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Live Thread 5/19


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  • Live Thread 5/19

    Carly with Michael and Sasha at MC
    they talk about Nelle and Julian.

    Sonny says to Julian why you throwing in with
    Nelle as Julian tries to walk out the courtroom
    Jason shows up..

    Nelle at Crimson with Nina.. Nelle says are you
    still testifying for me.. Nina says I am going to find my child I believe my daughter is alive Nelle
    is thrilled. Nelle is like you are gold standard of mom.

    Liz talks to Franco she can;t come to Charlies
    after work.. she is at turning woods. She says she had talk to Nik he gave her good advice.

    Scotty comes along smells the flowers Franco
    had for Liz Scotty is like you said or did something stupis.

    Nik sitting with Mike says he has pic of Spencer.
    Liz watches.. Mike lays there mouth open drooling.

  • #2
    Carly tells Michael and Willow not to worry about Julian and to concentrate on themselves.
    Julian is between a rock and a hard place.....
    Franco at charlie's with flowers....

    and Mike appears to have tears in his eyes as Nicholas speaks of Spencer - you grandson....


    • #3
      Franco whines about Nik. Scotty is like
      he and Liz go way back. Scotty warns
      don;t trust Nik where Liz is concerned.

      Nik says Spencer in Europe he is a character
      like you Spencer is a good boy hope he comes
      back someday he would want to see you
      so hang in there holds mike hand. then Nik
      see Liz in the hall they talk the letter Spencer
      sent. Nik is looking at part of him worthy
      of his friendship. She sees that..

      Diane comes to MC she called Alexis. Michael says why would see marry him/ Diane says I think she heard you were married so she wanted to .. Martin comes along..

      Sonny says what does Nelle have on you.. Not a damn thing..Sonny in his mocking voice oh you love her. Sonny says you love Wiley but that explain why you married Nelle. Jason still blocking the door. Julian says Nelle came in
      my bar we talked Wiley .. Sonny says annull
      the marriage now.

      Nina says when are you back in court. Nelle says Michael married Willow so I had to marry
      and says she married Julian Jerome.


      • OLTLBoomer
        OLTLBoomer commented
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        Martin tells the opposite team not to count their chickens just yet....
        Julian claims that Nelle came into the bar, they talked Wiley and they clicked.....
        and the look of surprise on Nina's face at Nelle's wedding news.

    • #4
      Nina had no idea they were in relationship
      Nelle goes on about big bad Brad stole my
      baby and Julian thought it was his grandson
      Nina is like it ploy to get custody of Wiley.

      Diane says to Martin why Nelle chose Julian whose wrap sheet longer than you clients. Diane
      has photo gallery of thier undearing bond.

      Sonny says annul the marriage. Julian is like you don;t get a say in my life. Sonny is like if this
      ploy get Nelle custody I hold you responsible.
      Julian looks at Jason you have anything to say I am Danny grandfather do you care.. Jason is like so... Sonny says do it and leaves.

      Nik and Liz talk outside Mike room. Liz is like you made me feel better about the art thing with
      Franco. Liz is like what is going on you have that tone that something is up. Nik is like I get sense
      Ava and Franco getting closer ....

      Franco says I shouldn;t trust my wife.. Scotty says no don;t trust Nik. Scotty says Liz loves you she worships you cherishes you..when you belittle her about art..you gotta keep eye on Nik
      when it comes to Ava he is in over his head she will make him nuts guess where he will go.. Franco says to Liz.. Franco says it is fine Liz would never fall for his smamry prince charming act. Franco is like she would never do that to me
      Scotty is like just saying. Oh here we go Scotty gotta go on about Luke and Laura.. Franco is like so I shouldn;t trust my wife.. Scotty says


      • OLTLBoomer
        OLTLBoomer commented
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        Diane has a photo gallery of willow and wylie. Martin makes a pointed comment about Willow marrying Michael.
        Jason is stoic when Julain reminds him that he is Danny's grandfather.
        and the ending comment of Franco and Scotty: "Trust, but verify" (my husband is laughing)....

    • #5
      Liz says do as Spencer asks give up Ava.
      Sonny shows up didn;t expect to see Nik there.
      Sonny says I heard from Spencer he said he gave you an ultimatum why not do as he wants.
      (so apparently Spencer did write that letter)

      Martin says Willow will do anything to stay close to the child. Willow wonders how Martin can represent Nelle. Michael intervenes. Carly says
      Julian wouldn;t marry Nelle unless she had something on him..

      Nelle says what I am doing no different from what Micheal and Willow are doing. Nina syas no Willow has bond with Wiley. Nina says are you concerned what this will do to Wiley.

      Liz rubs Mike hand then talks with Sonny and Jason. Sonny goes in to see Mike Jason asks Liz what is really going on wiht Mike. Sonny sits
      at Mike beside talks the Yankees.. then Michael
      and his hearing.. Hey dad remember we all thoutht Michael son was dead when you first met him you thought he was Michael son we thought you were confused.. you were right.. Dad..Dad..you gotta stick around Mike looks in Sonny direction.


