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IF they re-air Luke and Laura wedding would you watch


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  • IF they re-air Luke and Laura wedding would you watch

    Would you watch if you didn;t see it originally
    or watch if you did watch back then and see it again.

    I read an article on GH hiatus and the author
    suggested maybe they should show LNL wedding .

    I would watch that AGAIN..
    I think it would be great for new viewers who
    never watched it..
    it would be blast from the past for those of us who did watch it back then.

    It was the highest rated soap episode.

    they could do like a whole wedding week

    and to see Liz Taylor as Helena again would
    be great.

    Might it be a bit cheesy sure can't be worse than some of the camp we have gotten for GH in the past..

  • #2
    Definitely, that is the ultimate classic episode.


    • #3
      I might watch as I wasn't watching GH back then. Have never been a Luke fan, but I really like Laura, so I'd probably watch to see her.


      • #4
        It was an iconic episode to be talked about for years and still continues. I would watch it.


        • #5
          Probably not I wasn't born during that time. But I hear it was very iconic. I was never a luke and laura fan, they did nothing for me and I have never been fans of rapemances nor victims of rape being paired with a rapist. I know this reel life not real life but somethings imo shouldn't be written.


          • alwayshuntress
            alwayshuntress commented
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            Exactly this.

          • raheast
            raheast commented
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        • #6
          Yes!!! I would watch it! I saw it back then and I was 7 years old! love L&L!!! ❤️❤️


          • #7
            I would watch it in a house. I would watch it with a mouse. I would watch it in a trailer. I would watch to see Liz Taylor. I would watch it all and then....I would watch it once again.

            I saw it the first time and would watch it again just to revive some of the things about the show that I forgot.


            • FLPeaches
              FLPeaches commented
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              me too.

            • BellesRose
              BellesRose commented
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              Awesome! And I would watch it too, especially since I had to work when it originally aired in the days before vcr’s.

            • DaffyMaiden
              DaffyMaiden commented
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              I'd watch it too, bopeonarope ! Then I'd watch it again and that's the straight dope. I've never seen it.

          • #8
            As long as TPTB air the date rape episode(s) too - the iconic episode that lead to the salvation of GH. It is what it is - and viewers need to understand just what happened. AG/ GF/ Gloria Monty did. Perhaps a PSA at the end of the shows is in order.


            • #9
              Absolutely I'd watch - again -
              also if they re-ran the Ice Princess S/L and Mikos trying to freeze the world.

              How about some old episodes featuring Robert, Holly, Anna, Duke, Tiff and Sean...
              ... and the group from over at Kelly's.
              Webers and Hardy's -- And lots more hospital stuff.

              And what about Alan dropping the roof down on Rick & Monica ...
              and Tracy with-holding Edward's medication.

              Stone and Robin.♥.. Scotty and Dominique ♥♥ .... maybe even little BJ's ♥ ............

              I could probably go on and on,,, but what I'm really wishing for is all the old Nurses Ball episodes -
              every single one of them. ♪ ♫
              Last edited by FLPeaches; May 21, 2020, 11:26 AM.


              • #10
                Oh HELL yes i would. As someone who wasn't alive when it aired, but has also watched it countless times on YouTube in various qualities over the years i'd love to see it on ABC again, hopefully remastered. I think whether you're a Luke and Laura fan or not, this wedding was a HUGE moment in pop culture that has never been replicated, still the most watched daytime soap episode of all time, and really put GH on the map, so i think it's important for people to see why GH became a phenomenon. Especially now, when GH is in limbo.


                • #11
                  Definitely not.🤮 and luckily they’re not going to go back that far.


                  • #12
                    Yes, this is a classic that I would like to watch again. I would like them to air the rape episode, the episode where Laura comforted Luke about the rape and then the wedding. I would also love to see classic Luke/Laura with Helana.

                    B&B and Y&R classics - I'm not interested in. I'm hoping GH will do the classic justice.


                    • #13
                      No question - I'd watch again. I'd love to see those major episodes again and in the world of GH I dont know if it gets any bigger.


                      • #14
                        Eh if I am home I might tune in a bit.. I did not get the hype back then and don't think I would see the reason for it now


                        • #15
                          Originally posted by BoandNorafan View Post
                          Definitely not.🤮 and luckily they’re not going to go back that far.
                          i’m glad someone else feels this way. your barf emoji is strike on. i’ve never liked luke and laura as a couple after the rape. if tptb had not gone there, maybe i could have supported the couple. even genie frajcis said recently that they should not have done that. she said after years of justifying it, she is relieved that she can now say she didn’t think it should have happened. she is far from my favorite actress but i have to agree with her on this. and to her credit she played the part very believably over the years.


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