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Carly "Julian is the worst man in Port Charles. "


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  • #31
    No matter what Carly literally said, I don't think she meant that Julian is the most evil man in Port Charles. I think, if she sat down and thought about it, she would give that title to Cyrus right now.

    What she meant, I think, is that Julian is a terrible candidate for insta-hubby if you are looking to prove to a family court that you have provided a great stepdaddy for your toddler.

    And she's right. Martin keeps bringing up Sonny's alleged mob role, but Sonny has never been convicted of a mob-related activity. He hasn't even been charged with racketeering. He did go to prison after pleading guilty to killing AJ, but that was not mob-related and he was pardoned. Julian, on the other hand, was a crime family leader and law enforcement can prove it -- for instance, by his witness protection agreement and probably through his recent conviction over Olivia's shenanigans.

    Julian was acquitted of attempted murder, but Alexis could probably be called to testify that he held a knife to her throat -- he has admitted to many people that he did that. He says he was doing it to protect Alexis, but a court could and really should see that as a horrifying act of domestic violence.

    You can argue that Sonny has endangered all his children, but each one of them would testify that he is wonderful dad and they love him.

    Julian is estranged from his grown daughter and has his uneasy relationship with his grown son. That son has at times told Julian to stay away from Wiley. Julian also doesn't have primary custody of his own young son.

    And of course Carly doesn't know the whole truth -- that Julian colluded in the kidnapping of Wiley, endangered him but cutting the brake line of a car that Wiley could easily have been riding in, and planted drugs in the home where Wiley lived.


    • believeinme246
      believeinme246 commented
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      Standing ovation THB54.

    • CarnyQueen
      CarnyQueen commented
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      You are welcome to hate Sonny all you like, but no matter how crappy a person Sonny is, it doesn't change the fact that Julian is a terrible candidate to convince a family court judge in a custody case.

      It's ridiculous of Martin to keep bringing up Sonny's reputed mob status when he has the task of trying to make Julian look like a great stepdaddy for Wiley. Whether or not it's fair, Sonny has not been convicted of any mob-related crimes and Julian has. Plus, Sonny is not seeking custody of Wiley -- the question is whether Wiley should be with Michael and his wife or with Nelle and her husband.

      Diane just made mincemeat of Julian by getting hm to admit on the stand that he had held a knife to his former wife's throat and that he had been convicted of some of the crimes with which he had been charged, including a plot to blow up General Hospital, and there was enough evidence of convict him of racketeering.

      Since Julian is trying to prove that he would be a good father figure for Wiley, Diane would be well within her rights to ask him about his relationships with his own children. Two of them would testify that he is dead to them. The mother of the third would testify that she attempted to keep the child from Julian because of Julian's mob activities.

      And although no one knows it and it can't be brought up in the hearing, Julian did collude in the kidnapping of Wiley. At first he didn't know who Wiley was, but he knew that Brad did not have that baby legally. Later, he knew that Wiley was Michael's son. Again and again, Brad came to Julian for help in keeping the truth about Wiley concealed, and Julian helped him. Julian didn't want Lucas to be hurt -- but Julian also knew from the get-go that what was going on was illegal and he took part in it.

    • Sam_Philly_Girl
      Sam_Philly_Girl commented
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      Brad did not come to Julian for help in keeping the secret from Michael.

      Brad slipped and revealed to Julian the baby was Michael's.

      Julian told Brad to tell Michael the baby was his or he'd do it himself. Brad blackmailed Julian by threatening to lie your hero Sonny that Julian was in on the baby swap from the beginning. Brad told Julian that if he was going die by Sonny's hand, so was Julian. Julian's mistake was in not beating the hell out of Brad and going to Lucas with the news, and then both of them going to Michael.

  • #32
    I've made only a couple of posts here and in everyone I stated Sonny was a bad guy. My argument was Julian was worse. Sonny does horrible things but he doesn't hide from them unless it's in court.

    Julian married Neil hurting Sam and Lucas directly and he did it to save his own skin.

    Sonny is bad, Julian is worse.


    • THB54
      THB54 commented
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      You have actually stated the number one problem with this show - every other character must be shown to be worse than Sonny/Jason, indebted to Sonny/Jason, under the thumb of Sonny/Jason, apologists for Sonny/Jason. All characters are sacrificed at the altar of these two at some point. No one can appear to be better than them. Even Laura - the mayor - is a friend of the biggest crime boss on the eastern seaboard.

  • #33
    Sonny is worser than Julian . Fact but Julian did a horrible thing to Alexis though

    Th854 said it all


    • #34
      Sonny and Franco are definitely the worst men in PC. Just because they have "redeemable" qualities or have been redeemed/given excuses at one point or another does not change that fact. Both have lots of blood on their hands and have dehumanized and murdered many people for their own self-gratification or business gains.

      That being said, I still like watching Sonny. But he is what he is. Same as I like Franco when we aren't being forced to idol worship him and excuse his behavior.

      Both are scumbags, but it is a soap and we need scumbags to keep PC entertaining.
      Last edited by mes349; May 22, 2020, 10:22 AM.


      • THB54
        THB54 commented
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        We don't need the show to be dominated entirely by scumbags. A few will do. I find it totally NOT entertaining to be bombarded by violent criminals who always come out on top. I'd actually be thrilled to see some good guys win every now and then.

      • mes349
        mes349 commented
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        Sam_Philly_Girl - I totally agree.

      • mes349
        mes349 commented
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        THB54 - I agree. My favorite character is Lucky Spencer who was always a great guy when not suffering from addiction or brainwashed. I wish we could have him back on screen taking down the scumbags with Mac again.

        Not a big fan of the scumbags, but they mix it up.

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