      • OLTLBoomer
        OLTLBoomer commented
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        good give and take between Willow and Martin - she really stands her ground with firm statements about herself, and being able to back them up. Martin kinda backs off, michael intervenes.

        Nelle shows her non maternal side in getting Wylie back - "he's just a baby" (no, he's 2 yrs old). Nina is amazed at Nelle.

        Mike looks like he is trying to speak to Sonny at the end on the scene.

    • #6
      Sonny says we are fighting to get your great grandson home so he can share his life with you the way I couldn;t share my life wiht you (Sonny in his quakey voice) I thought we would have lots more time to spend make up for lost year (teary eyed Sonny) dad don;t you wan that. DAD.

      Liz is like when and Alzheimer patient is like this Jason Mike is done fighting he wants to let go.. He is holding on for Sonny sake.

      Nina says Julian is dangerous man. Nelle says he will play by my rules. Nelle is like how did you get Julian to agree to this..

      Carly says the difference is Michael and Willow
      want to give Wiley a loving home Nelle just wants to use it. Diane and Martin have words. Martin says can I order something to do.. Carly
      says just go. Diane is like Julian will be called to the stand I can;t wait to ask him question .

      Franco at the gym Nik is there.. punching the bag. Nik says Liz is at Turning Woods.

      Liz is like everything Sonny wants to do will only
      prolong the experience and make Mike miserable. Liz sorry to say this. Jason is like thank you for honesty. Liz says Sonny needs to give his father permission to go.

      Sonny...Dad..I don;t know what you want me to do what do you want me to say to the docs.. Dad.. Sonny sasy I will go keep sleeping will come tomorrow ask you again. Sonny kisses his forehead and sniffles Mike opens his hand. Sonny talks to Liz and Jason. Liz says she has to get to work she will come check on Mike again Sonny thanks her . Sason talk.


      • OLTLBoomer
        OLTLBoomer commented
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        Diane mentions to Martin how much she wants to get Julian under oath....talks alexis, a knife to her throat - a woman he loved, what would he do to a woman he didn't love. Martin looks askance....

        Mike opens his hand and tries to reach out as Sonny walks from his room......

    • #7
      Franco says why would I have a problem wiht
      Liz forgiving you..Nik says some men have problem with thier wives having male friends.
      Franco is like we have a very solid marriage.
      Nik says no one says you didn;t Franco says nothing like....you and Ava. Franco is like only
      thing not phony about you two is post nup. Nik is like how is that your buisness. Ava is my friend
      Nik says like Liz is me. Franco is confused.

      Nina says you are blackmailing Julian. Nelle says we made a deal. Nelle says I had to resort
      to desperate measures. you understand of course.

      Martin says Julian past marriage has nothing to do with this case. Diane is like who do you think the judge will go with.. Martin and Diane go back and forth now Martin reminds them of who carly
      husband is.

      Sonny puts ear phones for mike to listen to music maybe your memories will come back. Sonny goes back in the hall. Talks to Jason.
      Sonny says what did liz says to you.

      Nik says he is looking forward to ava portrait reveal.


      • OLTLBoomer
        OLTLBoomer commented
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        Franco appears very uncomfortable in the convo with Nicholas -
        Martin remarks to diane that Carly just that morning was reminding him just who her husband is...as Carly tries to look innocent.
        Jason looks like he has tears in his eyes when Sonny asks what Liz said to him;

        and Nic gives Franco a sold wack to his upper arm (a frinedly jab?) as he walks away to the lockers....

    • #8
      Carly threatens Martin Diane intervenes.
      Martin leaves Diane says you are responsible for your words don;t let him get to you. Let me do the talking. They to with Michael and Willow to go back to court.

      Nelle has to go back to court. Nelle says I want to count on you this afternoon. Nina coldly says yes I can do this for Wiley

      Liz at work Franco brings her flowers to apologize.

      Sason talk. Last time Mike was himself was when Brooklynn had concert here. What did Liz say. Jason says when Alzheimers get this way
      she said it means they are ready to go and she thinks Mike is hanging on to wait for you to give him permission Sonny looks at Mike.

      The End


      • OLTLBoomer
        OLTLBoomer commented
        Editing a comment
        Carly has to take a pause and collect herself before she goes back to the court house.

        Franco asks Liz just what is your relationship to Nic - Liz takes the flowers and walks away from Franco.

        Sonny appears to be shocked at Jason's advice from Liz - let him go.....

        OT - no color commentary from me tomorrow, unless I return from appointment during the show. See you all Thursday- I will have the popcorn.
        Last edited by OLTLBoomer; May 19, 2020, 02:05 PM.

    • #9
      Thank you Jackaled and Boomer..
      Boomer, wishing you a good appointment...

      I'll bring X-TRA butter for the popcorn.


      • #10

        -Liz to Franco...I know my feelings for Nik are complicated, just like yours for Ava...

        -Ava to Nikolas...will u choose ur son or your fortune...

        -Lulu to Laura...are u sure you’re really prepared to do that?...

        -Julian to Nelle...losing is not an option...

        -Marty asks Michael, who is on the witness stand...do you love ur wife?, as Carly and Willow watch and listen, too...

        -Jason to Sonny...I know u want answers but I can only tell u what I’d want...


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