his burner phone
        he is expecting your call. Robert thanks him and leaves. Ned says you seem to feel better.

        Linc says our deal was one time thing. the person who bought the shares want to stay anonymous. Brook mentions #metoo..she cold go public ..Valentin intervenes. HE sits with her.

        Nina sworn in does she swear to tell the truth and nothing but.. she hesitates says so help me GOD.

        The End.
        Last edited by Jackaled; May 21, 2020, 03:05 PM.


        • OLTLBoomer
          OLTLBoomer commented
          Editing a comment
          Oh wow = Cliffhangers!!

          The production assist for the Deception shoot must be a drug pusher
          Maxie and her calendar....
          Robert is going to look for Holly, while Ned is appearing jealous of Olivia, who does look happier after talking with Robert
          BrookLynn is set back on her hind-end when Val order Linc to leave and set down so assured.

          And Nina looks at Michael, Carly, and at Nelle.........as she takes the oath.

          "We'll meet again - some sunny, summer day." Everyone please, stay safe, stay healthy.

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