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Who are you most hoping will get Emmy nominations for their work in 2019?


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  • Who are you most hoping will get Emmy nominations for their work in 2019?

    For me in order of preference: (IDK who has submitted and if so which category)

    1. Maura West for Best Actress (my choice to win)
    2. Roger Howarth for Best Actor (my choice to win)
    3. Jon Lindstrom for Best Actor or Supporting Actor
    4. Garen Stitt for Younger Actor/Actress (combined category this year - my choice to win)
    5. Eden McCoy for Younger Actor/Actress
    6. William Lipton for Younger Actor/Actress
    7. Katelyn MacMullen for Younger Actor/Actress
    8. Tamara Braun for Supporting Actress
    9. Billy J Miller for Best Actor or Supporting Actor
    10. Genie Francis for Best Actress or Supporting Actress
    11. Rebecca Herbst for Best Actress or Supporting Actress
    12. Nancy Lee Grahn for Supporting Actress
    13. Chloe Lanier for Supporting Actress
    14. Brad Maule for Guest Performer
    15. Denise Alexander for Guest Performer
    16. Jessica Tuck for Guest Performer
    17. Parry Shen for Supporting Actor
    18. Wes Ramsey for Supporting Actor
    19. Kirsten Storms for Supporting Actress

    I personally don't like Maurice Benard and Max Gail, they will likely repeat at least with nominations, which I am not happy with but I know others like them. I would prefer for Laura Wright to be left off the list this year, but they seem to adore her so...

    The nominations were supposed to be announced early to mid-May but still haven't come out yet. I hope they come out soon! Days and GH were my two favorite shows for 2019; GH deserves to win for Best Drama Series esp. for Oscar's death episodes.

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    Love Maurice and Max....they should win by a landslide.


    • maggiebh
      maggiebh commented
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      I totally agree with this! They have been awesome.

    • FLPeaches
      FLPeaches commented
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      Me too... I love them both ♥

    • divamagenta
      divamagenta commented
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      Abso!utely! Max and Maurice both were outstanding and heartfelt. They deserve the awards.

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    Love Max Gail.. and he should definitely win the supporting actor award. The best actor on this show is Roger Howarth, hands down. Maura West for Best Actress. Garen Stitt for younger actor, but Eden McCoy during that whole storyline was also very good. Genie Francis is more of a supporting actress these days, so I would nominate her. And Jon Lindstrom for supporting actor.


    • eileenregina
      eileenregina commented
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      Jon Lindstrom was robbed of the Best Actor award last year which MB won because he rode in on the coattails of Max Gail's truly awesome performance. Personally I would like to see James Patrick Stewart nominated for Best Actor as I thought he was great this past year. Also the young actor who plays Cameron (don't know his name) and Nancy Lee Grahn for supporting actress. Best younger actress, IMO, is the little girl who plays Charlotte. She was outstanding this year and carried her own with the adults. Maura West is always fabulous.

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    Max and Maurice absolutely for their phenomenal work, Jon Lindstrom absolutely for a masterful Ryan/Kevin performance, William Lipton is a GEM and most definitely deserves it for his work this year as Cameron, and of course Katelyn for her brilliant work as Willow. Best guest stars for sure to Brad and Denise.


    • #5
      This for material from 2019. Max/MB did best work in 2018 and they both won emmys. In 2019 there was a bit of it but let some others have a chance. Roger Howarth in 2019 was maybe his best year on the show. Maura West, Jon Lindstrom, Billy Miller, Tamara Braun, Perry Shen, Cynthia Watros, James Patrick Stuart were all toppers. The thing about young actor/actress is now they changed it from 5 boys and 5 girls for 2 awards to 5 young people for 1 word. I dont know how 4 shows can split those 5 nominations. Cause this show has so many excellent young people (William Lipton, Sydney Mikayla, Katelyn Macmullen) I hope they all get nominated


      • #6
        Max and JPS
        Maura and Nancy
        For youngster, either the actors who play Cameron or Trina.


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          I know I am in a minority of one who dislikes Max Gail's work on GH - oh well! and I absolutely cannot stand Maurice Benard! Least favorite daytime actor ever! Again, a minority opinion!

          I forgot how good Cynthia Watros was at the end of last year. She has done even better work in 2020.

          I just wish they would let us know who the nominees are!


          • eileenregina
            eileenregina commented
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            Not so much of a minority - I feel the same way about MB!

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          Originally posted by PatrickJLillis View Post
          I know I am in a minority of one who dislikes Max Gail's work on GH - oh well! and I absolutely cannot stand Maurice Benard! Least favorite daytime actor ever! Again, a minority opinion!
          I dont hate Max or MB. Just not a big Sonny fan and I havent really been wowed at this story. An even if I was wowed by it they already won emmys


          • #9
            William Lipton hands down should be not only nominated for Younger Actor category but he needs to win. He has done some extraordinary work this season. His scenes when he found out Oscar died and especially his scenes with Franco/Roger during that memory transfer were some of his best.


            • #10
              I think Max Gail is excellent. He is talented and i enjoy when Mike is on screen.

              Maura West is superb to make a bad behaved character into a loved character shows her talent. She gives Ava a variety of depths.

              Roger Howarth is always a pleasure a great actor and brings fun comic relief to the show.

              Cyrus is a fantastic villain . He talks slow and calm and gives a genuine looking smile not a threatening smirk like Sonny does. Cyrus has likable Characteristics even though we know he’s a bad guy. I enjoy this acting style.

              Chloe Lanier is also great. I like Nelle. I see the depth . I see there is a lot of hurt going on that feeds her revenge and probably a lot more to her childhood that we don’t yet know. I do believe she loves her son. She has a range.

              James Patrick Stewart is another talent. Love Valentine!

              There are a lot of good actors that we dont see enough who don’t have big enough stories to showcase their acting abilities.
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              • #11
                Jon Lindstrom for Kevin/ Ryan
                Roger Howarth - Franco and the memory mapping
                William Lipton
                Katelyn McMullen for supporting - she is too old for younger actress to me.


                • #12
                  Maura West, Roger Howarth, Billy J Miller, Genie Francis, Rebecca Herbst, James patrick stuart.


                  • #13
                    Originally posted by OLTLBoomer View Post

                    Katelyn McMullen for supporting - she is too old for younger actress to me.
                    She is not even 25. But she could seem older


                    • #14
                      #1 Max by far in supporting actor
                      Maura West for Best Actress
                      Roger Howarth for Best Actor
                      William Lipton for Younger Actor.
                      Cynthia Watros for best supporting actress
                      Katelyn McMullen for younger actress
                      Hard to decide who's supporting and who's best actor/actress


                      • mutti9
                        mutti9 commented
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                        Maura West - best actress
                        Roger Howarth - best actor
                        Chloe Lanier - best supporting actress
                        Max Gail - best supporting actor
                        Cynthia Watros- honarable mention.

                    • #15
                      Nominations tomorrow

                      I cant wait


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