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Why not Nelle as Nina's daughter?


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  • Why not Nelle as Nina's daughter?

    I've noticed that a lot of y'all are opposed to the idea of Nelle being Nina's daughter. I'm curious as to why. Is it because you like Nina but you hate Nelle? Imo those two have a great vibe together, and I for one hope that Nelle does turn out to be Nina's daughter. That should also drive a wedge between NIna and Jax, as he will always support Carly and her kids. And that would definitely be a good thing, because I cannot stand that Jax is with the wishy-washy Nina, and the sooner they go their separate ways the better.

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    I think it is because most people wouldn't wish Nelle on their worst enemy.


    • McShirls
      McShirls commented
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      Absolutely correct. And I'd hate for Nina to find her child, just to have her killed.

    • Manninglover87
      Manninglover87 commented
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      Exactly. I don’t care much for Nina, but nobody deserves a daughter like Nell.

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    I'm not a fan of Nelle. Se's the type of character where a little goes a long way. I'm also not a fan of Nina. Nina's job situation with Maxie reminded me that I never warmed up to the character, and the thought of it being Nelle's "legacy" is too much.


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      I would not mind Nelle being Nina's daughter and for CL to stick around. The show needs someone with a little spark and snark. Maxie has lost hers and Carly is more like a bully now and her antics have lost all entertaining value or intrigue. Most everyone who comes to the show brings baggage that they either continue to carry or let go of so why not Nelle?


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        Has Nina, not had enough sadness in her life, her mother, her almost and former step-daughter who is becoming evil like her grandmother Helena, and now Nelle...on the plus, she does have Jax..LOL..


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          I still want Nelle/Willow as twins. I want more for Willow than just Mrs. Michael


          • DeeCanada
            DeeCanada commented
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            Second that!

          • ScrubsFan#1
            ScrubsFan#1 commented
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            And what exactly does Willow get out of having a sister that loathes her - and physically assaulted her without apology???

            I'm completely lost as to what the benefit is from forcing Nelle into her life.

          • Wendall Wilcox
            Wendall Wilcox commented
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            Im a big fan of that movie the parent trap haha

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          I think Nina is a nasty witch but even she does not deserve to have this psychopath as her daughter after all the years she has spent longing and searching for her.


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            I think if there was any chance this would have worked and been believable it would have been the first time that Nina worked for Nelle. I feel like it would have had more of a dramatic impact then. The fact that Nina has worked for Nelle before kind of makes it feel more like it was last minute to me especially now that Nina all of a sudden cares for and wants to defend Nelle after she has basically betrayed everyone she's known (including Nina herself). Nina may have done some horrible things but for the most part even though she did betray a lot of people she didn't ruin everyone she met. Of course one could say that back then it was because she thought her daughter was dead but it still doesn't change much for me. I feel like the better twist is Nelle not being Nina's daughter and her having the necklace is some kind of red herring.
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              I'm pretty much in favor of Nelle being Nina's daughter. I think they are cut from the same cloth, more or less, only Nina has learned finesse'.

              Also, Nina likes Nelle, which is a huge factor that's been written in to cement their " hearts".

              Nelle could be Heather Webber's daughter and it would be fine with me, as long as Heather stays off screen.

              Nina's daughter could be anyone in the world and it would be OK with me, as I checked out of the predictable SL a long time ago. It's gone on way too long.


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                I think a big part of it is that for the better part of more than a year all signs were pointing to Willow being her daughter. Nina’s severe and uncalled for hatred for the girl which grew to compassion and respect. And it seems they threw this wrench in for nothing but “shock value”.


                • Logan13
                  Logan13 commented
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                  I agree and there's one principle word you mentioned for me. "grew". This current situation just kind of sprouted. We've waited this long for Nina to have her daughter in the scheme of things we could wait a little longer (if Nelle is her daughter) for what we got with Willow not this "Give Nelle a chance" thing that seemed to sprout out of nowhere considering (and I could see it more if this was Nina's first time meeting Nelle) Nina gave her the job knowing that she was capable of selling her out the first chance she got because she tried to do it before. She initially gave Nelle the job to make sure that she didn't win, now overnight it's changed? That's why this is unbelievable to me.

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                No Nina does not need a daughter like Belle because Nelle is a sociopath and there is NO cure for a sociopath ...we seen everything she has done since coming to town ,it has all been shown on screen and I thing Nelle is played out either lock her up or kill her off ..I would love to see a who killed Nelle mystery


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                  I like Nelle.

                  It amuses me a lot to see Carly given some of what she gave to others when she first came to town. Carly and Nelle are the same, probably because of Frank Benson.

                  Carly grew into a sanctimonious harpy. I'm hoping Nelle doesn't go that direction, but I'm interested in seeing her grow and change. I think that Nina is in a great position to help her with that.

                  If Nina can show her that someone, one person is honestly in her corner, I think that could be transformative, provided the writers are willing to allow a character some growth.

                  Nina went through some awful things and did some awful things, but she has come out the other side, relatively whole.

                  I also don't think Nelle is a sociopath, well, any more of one than the mobsters who kill for cash. She's been hurt and her MO is to strike first. She trusts no one; she was taught the lesson that no one is coming to save her or even help her at an early age.


                  • Mr.Sami_Brady
                    Mr.Sami_Brady commented
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                    Those... are compelling points. I think I became Nelle-averse because she was on all the time when she was first introduced. I LOVED who she karma-personified for Carly. But then they had her kill someone in her backstory (if anything, lowered her character to CarSon levels of evil and selfish).

                  • 4everJJfan
                    4everJJfan commented
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                    Nelle is not just your ordinary criminal and schemer..she reminds a lot of Heather...and there has never been a sociopath on this show quite like Heather.. until now. The idea that Nelle, with her past and criminal record, would have had any grounds to sue Micheal for custody is ridiculous. No judge in his/her right mind would award her custody of a pet, much less a child. I hope they wrap this stupid storyline up before the hiatus and move on to other stories...

                  • BettieCat
                    BettieCat commented
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                    The kid in question is her son. Not Willow's. Nelle's.

                    That gives her the absolute right to be in her child's life.

                    Sonny is in his kids' lives, even Kristina who he personally nearly killed with a bomb. At best he's a criminal with poor impulse control, I'd say a sociopath, but people object because "dimples".

                    Michael deserves to be in the kid's life as well.

                    Also, this is the same argument that was used to say that Ava shouldn't be in Avery's life..'there's never been a character as awful as Ava'...way back, the argument that Alexis shouldn't get to keep Kristina (who they said should be with Sonny) was that she lied and thus lost any right to her kid.

                    Nelle is the kid's mother, thus, she should have access. Lulu and Valentin should both have access to Charlotte, etc.

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                  I'm actually okay with it because they are both horrible people and Silas is dead so he won't have top have Nelle forced on him. I think nina deserves it... but please keep Willow out of it, she doesn't deserve it
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                    Originally posted by Wendall Wilcox View Post
                    I still want Nelle/Willow as twins. I want more for Willow than just Mrs. Michael
                    Please no. Willow is boring.


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                      Nelle is amazing and who better than Nina to help redeem Nelle?


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